ECW Hardcore TV final episodes (lost episodes of Professional Wrestling Show; 2001)

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ECW Hardcore TV Logo

Status: Lost

Extreme Championship Wrestling (E.C.W.) was a professional wrestling promotion based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It existed from 1992 until 2001, and for most of that time produced a syndicated program named ECW Hardcore TV.


ECW had great success in the late 90s, but in late 2000 the company was having deep financial problems. The problems started with the company’s national show, ECW on TNN, was cancelled. The company held monthly Pay-Per-View events to make up for their financial loss, but the company continued to struggle. On December 15th 2000, the company held, unbeknownst to them, their final television taping for their show, Hardcore TV. It was held in New York City’s Elk Lodge, and ten matches were featured on the card. The taping provided enough material to produce four or five episodes, but only two finished episodes were broadcast.

Episode #400 was aired on the 24th of December, Episode #401 was aired on the 31st of December, and would be their final episode. In January 2001, the show was cancelled due ECW failing to make payments to the network, at least one fully completed episode never aired, and possibly others were fully or partially completed. Later that month, ECW would stop holding events and would go on to declare bankruptcy in April of that year.


After ECW’s bankruptcy, the promotion and its tape library were purchased by World wrestling Entertainment, and most of ECW’s programming is held on the WWE Network, however the missing episodes are not included amongst them, and are still lost today.

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