WWF Excess (found professional wrestling talk show; 2001-2002)

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WWF Excess logo.

Status: Partially Found

WWF Excess is a professional wrestling talk show. Produced by the World Wrestling Federation (WWF, now WWE) and broadcast on TNN from 25th August 2001 to 18th May 2002, it presented highlights from WWF programming, as well as enabling viewers to email and phone in the show to ask questions to its professional wrestlers. It served as a prelude to WWE Confidential.


Following negotiations falling through to produce a World Championship Wrestling reboot,[1] the WWF were looking to broadcast a new show on TNN. On 21st August 2001, TNN published a press release stating that WWF Livewire and WWF Superstars would be replaced with a new two-hour series called WWF Excess. It essentially combined WWF Livewire's two different formats, presenting highlights of classic as well as then-current programming, while also interviewing professional wrestlers and giving the audience the opportunity to ask questions to them via email or through calls, and request vintage matches be aired.[2]

WWF Excess was also the premier show of TNN's new five-hour Slammin' Saturday Night,[3] also consisting of sports-based programming like PBR, Monster Jam, and Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors.[4] First airing from 10pm to midnight on 25th August, the show was originally hosted live from WWF Studios by Jonathan Coachman and Trish Stratus. The first episode was known to have featured a live interview with Triple H, a recap of events transpiring during the Invasion storyline, and "From the Vault" segments consisting of older matches.[5]

The show would change over its short lifespan, with Michael Cole and Terri Runnels being the replacement hosts,[6] Runnels herself later being replaced by Marc Loyd. By 6th April 2002, the show would change to a full wrestling recap program, split between Cole and Loyd reviewing events on SmackDown! in the first hour, while Coachman and Raven analysed the occurrences on Raw as part of Late Night Excess. The show continued until it was ultimately cancelled in May 2002,[7] and was later replaced by WWE Confidential.[8]WWF Excess was seemingly unpopular among most wrestling fans, with the show winning the Wrestling Obsever Newsletter's Worst Television Show award in 2001.[9]


Whereas successor program WWE Confidential is available on the WWE Network, no clips of WWF Excess are currently available on the platform.[10] This, when combined with its general unpopularity, has led to much of the show becoming lost media. A few clips primarily featuring interactions between female wrestlers like Torrie Wilson and Lita, have publicly resurfaced on YouTube.



Lita on the 1st September 2001 episode.

Torrie Wilson on the 22nd September 2001 episode.

Torrie Wilson on the 22nd September 2001 episode.

Pamela Anderson on the 22nd September 2001 episode.

Lita on a 2001 Christmas episode.

Lita on a 2001 episode.

Nidia and Ivory on the 2nd March 2002 episode.

Jazz on the 23rd March 2002 episode.

Lita on the 18th May 2002 episode.

Jacqueline on WWF Excess.

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