Imagination Movers (found pitch pilot of Playhouse Disney series based on children's music group; 2006)

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Imagination movers tv logo.png

Logo for the final show.

Status: Found

Date found: 06 Jul 2022

Found by: Doug Lavender

Imagination Movers are a children's musical group from New Orleans that have been active since 2003. The band consists of 4 members, Rich Collins (drummer), Scott Durbin (keyboardist), Dave Poche (bassist), and Scott "Smitty" Smith (guitarist). The band was formed to to help inspire creativity in children.

TV Series

The band had a TV series that ran from 2008-2013 on Playhouse Disney. It about the crew at their warehouse that help their clients solve their problems in creative ways using each of their own special equipment. Each episode ends with a recap of what happened on said episode with them singing the song "Jump Up."

In 2006 the group developed a pilot to help pitch the show to Disney.[1] The group stated that the pilot is an early version of the episode "Bucket of Trouble" with many differences compared to the final show such as the runtime being 14 minutes long instead of the usual 25 minutes for an episode, the character Warehouse Mouse being played by a real mouse instead of a puppet, Dave sported an orange hat instead of a red one, the characters Knit Knots and Nina being played by different people, the outro song "Jump Up" not appearing at the credits and the songs "Pop" and "I Can Do It By Myself" featuring exclusive music videos not seen in the final show.


The pilot fell into obscurity for years until August 19th, 2017 when Facebook user Lorgin A. B. messaged the Imagination Mover's Facebook page if they had a copy to which they denied, but they described the pilot's plot and it's contents and to ask one of the crew members if they have one.[2] They also have doubts Disney would ever release it to the public.[3]

On July 6th, 2022 YouTuber Doug Lavender found the pilot and uploaded onto their channel.




Imagination Movers (unaired pilot).

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