Mark Jindrak in Evolution (partially found unaired vignettes of professional wrestling stable; 2003)

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Mark Jindrak during filming for the Evolution vignettes.

Status: Partially Found

Evolution was a professional wrestling stable that was prominent between 2003 to 2005. Consisting of Triple H, Ric Flair, Randy Orton, and Batista, Evolution was a dominant group on WWE Raw, with its name representing the best in the past (Flair), present (Triple H), and future (Randy Orton and Batista). However, when Batista suffered two triceps injuries that took him out of action for months, WWE had considered replacing him with Mark Jindrak, shooting vignettes featuring Jindrak as the fourth man for Evolution's Titantron.


Evolution is often compared to the Flair-led Four Horsemen,[1] with Flair alongside Tully Blanchard, and Ole and Arn Anderson, becoming one of the most successful groups within professional wrestling.[2] Arn was the group's enforcer; this role would be fulfilled in Evolution by Batista, being one of the two proteges alongside Randy Orton.[3] Both would achieve success, as they would capture world titles throughout their careers, as well as headlining Wrestlemania on a few occasions.[4]

The group made their debut on the 20th January 2003 edition of Raw by beating up Scott Steiner.[5] However, Batista's time in Evolution almost ended as soon as it begun. In early-2003, he suffered a triceps injury during a tag team match, and in an attempt to maintain his body with vigorous training, ending up re-tearing the muscle, resulting in him being on the side-lines for the majority of the year.[6] Thus, WWE owner Vince McMahon opted to replace him with Mark Jindrak.[7] Prior to potentially joining Evolution, Jindrak had won the WCW World Tag Team Championship twice with Sean O'Haire,[8] and was a member of The Alliance.[9] Considering his size and stature, Jindrak on paper was deemed a worthy replacement, and he was filmed in a few vignettes and promos with Triple H, Flair, and Orton.[6][3] According to Bruce Pritchard, these vignettes included the four in a helicopter, and kissing women in a nightclub.

Ultimately, Jindrak was dropped from the group.[6][3] The main reasons were that Jindrak was deemed immature and not ready for the role,[7] while Triple H also considered him a bad influence for the younger Orton, Jindrak and Orton being close friends at the time.[6] One incident where the four were on a roadtrip to the next event led to Triple H demanding that Jindrak and Orton be separated, and to not be involved with Jindrak at all.[6] Early signs that Jindrak's role was not guaranteed came when similar vignettes featuring just the original trio were filmed.[6] Eventually, McMahon relented,[7] telling Jindrak "Mark, basically the hype may have been too much to shove you down the fans' throats", the hype coming from WWE's constant promotion of the fourth Evolution member.[10] Evolution would reinduct Batista into the group when he interfered in a match between Goldberg and Shawn Michaels on the 20th October 2003 edition of Raw.[11] Jindrak would form a short-lived tag team with Garrison Cade,[12] and generally was involved in smaller feuds before being released from WWE on 5th July 2005.[13] Nevertheless, he would achieve great success wrestling in Mexico.[14]


Because Jindrak was replaced in Evolution prior to making his debut for the stable, the vignettes featuring him were never featured in Evolution's Titantron, with the helicopter and nightclub clips containing just the trio. When Batista was re-added, WWE simply spliced clips of him between the vignettes. One vignette featuring Jindrak walking over a hill was included in the 2020 documentary WWE Ruthless Aggression.[6] Orton and Pritchard confirmed that additional vignettes involving Jindrak were filmed,[6] but they have never been publicly released by WWE.



Evolution Titantron containing clips of the helicopter and nightclub scenes without Jindrak, and splicing in footage of Batista.

WWE Ruthless Aggression providing a vignette of Jindrak in the stable.

Something to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard discussing Jindrak in Evolution and some of the other vignettes filmed.

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