Adventures in Nutrition with Captain Carlos (found Playhouse Disney animated short series; 2004-2007)

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Status: Found

Date found: Various dates

Found by: Various people

Adventures in Nutrition with Captain Carlos (Captain Carlos for short) was a series of Flash-animated educational shorts that aired on Playhouse Disney (now Disney Junior) that aired from 2004 to 2007, part of Fit-Fit-Hurray line of shorts.


Each short centred on a six-year-old boy named Carlos having to choose between eating a healthy snack or eating junk food before doing things such as bowling or going to a soccer match. His sister, Maria, would always try to get him to eat some junk food (while singing a song about how they "sure look like fun"). A narrator then explains to the audience how the two kinds of food can affect your body followed by Carlos eating the healthy snack. The episode would always end with Carlos feeling like a superhero after eating the healthy snack, and Maria flapping his cape for him.[1]


The show was often negatively reviewed, with the advice being unreasonable and that it was unlikely that kids would follow the shorts at all (i.e. avoiding all types of "Junk Food").


The skits have not aired on either iteration of the network in the United States since at least 2008, though there have been rumors that there may be some episodes on pre-2009 Playhouse Disney home media releases. The series had also been rerun in at least one country as late as 2010.[2]

A handful of episodes in English and Spanish have been found on YouTube and Vimeo. Other than that, little footage could be found for several years, possibly due to the obscurity of the shorts.

However, a YouTuber named "Paradisea Legged" uploaded the rest of the shorts on YouTube and then the entire series became found. However, at one point, all of the episodes were deleted from that channel, meaning most of the episodes became lost again. However, all of the episodes have resurfaced on YouTube, either taken from tapes or screen recorded from Paradisea Legged's uploads (which most have been sped up, slowed down and/or watermarked).

Additionally, a rough cut of "Spelling Test" was uploaded to Vimeo by one of the people who worked on the episode.[3]


Short List

Short Name Status
Apple Found
Banana Found
Blueberries Found
Bread Found
Carrots Found
Cereal Found
Cheese Found
Cooked Beans Found
Eggs Found
Fish Found
Oatmeal Found
Orange Juice Found
Pasta Found
Potato Found
Raisins Found
Spinach Found
Strawberry Found
Vegetable Soup Found
Water Found

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