The Wiggly Big Show Tour (lost footage of "The Wiggles" live performance; 1999)

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Wiggly Big Show Tour Poster (Lizzio).jpg

Poster for the tour.

Status: Lost

The Wiggly Big Show is a concert video released by Australian children's group The Wiggles on September 6, 1999[1] after their first concert video Wiggledance! was released in June 1997. The video is a recording of the group's December 7th & 8th, 1998 performance at the Sydney Entertainment Centre during the Toot Toot Show! tour. In a rare occurrence with concert videos, the group embarked on a tour in November 1999 to promote the video simply called "The Wiggly Big Show Tour". The group also did tours for their other concert videos like LIVE Hot Potatoes! in 2005, The Big, Big Show! in 2009, Big Birthday! in 2011 and Wiggle Around Australia in 2017. Very little information is known about this tour with the setlist for the tour being a mystery.


The tour commenced on November 1st at the Perth Entertainment Centre and ended on December 14th at the Sydney Entertainment Centre. The group would also perform at Australia's famed Carols In The Domain on December 18th in Sydney. The tour would be the group's last tour of the 1990's and the last time the group would perform at the Melbourne Sports and Entertainment Centre as they would perform in different venues in Melbourne in later tours like the Palais Theatre, Vodafone Arena and the Rod Laver Arena. The tour would also be notable for the stage being used in the group's video It's A Wiggly, Wiggly World that would be released in July 2000. While the setlist is largely unknown, the songs confirmed to have been performed on the tour are Toot Toot, Here Come The Wiggles, Taba Naba, Sing With Me, a cover of the Split Enz song Six Months In A Leaky Boat, Blow Me Down and Wiggly Medley[2]. Six of them would actually be performed live for the first time and would later be seen in the It's A Wiggly, Wiggly World album and video. Other songs like Zardo Zap[3], Rock-A-Bye Your Bear, Henry's Underwater Big Band, Balla Balla Bambina and Feliz Navidad have also been confirmed to have been performed on the tour. The tour would also be the group's first tour supported by the now defunct Australian internet provider OzEmail.


Ticket from the WIN Entertainment Centre performance

Photos from the tour taken by the audience and FairFax Photos (from the Melbourne Sports and Entertainment Centre shows) have surfaced online giving some insight on what was performed on the tour and further information on the tour would be unearthed by Wigglepedia user WigglesEnthusiast[4][5]. No footage from the tour has surfaced and for awhile it was unknown if any concerts from the tour were recorded. The tour's program can be found online but unlike other programs from the group's later tours feature the setlist, the program for The Wiggly Big Show Tour does not feature the setlist, further fueling speculation on what the setlist could be[6]. While the group is known to record concerts, a small amount of those recorded concerts would see a public release. Neither the group or any members of the group have commented on the existence of any footage from the tour.

On April 3rd, 2022, a photo from the tour was posted on Instagram by user wigglesenthusiasts2. The photo is of Henry's Underwater Big Band being performed and to the far right of the photo, a tripod and camera can be seen[7]. The surfacing of the photo confirms the existence of footage from the tour, but the whereabouts of the footage is unknown.



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