Lita's training matches (partially found training videos of professional wrestler; late 1990s-2000)

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Lita in WWE.

Status: Partially Found

Lita is a professional wrestler who competed in the World Wrestling Federation/World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) from 2000 to 2006. She is most known for joining the Hardy Boyz to form Team Xtreme, her time as a valet for Edge, and for being a three-time Women's Champion. Prior to her debut in 2000, Lita had trained in both Mexico and the United States in the late 1990s, with at least two of her training sessions being recorded.


After watching and being impressed by Rey Mysterio competing on WCW Monday Nitro,[1] Amy Dumas began training in Mexico in 1997 to gain experience in lucha libre.[2] After being trained by several wrestlers, including El Dandy, Dumas competed in Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre as Angelica briefly in 1998 and wrestled in the independent circuit in the United States.[1][3] She had also trained with the Hardy Boyz during her time in NWA Mid-Atlantic.[4] After appearing in ECW in April 1999, she further honed her skills at The Funkin' Conservatory, where she was trained by Dory Funk Jr..[1] She therefore signed to the WWF in November 1999, competing in developmental territory Memphis Championship Wrestling until making her debut in February 2000 under the name of Lita, on WWF Sunday Night Heat.[1]

At some point during her extensive training, two of her sessions were recorded. In the first video, after being Irish-whipped into a turnbuckle, she performed a hurricanrana on her opponent. Afterwards, she expressed how she aimed to keep working on her skills. In the other video, she performs a headscissors takedown on the same opponent. Little else is known about the training videos, including where and when they occurred, the identity of her opponent, and which organisation she was training with at the time.


On 11th July 2020, a hardcore Lita fan uploaded the two training segments onto YouTube, lasting a combined total of 22 seconds. The second video, WWE Lita Early Wrestling Days RARE, also lacks sound. In the comments section for the video, the fan responded to questions concerning the whereabouts of the full video, stating this was the only footage they could show without buying the tapes. Thus, more footage of these sessions may have existed at some point, though remains publicly unavailable as of the present day.

It is also known that after Lita graduated from The Funkin' Conservatory in August 1999,[4] Funk Jr. and his wife established a compilation video containing footage of Lita competing at the training camp, sending it over to the WWF.[5][1][4] It is possible that the video contained the footage of the training sessions, although this remains unconfirmed.



The first training video.

The second training video, which is silent.

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