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CLOCK MAN HAS BEEN FOUND! (Added 11 Dec 2017)
O Parádivé Sally (commonly known as the "Clock Man" short)

No, you are not dreaming. Yes, you did read that title correctly.


There are almost no words.


A 5 year search has finally culminated in this moment and it feels surreal. Massive, massive thanks to EVERYBODY involved in the extensive search over the past years (and a special thanks to nitratenerd over at the forums for digging up the YouTube link). The short (in Czech only, for now), a short which so many people believed didn't even exist and would never be found, can be seen above (alternatively, a download/streaming link to a different rip has since been found here, though the colours are a little washed out); ladies and gentlemen, I humbly present, O Parádivé Sally (commonly known as the "Clock Man" short)!

Through all the doubt and dead ends, we finally made it to the finish line. Next time somebody tells you something is impossible, remember this moment!

Bravo, hugs all 'round and a happy holidays to everybody!

-dycaite (is still having trouble believing his eyes)

HAPPY 5 YEARS OF LMW! (Added 30 Nov 2017)

30th nov lmw birthday.png
Lmw tan collage.jpg

Whhhat's up guys, I'm dycaite and today's notice board post is a very special one, because it marks the 5th anniversary of the Lost Media Wiki!

It's hard to believe it's already been 5 whole years, but it has, and the things we have done as a community in that time have been nothing short of incredible. I touched on this briefly in the previous notice board post, but now it's well and truly time for me to get all sappy:

Without the amazing community of kind, hard working people here, the site would not be where it is today, period. A site like this only has longevity if it has a dedicated community behind it, and I honestly think we have one of the best communities on the internet; that is perhaps the thing that I am most proud of, having been able to bring together such a fine group of people, many of whom I am now privileged to be able to call my friends, some even best friends. So, thank you, all of you, for making the LMW what it is today. From the bottom of my heart, your support means a great deal me.

I wanna give a special thanks to all the staff and collaborators, old and new (including our newest mod-to-admin promotee SpooferJahk, please make him welcome in his new role), whose tireless unpaid work not only helps keep the site looking great and having a steady flow of new content, but also helps keep me from going under when things get tough; I value each and every one of you more than I can say.

I also wanna give a special shout out to our Patreon supporters - 2017 has been a financially strenuous year for me, and you guys have helped ensure that the wiki has stayed online all year round, for which I am immensely grateful.

Thank you to all the Discord regulars, for giving me somewhere to fit in just about every single day and be able to talk comfortably and be myself without having to worry about doing something embarrassing, and to all the people who have sent messages of encouragement over the years.

Thank you to everyone who believed that we could make an independently hosted LMW a reality and who stuck by our side during the more turbulent times.

Last but not least I wanna thank those of you who have been there for me on an emotional level (you guys know who you are); jumping into this journey of running a website was a brand new endeavour for me - never in my wildest dreams did I ever think the site would get this big, and I admittedly still have a lot to learn; it hasn't always been easy, but you guys have inspired me to keep the ball rolling and that is exactly what I intend to do for the foreseeable future.

These past 5 years have been an experience like no other, one that I wouldn't trade for the world; so here's to 50 more! :D

Before I close out today's post, we must of course go over the latest findings! Thanks to my rambling this post has probably gone on long enough, so let's get straight down to business (in no particular order)!

Drake and Josh pilot clip collection (courtesy of Dan Schneider and afx6010)

First 4 minutes from the ZOOM pilot (courtesy of Hayley and ZOOMfan1)

Restored Pokémon Learning League "Online Safety" (courtesy of Gilblitz112 and LARG)

Doraemon "Virtual Holographic" English dub (courtesy of Zarif Da Vocaloid)

"The Sounds Of The Secret Show" screenshot (courtesy of MK Inst)
Phelous' Wabuu the Little Raccoon English dub review

  • A montage of clips from the original Drake and Josh pilot has been found! The video, originally uploaded to YouTube by series creator Dan Schneider but soon thereafter made private, was found by LMW user afx6010, who discovered a link to the clip in question, downloaded it and mirrored it via MEGA! Big thanks to afx6010c for this discovery! A public YouTube mirror can be seen above.
  • 4 minutes from the ZOOM test pilot have been found! Thanks for this one go out to Hayley, who appeared as a child in said pilot, and recorded a few minutes of it for YouTuber ZOOMfan1, who uploaded it, as seen above! Thanks guys!
  • The Pokémon Learning League "Online Safety" episode has been recovered and restored! Props go to LMW user Gilblitz112 for locating the original via an old, joke-edited .swf file, and to YouTuber LARG for re-editing it back to its original state (or, as close as was possible); you can check it out above!
  • The English dub of Dingo Pictures' Wabuu the Little Raccoon has been acquired by YouTuber Phelous, who has uploaded portions of said dub in a recent review, seen above; thanks Phelous! Here's hoping the full thing sees the light of day soon!

Special thanks go to Reynard (aka Gaucelm) and RST for today's respective celebration artworks (and to all the fans who submitted new and/or allowed us to use their old LMW-tan artwork for the collage), and to Ryan for helping us keep track of the recent finds!

That's it for this one, until next time I hope you all have a great run up to the holiday season and just, once again, thanks to each and every one of you for being a part of this community and making it what it is today; it wouldn't be here without you guys.

Cya 'round!


UPDATE 2.68! (Added 20 Nov 2017)

Image from Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey
Doraemon MTV UK dub clip (courtesy of Carpediemsnuts, mirror by BMasterToronto78)

WWF Experience handheld footage (courtesy of The Wrestling Collector)

Lost Media Chronicles Episode 51 - "Carnival of Light" by The Beatles

Lost Media Chronicles Episode 52 - Cleopatra (1917 Theda Bara Film)

Lost Media Chronicles Episode 53 - Hey Arnold

Hey guys, it's me, dycaite, back with another notice board post for you to all sink your teeth into; let's see what's been happening lately!

  • First up, some pretty huge news for Stanley Kubrick fans: the lost 17 minutes of footage from 2001: A Space Odyssey have been found by Warner Brothers! Sadly, WB haven't given any indication about a possible release of this footage (which was found in a salt-mine vault in Kansas), but at very least, it is now accounted for; hopefully they'll soon put it out in some form for everybody to see!
  • Redditor Carpediemsnuts has uncovered a VHS tape with a rare MTV UK dub of Doraemon on it! Having inherited the tape from his late father (who voiced Doraemon in said dub), Carpediemsnuts has since posted a small snippet of the tape on Twitter (mirrored via YouTube above). Now, before anyone gets too excited, no, this is not from the famed 1973 series, but instead the 1979 series. It's still a very interesting discovery; here's hoping the whole tape finds its way online soon!
  • 2 hours of fan-filmed footage from the 1996 WWF Xperience has found its way to YouTube! This marks the first time these matches have been seen online in over 20 years, making it a pretty big deal for wrestling fans; big thanks to YouTuber The Wrestling Collector for the provision of this footage, which can be seen above!
  • And last but not least, Randy has released 3 new episodes of the Lost Media Chronicles! The first of these introduces new part-time host Amanda, who, for her first and second episodes, delivers two pretty great videos; let's all show her support! And for everyone who was worried that Randy had buggered off forever, you need not, for he returns for episode 53; thanks to both Randy and Amanda for these great episodes, you can check out all 3 via the above embeds!

That's gunna do it for now, but as we edge ever closer to the LMW's 5th anniversary in ten days' time, I just wanted to take a moment to show my gratitude to each and every one of you. The site wouldn't be what it is today without the support of you guys, so thank you all very, very much; every kind word I've received about the site in its 5 years of existence means a lot to me and it helps to keep me going when things get difficult. Anyway, enough sappiness from me, I'll catch ya's all next time for anniversary celebrations; until then, take it easy!


UPDATE 2.67! (Added 11 Oct 2017)

The Lost Media Chronicles episode 50 - Doctor Who

Lost Media Chronicles 50 Episode Special (Part 1)

Lost Media Chronicles 50 Episode Special (Part 2)

Professional douchebag Martin Shkreli posing with the probably-unofficial album
The Duck complete test footage (courtesy of Uli Meyer)

Howard Ashman's Aladdin treatment front cover (courtesy of anonymous)
Doraemon ’73 "Cursing Camera" script front cover (courtesy of SOOPER NINTENDO)
Radiohead's "On A Friday" demo (complete; courtesy of Andrew Peterson and klootme

Machot drives it all... advertisement (NSFW; courtesy of retrocgads)

What's up guys, dycaite here for the first time in what feels like forever - apologies for my absence of late. In any case, here I am with another big lot of updates for you all to dig into!

  • Firstly, let's catch up with The Shoegazer! Hitting it's 50th episode milestone, the Lost Media Chronicles is back to cover one of the most heavily requested subjects yet - the infamous lost Doctor Who episodes! Additionally, Randy has released a 2 part retrospective special on the series where he goes back over the past 50 episodes addressing any updates and corrections. All 3 videos can be seen above; thanks for the continued great work Randy!
  • The complete test footage for Uli Meyer's The Duck has been found! Uploaded to Vimeo by Meyer himself about a week ago, the 9 minutes of footage finally reveals the extent of the project, and in excellent quality no less! Huge thanks to Uli for sharing this with the world; the complete test footage from The Duck can be seen above!
  • This next case concerns the generosity of a certain LMW contributor who absolutely deserves recognition and thanks for his efforts. Discord regular SOOPER NINTENDO selflessly spent $300 of his birthday money on three Doraemon ’73 scripts from Japan (that is, the scripts for the episodes "Cursing Camera", "Duel! Nobita And Gian" and "Who Am I"), before scanning them and sharing them with the community! The "Cursing Camera" script scans can be found here in their entirety, while the majority of the pages from the "Duel! Nobita And Gian" script can be found here, with the remaining pages to follow in due time, along with the script for "Who Am I"; big, big thanks to SOOPER for going to such efforts to secure and make available these pieces of animation history, max kudos to you!
  • Radiohead's "On A Friday" demo tape (On A Friday being the then-name of the band), oft-cited as the holy grail of Radiohead rarities, has been found in its entirety! In early August, the entire demo tape was uploaded by YouTuber Andrew Peterson, who had in turn sourced the tracks from fellow YouTuber klootme; thanks guys, this is certainly an interesting look at the early days of this groundbreaking group! You can listen to the demo via the above embed, or download it directly here!
  • For the longest time, there was a lost game known simply as "The First hardcore erotic Game in the world!" (P.S. this page is NSFW but that kind of goes without saying); well, now, thanks to the uncovering of a new (or should I say old) advertisement for the game, we finally know the title, Machot drives it all...! The ad in question can be seen above, or at a higher resolution here; big thanks to retrocgads at tumblr for the provision of the ad and to LMW contributor Sylphelle for bringing it to our attention!
  • Two notice board posts ago we reported that LMW contributor TayoEXE had managed to find a VHS recorded copy of the original English dub of Disney's Coyote Tales; we're happy to inform that the film has since been uploaded in its entirety and can be downloaded here! Big thanks to TayoEXE for coming through for us, your efforts are to be commended!
  • And finally, I'd like to leave you all with an awesome story of something that happened on Reddit recently. In a thread about things that others have seen vanish from the internet, one user recalled a track from yesteryear that they could no longer found online, the track in question being "New Noise" by This Year's Black. By sheer luck, or coincidence, or fate, or whatever you wanna call it, someone who used to be in the band unintentionally came across the post and provided the lost song! I just think stories like this are really great and it goes to show just how small of a world it is that we live in. The take-away message here is to keep hunting - you never know when the creator of a work might be made privvy to your search efforts!

That's gunna do it for this massive post, here's hoping I can get myself back into the swing of publishing notice boards on a bi-monthly or tri-monthly basis instead of just once a month, and, again, sincere thanks for putting up with my delays and absences, I appreciate the understanding and support a whole lot. Take it easy guys!


UPDATE 2.66! (Added 24 Sept 2017)

Johnny Quasar Test 1 courtesy of Hilal H.

Johnny Quasar Test 2 courtesy of Hilal H.

Miss Peach World bootleg Famicom game, courtesy of famiac
Simcity NES prototype 2 minute video, courtesy of BIGDADDYRAMIREZ

Talking About The Weather uploaded by LoneWolf MoonLight

Golly! Ghost! Goals! gameplay, uploaded by namcokid47

Apples in Stereo: Live In Chicago Album Cover.
Ernie and The Pumpkin Seed Candy Salesman courtesy of PumpkinJFriend

Hi Everyone! RSTVideo here. Sorry this took so long, I was busy. Anywho uh... Notice board yeah..

First off! We have some new admins and mods! Two new admins!: Smith B. and SenaUW! And a couple new mods! Beautiful Duwang, SpooferJahk, and Floobadoo!

Now to the found stuff!

  • A whole batch of Felix the Cat episodes were found in Spanish by Caricasponge on August 25th, 2017. Episodes include: “The Diamond Tree”, “The Magic Apples”, “Oysters and Starfishes”, “The Cool Diamonds”, “Sick Squirt Gun”, “Mechanical Felix”, “The Ski Jump”, “Felix and the Beanstalk”, “The Weathermaker”, “The Instant Truck Melter”, “The Pep Pill”, “Leprechaun Gold From Rainbows”, “The Magnetic Ray”, “The Instant Grower”, “The Professor’s Ancestor”, “Luring the Magic Bag of Tricks”, “The Uranium Discovery”, “The Strongest Robot in the World”, “Stairway to the Stars”, “Felix and the Poindexter” “Out West”, “The Bad Genie”, “The Rajah’s Zoo”, “The Loan Business”, “Treasure Chest”, “The Essence of Money”, “The $10,000 Vacation”, “Cleopatra’s Beauty Secrets”, and “The Golden Whale Baby”. They are all on MEGA. I'd add links but it'd take up the whole page, I suggest going to the article itself and clicking the links to download! ^_^
  • Now for an NSFW one! Avert yer eyes kiddos! A ROM port of the Bootleg Famicom game Miss Peach World was dumped online by a user by the name of famiac on August 26th, 2017! Peachy! You can download the ROM here!
  • The couple of lost Saturday Supercade episodes were found! The episodes found were: “The White Dover Squirrel (Kangaroo)”, “The Ms. Fortune Story”, “Mississippi Madness (Of better quality)”, “Trucknapper Caper” and “Raiders of the Lost Shark”. Click the article for links!
  • A user on the NintendoAge forum named BIGDADDYRAMIREZ uploaded 2-minute footage of the Cancelled Simcity NES port and will bring the prototype available for play at the Portland Retro Gaming Expo 2017!
  • The short film Talking About The Weather was found by LoneWolfMoonlight, Senshisun, elektrikfiyed, and RicklsMajorDrama. It can be viewed [here]!

Please tell me if I missed anything! I’m a bit sleep deprived and scatterbrained haha. Anyways, cya on the flipside fellaz!


UPDATE 2.65! (Added 02 Aug 2017)

Tottoko Hamutaro: Anime Dechu! (courtesy of Ham-Ham Paradise)

Kappy Mikey MTV pitch pilot (courtesy of Sergei Aniskov)

Rayman SNES prototype (click for link; courtesy of Omar Cornut and Michel Ancel)
The Lost Media Chronicles episode 48 - Lost Dubs

The Lost Media Chronicles episode 49 - Trigun: The Planet Gunsmoke

Cry Baby Lane W/O/C/ screenshot (click for link; courtesy of immarocker)
Jimmy Neutron: Gotta Blast! screenshot (click for link; courtesy of Tomysshadow/kaj)
Jimmy Neutron "SpongeBob puppet" clip (courtesy of Win90'sNickelodeon96)

Disney's Coyote Tales English dub opening (bootleg recording; courtesy of TayoEXE)

What's up guys, duckcaite here! Well, it's about that time again, time for a new notice board post; you all know the drill by now, so let's get straight into it (in no particular order):

  • First up, Tottoko Hamutaro: Anime Dechu! has been found! Huge thanks to the staff over at Ham-Ham Paradise for purchasing the tape in question, digitising it and making it available online, and a special shout out to Kyupimon (brother of our very own RSTVideo) for tipping us off about its unearthing! You can see Tottoko Hamutaro: Anime Dechu! via the above embed, or, alternatively, the source file can be downloaded here!
  • The Kappa Mikey MTV pitch pilot has been found! The highly sought MTV pitch pilot comes courtesy of Sergei Aniskov, who worked in the show in various capacities; big thanks to Sergei for getting this unseen animation out for all to enjoy! It can be seen on Sergei's YouTube channel, via the above embed; special shout out to Beach Bear on the LMW Discord server for bringing its discovery to our attention!
  • The Rayman SNES prototype has been dumped and made available online! Big thanks go to game developer Omar Cornut for dumping the cartridge (and to the legendary Michel Ancel, creator of Rayman, for graciously lending it to him to do so), and for making it available for all to play! The original Dropbox link to the ROM provided by Omar is currently down, though I have taken the liberty of mirroring it here, on MEGA; enjoy!
  • Randy has released 2 new episodes of the Lost Media Chronicles! This time he covers the (very divisive) topic of lost dubs, as well as the cancelled PlayStation 2 game Trigun: The Planet Gunsmoke! Both episodes can be seen above; thanks Randy!
  • A recording of Cry Baby Lane from its original 2000 airing (with commercials intact!) has been uncovered! The recording comes courtesy of MySpleen user immarocker, and can be found here! For those unfamiliar with MySpleen, it is a private torrent tracker that requires an invite to join; if you are in need of an invite, kindly ask about it on the LMW Discord and I'm sure one of our dedicated users will be able to provide you with one; big thanks to immarocker for making this full viewing experience available, commercials and all!
  • A cache of old Nickelodeon games was recently found on MEGA, including a demo version of Jimmy Neutron: Gotta Blast! Rocket Race! While it may not be the full game, the first course is at least playable, which is certainly better than nothing (please note that you will need to run the game in compatibility mode if you are using a modern OS). Big thanks to Tomysshadow and kaj for the provision of these files, and to LMW Discord user OmniFlex for giving us a heads up! The cache of games in question can be found here, enjoy!
  • Last but not least, a VHS recording of the original English dub of Disney's Coyote Tales has been located by LMW contributor TayoEXE! While the tape has yet to be ripped and uploaded, TayoEXE has bootleg recorded a short segment from the beginning as proof of his having it, said recording available via the above embed; thanks TayoEXE! Hopefully the full thing is made available before too long!

Aaand in a little "here's some stuff we missed" amendment:

  • The remaining Smurfs National Benzole advertisements were discovered to have been uploaded to the BP Video Library some time back! The commercials in question were later compiled into a single video and then mirrored on YouTube by LMW contributor ApolloJustice, available here; thanks to everyone involved in getting these out to the public!

That's gunna do it for this entry, I hope you are all doing well and I'll see you guys around; take it easy!


UPDATE 2.64! (Added 28 Jun 2017)

Sesame Street "Windy" skit (Spanish dub; courtesy of VINTAGE TV)

Sesame Street "Handful of Crumbs" skit (Spanish dub; courtesy of Ferdasyn 80)

Jim and Judy in Teleland episode 8 (courtesy of Char Char)

An entire episode's worth of JBVO host segments (courtesy of Captain B. Zarre)

An entire episode of JBVO (courtesy of thepurebreadgoat)

"Woody and the Beanstalk" (original English dub; courtesy of C4N4L 78

Nick Jr. ad compilation (with "YumChum" ad; courtesy of Nadoue Guerrier)

Bowl-Ed Over screenshot (modified game files courtesy of elllescuba)
The Secret Show logo (season 1 DVDRips courtesy of MK Inst)

How's it going guys, dycaite here back with another tantalising notice board post for everyone to sink their teeth into. It's another long'un too, so let's get straight into it!

  • The 1970 Sesame Street "Windy" skit has been found! While it may not be in its original English dub (but rather a Spanish dub), it's still really cool to see this one surface. Big thanks to YouTuber VINTAGE TV for the provision of the clip (which was included in a complete Spanish episode they uploaded a few days back), and to PumpkinJFriend for isolating and mirroring the clip, as seen above!
  • AND, on the topic of lost-to-found Sesame Street content, the 1982 "Handful of Crumbs" skit has also been unearthed! Although, as you might have gathered, the only complete copy of this skit is one that is dubbed in Spanish (for the time being at least), though it is still very cool to see these things surfacing, regardless of the language. Big thanks to YouTuber Ferdasyn 80 for providing the episode and, once again to PumpkinJFriend for isolating and mirroring the footage; check it out! Additionally, PumpkinJFriend has spliced together a partially English version by sourcing the song itself from a Sesame Street compilation album; it can be found here.
  • Next up, an episode of Jim and Judy in Teleland has been unearthed! This marks the first time an episode from this show has been recovered and oddly enough, it takes place in Australia :D Big thanks to YouTuber Char Char for not only providing the episode, but also giving the LMW a shout-out in the video's description; appreciate it buddy! You can see episode 8 of Jim and Judy in Teleland for yourself via the above embed!
  • More JBVO footage has come to light! This new footage comes by way of an entire episode's worth of host segments/commercials, courtesy of YouTuber and LMW contributor Captain B. Zarre, as well as a complete episode from Tumblr user thepurebreadgoat, both of which can be seen above; thanks guys!
  • The once-lost original English dub of the Woody Woodpecker episode "Woody and the Beanstalk" has been found! Big thanks go to C4N4L 78, who was kind enough to email us the episode out of the blue; much appreciated! The episode can be seen above (or, if you prefer, the uncompressed source file can be found here), via the LMW Vimeo channel, or you can find a custom version with titles edited in here, courtesy of LMW contributor Ultimate19th!
  • One of the animated McDonalds "YumChum" ads have been found! This comes via a bootleg recording of a block of Nick Jr. ads courtesy of YouTuber Nadoue Guerrier; the compilation video can be seen above (and the ad in question can be found at the 2:40 mark). Thanks Nadoue!
  • LMW contributor ellescuba has managed to modify the trial version of Bowl-Ed Over to remove the time limit! It's still unclear if the only difference between the trial version and the full purchased version was the time limit, but in any case, a stellar effort on ellescuba's part! The modified game files can be obtained here!
  • DVDRips of the entire first season of The Secret Show have been made available! This marks the first time these episodes have been available in DVD quality, and come courtesy of LMW contributor MK Inst, who, after managing to acquire said DVDs, was kind enough to mirror them for us, available here; thanks MK Inst!

Aaaaand finally, in some "here are a few things we missed" news (hey, we're only human ^_^'):

  • Roughly 6 hours of additional Pinwheel footage that was uploaded by Dailymotion user WackyJacky back in 2011 has come to our attention; thanks to WackyJacky for having provided these episodes and a special shout out to our very own RSTVideo for bringing their presence to everyone's attention! The first hour or so of WackyJacky's uploads can be found here!

That's gunna do it for now, take it easy guys and to everybody else getting the Crash N Sane Trilogy in 2 days time - ENJOY! I know I will (not that that has to do with anything, but I'M EXCITED)! :D

-dycaite, not Diet Coke

UPDATE 2.63! (Added 11 June 2017)

Lost Media Chronicles episode 45 - Earthbound/ Mother Series

Lost Media Chronicles episode 46 - "The First Hardcore Erotic Game In The World!" (NSFW)

Lost Media Chronicles episode 47 - 3-D Groove Games)

Cap'n O.G. Readmore's Jack and the Beanstalk (courtesy KingDrewski9000)

Jerry The Sockgazer Sings A Little Song For You!!

Hello there, duderinos and dudettes, Shoegazer here doing the noticeboard this time. It's been another busy month, but surprisingly there wasn't much media found. Just one thing:

  • KingDrewski9000 uncovered a rare VHS recording of Cap'n O.G. Readmore's Jack and the Beanstalk. It aired very rarely on ABC from 1985 to 1997, and amazingly the uploader's mother is the one who recorded it. Thank you, KingDrewski9000, for unearthing this gem!

I, the Shoegazer, have also made, not 1, not 2, but 3 new LMC's since the last update! I finished up my video game month 2017 already. The topics are:

Finally, I'd like to openly announce that the wiki is now hosting events on the Discord, so if you haven't joined already, what are you, insane? Get your happy whippersnapper face right on over to the Discord and join. On Friday nights, we're doing Lost Media group chat followed by Film Night. On Saturdays we're doing music night, hosted by yours truly. These start at 7 PM Central Time on Fridays and 9 PM Central Time on Saturdays. Come and bond with your fellow Lost Media community members.

That about does it, see you guys later!

-The other guy that's not Dycaite that everyone loves.

UPDATE 2.62! (Added 18 May 2017)

Lost Media Chronicles episode 43 - Pinwheel and Clock Man

Lost Media Chronicles episode 44 - Virtual Boy Cancelled Games

Binyah Binyah episode 4 (via Google Drive; courtesy of CDCB)
5 seconds from the JBVO Dragon Ball Z episode (courtesy of Captain B. Zarre)

Mr. Roger "Cans" episode (bootleg; courtesy of CDCB)

Mr. Roger "Gentleman" episode (incomplete bootleg; courtesy of CDCB)

The Honeyrods' "Love Bee" music video (courtesy of anonymous/Nott Joey)

Found Chester Cheetah storyboard page (click for more)
Jerry The Sockgazer Sings A Little Song For You!!

What's up guys dycaite here and with a new month comes a new notice board post -- and, personal apologies from myself for the delay, I intended for this post to be up a few days ago but things came up... Anyway, it's here now, so let's get into it!

  • Randy has released two new episodes of the Lost Media Chronicles! This time he tackles two heavily requested topics, Nickelodeon's Pinwheel (including, of course, the lost Clock Man short) and, for the first entry in LMC's video game month, the lost games for Nintendo's short lived Virtual Boy; check them both out above!
  • Two episodes of Binyah Binyah have been discovered via a home recording on eBay! Big thanks to DJ Bob and CDCB for the acquisition of these rarities (ie. episodes 4 and 5); episode 4 has been ripped and released by CDCB and can be seen above via Google Drive (episode 5 should also be online before too long); thanks again guys!
  • 5 seconds of footage from the JBVO Dragon Ball Z episode has been found by YouTuber Captain B. Zarre! 5 seconds may not seem like much, but it's certainly better than nothing (it's also the first footage of the episode to have surfaced since its airing). You can catch the footage above; thanks Captain B. Zarre!
  • More footage from the 1986 animated series Mr. Roger (not to be confused with Fred "Mr. Rogers" Rogers) has come to light! The ~30 seconds of footage (or one and a half episodes) was bootleg recorded and provided by, once again, CDCB and can be seen via two videos above; thanks again CDCB!
  • The music video for The Honeyrods' "Love Bee" has been located! An anonymous LMW user found said video in a home recorded episode of MTV's 120 Minutes, that was found on a Russian website. The clip in question has since been mirrored to YouTube and can be seen above, courtesy of Nott Joey. Thanks guys!
  • A collection of storyboards from the first episode of the unproduced animated series [[Yo! It's the Chester Cheetah Show (partially found cancelled animated series; 1986-1992)

|Yo! It's the Chester Cheetah Show]] (the episode in question titled "Stir Crazy Cat") have shown up online via an eBay auction! Images from the original auction page (which is no longer available) were archived by an anonymous 4chan user on the /co/ board, and said images have been mirrored to imgur, here. Thanks to the anonymous /co/ user for both bringing these images to our attention and for preserving them!

  • And finally, in case you still aren't feeling the love after all of that, our good friend Jerry the Sockgazer has prepared a very special video for you all; enjoy.

That's it for now, this has been Radio Caite on 691.2, tune in next time; peace!


UPDATE 2.61! (Added 17 Apr 2017)

Screenshot from one of the Mr Rogers "Conflict" episodes
Lost Media Chronicles episode 42 - Doraemon 1973

The Pinwheel Roadshow (courtesy of Jon QUBE)

Pinwheel, year 1, part 1 (courtesy of Jon QUBE)

Pinwheel, year 1, part 2 (courtesy of Jon QUBE)

Nickelodeon Magazine's Big 10 Birthday Bash (courtesy of SpooferJahk)

Jimmy Neutron Oscar Win (courtesy of Ray Chase)

Teleguide audio recording (courtesy of Ben at the Oddity Archive)

An important v-log from Randy regarding the LMW [PLEASE WATCH]

What's up guys, dycaite here -- and, first and foremost, I'd just like to wish everybody a safe and Happy Easter! That said, let's get straight into today's notice board post, which, as you'll no doubt have noticed, is quite the lengthy one; buckle up, buckaroos!

  • As you will likely recall, a few weeks back, the first two episodes of the Mister Rogers' Neighborhood "Conflict" arc found their way online. Now, thanks to MySpleen user Snowpeck, all 5 episodes have been made available! The episodes in question (plus higher quality rips of the first two) can be found on the aforementioned private torrent tracker, MySpleen. As per Snowpeck's request that the episodes not be mirrored elsewhere, we won't be sharing any mirrored links; if you'd like a copy of these episodes and do not have a MySpleen account, myself, plus a handful of other generous users on the Discord have banded together to give out invites; you need only ask for one (and - quick heads up - it's freeleech for the next 24 or so hours, so you may just wanna do it sooner rather than later). Huge thanks to Snowpeck for recovering and sharing these episodes, truly a valiant effort and to be highly commended!
  • A new episode of the Lost Media Chronicles has been released! On this highly-requested episode, Randy covers the elusive 1973 series of Doraemon; check it out above!
  • More Pinwheel has come to light! MySpleen user retroccn uploaded not one, but two torrents, each containing partial recordings of Pinwheel episodes (amounting to about an hour of Pinwheel footage in total; thanks retroccn!
    Speaking of Pinwheel, three videos were recently discovered to have been uploaded to YouTube late last year, courtesy of Jon QUBE (from the interactive TV station QUBE, who used to air the series), totalling an impressive two and a half hours of Pinwheel footage! The videos in question can be seen above; thanks Jon!
    And, before anybody asks - no, sadly Clock Man is nowhere in there. That doesn't mean I'm going to stop searching though ;)
  • We have a new staff member, RSTVideo! Please make her feel welcome and wish her luck in her new role - though, I know she'll do great :)
  • Ray Chase, who worked in the animation department of the 2001 Jimmy Neutron movie has recently released the "winning" animation that would have been used had the film won at the 2001 Oscars! The until-now unseen piece of animation can be viewed above; thanks Ray!
    And on the topic of Jimmy Neutron, a high resolution scan of a magazine article on the Johnny Quasar pilot has been provided by Redditor siliconclassics, featuring several high res screenshots from the short; it can be found here. Thanks siliconclassics!
  • Ben from the Oddity Archive has uncovered and released a a rare 1965 audio recording of a Teleguide broadcast! Teleguide, a CCTV system used across hotels in New York in the 1960s, gave viewers information such as news, weather and other various tourist info. The hour or so of recovered audio can be heard above (and, if you'd like to hear more about the find, a haul video here discusses its discovery). Truly a fascinating piece, thanks to Ben for making this publicly available!
  • ALSO(!), in case you missed it, a higher quality rip of the Spanish dub of Cracks has been provided by original uploader AT Productions! Thanks once again to AT Productions for getting this out to the masses and in high quality, nonetheless! I'd have embedded it above, but things are getting a little crowded up there, so I'll just link it here; take a look!
  • And on a final, much more serious note (and a very important one, at that), Randy has put out a new v-log, discussing the wiki's recently implemented rule changes, as well as addressing some of the burning issues the site/community has been facing lately. Please do give it a watch, it really is important; you can do so via the above embed.

That's gunna do it for now, take it easy guys; peace!


UPDATE 2.60! (Added 28 Mar 2017; Updated 31 Mar 2017)

First two Mister Rogers "Conflict" episodes, courtesy of TROG SLEEP NOW

blameitonjorge's 10 Updated Pieces of Lost Media II

psychoticgiraffe's video showing the PC version of Plumbers Don't Wear Ties

Two Hippo Tub Co. episodes, courtesy of CDCB2

Lost Media Chronicles episode 39 - The Velvet Underground Live Footage

Lost Media Chronicles episode 40 - Walt Disney's Oswald The Lucky Rabbit

Hey everyone, dycaite here with the third notice board post for the month of March; it's always nice to have a busy news month for lost media! Here we go:

  • Two of the five Mister Rogers' Neighborhood "Conflict" episodes have been found! Episodes 1521 and 1522 (ie. the first two episodes of the "Conflict" arc) were uploaded a little over a week ago by YouTuber TROG SLEEP NOW, although said uploads have now been taken down due to a copyright claim; fear not though, because several people (myself included) have made backups of the episodes and LMW contributor ApolloJustice has also made a YouTube mirror (of the two episodes in a single video), which can be viewed above; original webm backups can be found here.
    Since the unearthing of these episodes, some... interesting (to say the least) articles have sprung up, theorising that their resurgence was a possible "warning" of sorts to Donald Trump. As an Australian, I'll let you guys in the US decide for yourselves if there is any merit to these but from an outsider's perspective it seems like a pretty far-fetched thing to suggest... In any case, massive thanks to TROG SLEEP NOW for the provision and preservation of these TV relics and to blameitonjorge for tweeting about their recovery (which is how I first learned that they had been put online); here's hoping the remaining three surface some day!
    P.S. Speaking of blameitonjorge, he recently uploaded a new lost media update video (in which the aforementioned Mister Rogers episodes are addressed), that can be seen above! Thanks to jorge for once again giving the site (and the site's Patreon) a shout out; I'm only too happy to return the favour :)
  • The PC version of Plumbers Don't Wear Ties has been found! This rare version of the critically and commercially panned 1994 adult visual novel was found at Ball State University's library by YouTuber psychoticgiraffe, who subsequently ripped the game and has made it publicly available for download! The game's unearthing went on to catch the attention of the folks at PC Gamer, one of whom recently gave it's rediscovery a write-up! Big thanks to psychoticgiraffe for making this rarity available to all budding "bad PC game" enthusiasts and lost media enthusiasts alike, and to PC Gamer for giving the LMW a mention - much appreciated!
  • Two episodes of Hippo Tub Co. have been unearthed by LMW contributor CDCB2! The episodes, "Finders Keepers; Singin' in the Drain" and "Norton's Turn; Am I Blue?" can be directly downloaded here, or can be streamed via the above link; Thanks to CBCB2 for unearthing these episodes, and a special shout out once again to ApolloJustice for providing a YouTube mirror!

That's it for now - stay gold, people!


UPDATE 2.59! (Added 19 Mar 2017)

Spanish dub of Cracks, courtesy of AT Productions (aka Patriot712)

A short featurette on The Other Side of the Wind’s upcoming completion and release

A Hard Day’s Day rip, courtesy of Adrian Ramirez

¿Que pasa chicos, dycaite aqui con otro tablin de anuncios publicar este fin de marzo! Vamos a entrar en ella!

  • The Spanish dub of Cracks has been found! Sourced from a VHS release of Plaza Sesamo (specifically, the tape "F n.8: La Salud es Primero" - to think, that all this time, the short was actually present on a commercial VHS release; who'd have thought?), a bootleg recording of the short was uploaded to YouTube several days ago by AT Productions (aka Patriot712, here at the wiki). It's so great to see this come to light, my only hope now is that a higher quality version surfaces! In any case, BIG thanks to Patriot712 for the provision of this rarity!
  • The Other Side of the Wind is to be completed and released! Famously regarded as Orson Welles' final film, the unfinished piece has officially been picked up by Netflix, who will complete the production and distribute the film! This is great news for film buffs and lost media enthusiasts alike and it's really nice to see companies like Netflix take up a project such as this; bravo!
  • A higher quality version of A Hard Day's Day has been found! A rip of the short, fictional romp through a day in the life of a Beatles cover band was acquired by Adrian Ramirez (originally obtained via the director's website, on which it is no longer available), who has kindly passed said rip onto us; you can catch it above via our Vimeo channel. Thanks Adrian!

Eso lo hara por ahora, hasta la proxima vez!



Lost Media Chronicles episode 38

Primal Rage II running in MAME4RAGE2

Hey guys, dycaite here with a couple of new goings-on in the world of lost media!

  • First up, Randy has released a new episode of the Lost Media Chronicles! This time (in a series first), he covers a lost comic book - specifically, the lost 1933 Superman comic (as well as several instances of lost concept art). Check it out above!

That's it for today, take it easy folks!


UPDATE 2.57! (Added 25 Feb 2017)

Jean-Luc Godard's Une Femme Coquette

GFM - The Hunt for Cry Baby Lane

Found Ghostbusters deleted scene reels
Keep Off My Grass! poster
"Spot the Diff" Spanish promo image

What's up guys, I'm dycaite, back with another exciting notice board post! You all know the drill by now, so let's get straight into it (and get comfortable, it's a pretty big one):

  • The highly sought-after 1955 Jean-Luc Godard short Une Femme Coquette has (remarkably) surfaced! Godard's first attempt at a narrative-driven film (and what is considered to be the single rarest piece in his entire filmography), the 9-minute Une Femme Coquette was uploaded to YouTube a little over a week ago by YouTuber David Heslin and was reported on two days after by The A. V. Club's Ignatiy Vishnevetsky (which is how we came to learn of the film's unearthing). Huge thanks to both David Heslin for the provision of the film and to Ignatiy Vishnevetsky for making it's presence known! Special thanks also go to Randy for bringing this to my attention, personally. See it for yourself above.
  • Randy has released a new Lost Media Chronicles episode! This time he covers the now-infamous 70s exploitation film Him, a pornographic, homosexual film about Jesus (yes, you read that correctly; NSFW warning should go without saying). Catch it via the above link!
  • Several lost scenes from the original Ghostbusters have been located! The discovery was made known when Ghost Corps, a production company run by Ivan Reitman and Dan Aykroyd (amongst others) put a photo on Facebook showing the three recently found reels (seen above) While at least one of the reels is believed to contain footage that has already come to light (via DVD releases and the like), there is ONE legendary, never-before-seen clip known as "Fort Detmerring Ghost", a scene depicting a sexual encounter between Ray Stantz and a ghost woman (and given the "Fort Detmerring" label on the reel, it's very likely the scene in question is contained within). Here's hoping this holy grail of lost Ghosbusters media is made publicly available soon, not to mention any other hidden gems that might be on those reels!
  • Keep Off My Grass! has received a DVD release! As of late November of last year, the film has been available on DVD from Amazon, rendering it available on a large scale and therefore found; thanks go to those involved in the release of said DVD and to Reynard for bringing it to our attention!
  • And finally, on a more sombre note, more proof of the "leaked" Chubbuck tape's illegitimacy has come to light, this time courtesy of Lin, the production manager at WXLT at the time (via the aforementioned news director Gordon Galbraith). Lin reiterated that, while copies of the tape were indeed made (but later destroyed), he confirmed that the angle on the real video simply does not match the angle seen in NationSquid's recreation (and yes, there is only ONE recorded angle of this incident). I decided to post a note on this followup as there are still a handful of people out there claiming this to be real, but frankly, I think we have enough evidence now to call this one case closed. My sincere and heartfelt thanks go out to Gordon for not only being willing to discuss this sensitive topic with me, but also for getting in touch with Lin to help disprove the fake, I truly appreciate it; all the best.

That's all for now; catch you guys next time!



Randy's V-Log on the fake clip

Hey guys, dycaite here.

So, as a lot of you are probably aware (from either the forums, the shoutbox or the Discord), there has been a lot of buzz recently about a supposed leak of the Christine Chubbuck tape that turned up in a Top 5 video on YouTube (the video in question can be found here). I avoided reporting on this in any official manner until such a time as some concrete proof of either its legitimacy or, more likely, it's illegitimacy had come to light (unlike some so-called "news" outlets, who practically touted it as hard fact), but I can now confirm that the clip is indeed a fake, nothing more than a well done re-enactment.

The clip was confirmed fake a couple of days back by Gordon Galbraith, news director of WXLT at the time, who posted a Facebook message outlining the reasons for the tape being fake, a screenshot of which can be found here.

Randy has also done a short V-Log on the tape and its newly proven illegitimacy, which can be seen above.

So, that's that; case closed. This leaves us with the conclusion that the clip was faked purely for publicity reasons and while I don't necessarily want to incite condemnation of NationSquid, I think most of you would agree that it's a pretty unsavoury thing to have done; here's hoping he finally does the right thing and comes clean about it now instead of carrying on the charade.

Take it easy guys.


UPDATE 2.55! (Added 02 Feb 2017)

Lost Media Chronicles episode 36

Screenshot Three Days to Live
Terrifying 9.11 custom English version trailer

Chris Farley era Shrek concept art

Gooood evening, dycaite here, back with another notice board post this fine February; keeping the intros short this time, so here we go!

  • The once-lost 1924 silent film Three Days to Live (one of the earliest known films from iconic actor Frank Capra's filmography) has been restored by the National Film and Sound Archive of Australia and will be premiering at Canberra's Arc Cinema on February 5th! I really wish I were able to attend myself, but Canberra is quite a ways out from me and would be a trip that I simply can't afford at this time, but I highly encourage any fellows Aussies in or around Canberra to go, especially given as it's the final release from the NFSA Restores initiative; big thanks to the NFSA for restoring and bringing this film back into the public viewing arena, and for reaching out to us about the upcoming screening!
  • The English version of Terrifying 9.11 has been dumped and released online! Big thanks go to Ryan Silberman for the acquisition of the cart (and custom trailer, seen above) and to taizou at Handheld Underground for another fantastic rom dump, now available here!
  • Another large collection of Chris Farley era Shrek concept art/production materials has been unearthed! The images, found on auction/item valuing website WorthPoint and can be viewed via this thread on the LMW forums! Thanks once again to unclesporkums for the heads up!

That's all for now, 'til next time!

-dycaite (really has to stop using so many exclamation marks!)

UPDATE 2.54! (Added 21 Jan 2017)

Little Shop episode 2

Rebecca Hall in Christine
My Life Me episode 1 (English dub)

Lost Media Chronicles episode 35

Screenshot from Bunyan and Babe
Johnny Bravo mini-documentary

The Dream of Hamish Mose clip 1

The Dream of Hamish Mose clip 2

What's up everyone, dycaite here with a new notice board post to kick off the new year and what better way to do so than with some found media and updates, am I right? Damn right I am :P Let's get into it:

  • The remaining 8 missing episodes of Little Shop have all been found and uploaded to YouTube! This renders the series now fully found and in its English dub, no less (with the exception of episode 9, which is only available in German). Big thanks go to The Little Shop Archive for unearthing the missing episodes, the first of which can be seen above!
  • Christine, the second half of the Christine Chubbuck Sundance "duology" has been released on iTunes! Without wanting to go on too much of a ramble here, this is an absolutely phenomenal film and I wholeheartedly recommend it, not just to those fascinated by the story of Christine, but to film buffs of all kinds. It really is remarkable viewing and will most definitely end up on my top films of 2017, likely in the number one spot. Need I say more? Check it out here, you won't regret it.
  • All 52 episodes of My Life Me have been found in their English dub! Huge thanks go to Mellow Margarine for tracking down, ripping and supplying me with the episodes and to Pan-Pizza for putting him in contact with me; you can enjoy(?) all of the episodes above, via our Vimeo channel!
  • Randy has released a new episode of the Lost Media Chronicles! This one is a crossover with Randy's new series Adventures in Vinyl Land, for reasons that will become apparent when watching the episode; another great instalment, check it out above! One more quick note: for those of you who were asking about the missing Jeff Buckley LMC episode, we are happy to report that it is now available once again! You can catch it here. Thanks Randy!
  • Bunyan and Babe has been released! Not only has this film been released after having spent years in development hell, it has been put out on Google Play completely free of charge! Big thanks to everyone involved in getting this film out in the open and for free, no less; we commend you!
  • More footage from Mess O' Blues (the prototype Johnny Bravo short) has surfaced! The footage comes courtesy of YoshiKiller2S and was sourced from a short documentary included on a Johnny Bravo Season 1 DVD release. The 5 minute documentary can be seen above; thanks Yoshi!
  • Several clips from The Dream of Hamish Mose have been released! This comes off the back of news that a release of the film may indeed be coming in the future, but that there is still a lot to sort out beforehand; here's hoping it happens. Big thanks to Films Around the World (who currently possess the master reels) for releasing these clips and to Uncle Sporkums for bringing them to our attention! You can watch the two clips yourself via the above links.

That ought'a do it for now. Until next time, goodnight, and keep watching the skies!