WCW SuperBrawl Wrestling (lost build of cancelled Sega Genesis port of professional wrestling game; 1994)

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SNES coverart for WCW SuperBrawl Wrestling.

Status: Lost

WCW SuperBrawl Wrestling was a professional wrestling game that was developed by Beam Software and published by FCI. Named after World Championship Wrestling's SuperBrawl pay-per-view, the game would be released in November 1994 as a Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) exclusive. However, is also known that a Sega Genesis port was in development, with a similar planned release date.


WCW SuperBrawl Wrestling was first showcased at the Summer International Consumer Electronics Show 1993, with the August 1993 edition of Game Players confirming that the game would be released on the SNES.[1] Later, in its October 1994 edition, Game Players also listed the game as being set for release on the Genesis, with both ports expected to start selling in October 1994.[2] Additionally, Beam Software listed both a Genesis and a Game Boy version of the game on its website, simply titled as World Championship Wrestling.[3] However, the alleged Game Boy port may simply be referring to WCW: The Main Event, which was released on the system in that same year.[4]

Ultimately, the Genesis port of WCW SuperBrawl Wrestling was cancelled for unknown reasons. Thus, it became an SNES exclusive, while also becoming WCW's only SNES title.[5] Released a month later than planned in November 1994, it received generally negative reception from critics, with GamePro praising its digitised images and audio quality, but criticising the gameplay experience.[6] Because of the port's cancellation, the Genesis never received a licenced WCW game.[7]


Game Players and Beam Software helped confirm the Genesis port's existence.[2][3] However, its abrupt cancellation means that, as of the present day, no builds, screenshots or gameplay footage of it is currently publicly available.

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