The Wiggles Live at Disneyland (found Australian TV special; 1998)

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The title of the special.

Status: Found

Date found: 2014

Found by: Unknown

In the mid-1990s (1998), The Wiggles, Anthony, Greg, Jeff, and Murray, began their US tour by performing a concert at Disneyland. The footage of said concert was used for a TV special for Australia called "The Wiggles Live at Disneyland." Unfortunately, the special was never mentioned again, although the reasoning is unknown, there have been various rumors all over the internet as to why.[1] The special's broadcast date was found on an archived version of the Wiggles' news article where it was premiered on the Disney Channel Australia on December 20, 1998.[2] For some reason, the special became lost after its premiere, although it did rebroadcast as a series of various videos from the concert on the Disney Channel Australia. In 2014, the special was found on Facebook. A little later, a high-quality copy of the special was first uploaded on YouTube, thanks to a user.



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