Super Password (lost builds of unreleased NES port of word game; 1980s)

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Boxart for Regular edition.

Status: Lost

Super Password is a revival of the American word game Password that aired on NBC. It is the second longest-running version of the show, airing from September 24th, 1984, to March 24th, 1989. The show's premise has two teams of one celebrity and one civilian as they guess a word by giving one-word clues to their teammate. If the teammate gets the word, it goes on the board as part of a five-word super password. If the team member doesn't get it, control passes to the other team so they could guess the word. The team who got the word get's a chance to guess what the super password is, if they failed to get it, the game continues until a team correctly guesses what the super password is. After the second super password round, the team in the lead gets to play the cash word, which is the same as the main game except it's for a jackpot that grows by $1,000 each day it isn't won. If the teammate guesses the word, they win the money that was in the jackpot for that day (the money they would win in the cash word would not affect the scores of the game). Two more super passwords are played and the winning team would go onto The Super Password End Game. One team member is faced away from a screen and the other team member is faced toward the screen. Ten letters which were all initials to 10 passwords and in alphabetical order are shown to the player facing the screen. They must give their teammate facing away from the screen clues to the 10 passwords. Each one they get, the letter turns into a dollar sign, if they get all 10 words in 60 seconds or less, they win a jackpot that grows by $5,000 every time it's not won. If they give away the password, they lost their chance at winning the jackpot.

Boxart for Talking edition

The company GameTek made ports of the game for Commodore 64, Apple II and Home Computer. Originally, there was gonna be an NES port of the game with Regular and Talking editions (similar to what GameTek did with Super Jeopardy in 1991[1]). The game was advertised in an unknown gaming magazine alongside Card Sharks and Classic Concentration.[2] It's unknown when the Talking edition was showed off. Two screenshots from the games were released from an unknown source.[3] It's unknown why the NES ports of Super Password were never released or how long in development the games were. After GameTek filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in December 1997, the company went defunct in July 1998. It's unknown if a playable build of the NES port of Super Password exists today.


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