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Notice board

UPDATE 2.71: HAPPY NEW YEAR! (Added 08 Jan 2018)
Hammerman episode "Nobody's Perfect".
The last 48 minutes of the Nickelodeon Studios Opening.
The full pilot of Penguins Behind Bars.
Welcome to Pooh Corner episode "Rabbit Learns To Share".
LMC episode 55 - A Charlie Brown Christmas

Howdy folks, and happy New Year! Sorry for the lack of a standard notice board post, the finding of Clock Man was kind of a shock for all of us and it took some time to get over it (and yes, Commander Santa has confirmed that it is indeed the same short he originally saw, so there's even more reason to celebrate).

Clock Man isn’t the only exciting thing that’s happened recently though. In addition to a load of new finds (that I’ll get to in a second), dycaite’s been working with a MediaWiki professional to make a lot of improvements to the site itself. Just to name a few, we now have an SSL certificate for improved security, the site’s code has been changed to make the layout look better on mobile devices and lower resolutions, and we’re currently in the process of switching over to a more stable and less bug-ridden extension for article comments (that’s why comments are disabled at the moment, for more info on that, see here). There are going to be more of these changes coming in the near future, so don’t be surprised when they happen and be sure to thank dycaite!

One last thing I want to mention – the LMW now has its own Steam group! We may be hosting game-related events in the future, so be sure to join! Now enough of my rambling, let’s get to the finds. First off, the stuff found prior to the last non-clockman announcement that slipped under the radar:

  • Not one we had an article for, but a 1915 short comedy titled The Awful Adventures of an Aviator has turned up after being presumed lost! Big thanks to Shane Fleming for transferring it and sharing it to YouTube!
  • Another episode of MC Hammer’s animated series Hammerman has turned up – “Nobody’s Perfect”, uploaded by YouTube user areyoustilllistening (see above). Big thanks for that!
  • After years of only existing in transcript form, footage of Gilbert Gottfried’s infamous 9/11 joke has finally been released in the 2017 documentary Gilbert. Don’t know whether that’s a good thing or not, but you can view the footage here.
  • As it turns out, the long-lost 1931 found-footage film Ingagi… isn’t actually lost at all! There aren’t any release plans yet, but rest assured, three prints of the film are in the hands of the Library of Congress and won’t be lost again any time soon.

Now some stuff that happened between the 11/30 notice board post and the 12/11 Clock Man announcement:

  • The 1968 colorized/redrawn version of the Looney Tunes short "Fish Tales" has been uploaded to Myspleen by user ChupaX as part of their "Cartoon Control Room" series and subsequently mirrored to archive.org here for those who aren't on the site. Huge thanks for saving a piece of history!
  • The final 48 minutes of the 1990 Nickelodeon Studios Opening Day Celebration have been uploaded to YouTube by user Chris Graves (seen above). While this still leaves roughly 80 minutes of the special unaccounted for, we now have nearly two-thirds of it with original commercials!

And finally, the most recent of finds:

  • An anonymous hero has ripped the 2003 Adult Swim pilot for Penguins Behind Bars (seen above) and shared it through Pan-Pizza's Tumblr page. This is a big find considering the pilot hasn't been shown since its initial airing in 2003, so thanks to whoever it was!
  • Canadian channel Encore+ has begun officially releasing episodes from the first season of Mentors to their YouTube channel in high definition! The series had previously been almost entirely unavailable in any form, so this is a big development. As of writing this they've uploaded the first 8 episodes; you can view them here!
  • Another episode of Welcome to Pooh Corner has been found: "Rabbit Learns to Share" (seen above). At the risk of sounding like a broken record, THANK YOU to Jon Gossard for uploading it!

That wraps up all the new (and old) finds, but before I finish, I'd like to remind everyone that Randy and Amanda have released two new episodes of Lost Media Chronicles - one on the Dixie Chicks death threat letter and another on A Charlie Brown Christmas. You can watch them both above.

That's all for this time (phew), so I'm gonna go cross "write a notice board post" off my bucket list. See you later!


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