Breakfast with Bear (partially found spin-off of "Bear in the Big Blue House" Playhouse Disney puppet series; 2005-2006)

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Breakfast with Bear logo.

Status: Partially Found

Breakfast with Bear was a spin-off of the popular Playhouse Disney show Bear in the Big Blue House. It aired on the Disney Channel block, Playhouse Disney from June 20th, 2005[1] to September 15th, 2006.[2] Each episode had Bear travelling to different kids' homes and aiding the child "with their daily preparations, hygienical needs, games, songs, breakfast and other daily traditions."


On March 12th, 2003, the voice actress for Luna of Bear in the Big Blue House, Cherlynne Thigpen passed away due to a cerebral hemorrhage.[3] As this event occurred during the airing of the fourth season, eight episodes of the main series that were set to air were put on hold until 2006, creating a three-year hiatus.[4] During the hiatus, Disney Channel executive, Nancy Kanter called for a spin-off series to be made.[5]


Twenty episodes in total were produced. Ten were made in New York, and another ten were made in California.[5] Currently, less than half of the episodes are available on the internet. In March of 2023, user YoshiKiller2S discovered that every episode of Breakfast with Bear was encoded and shared on file-sharing platforms in the mid-2000s. Yoshi was not able to 100% confirm the group responsible, but believes it to be the former encoding group "W4F."


# Episode Air Date Production Date Status
1 Kayla of Poughkeepsie, NY Jun 20th, 2005[6] June 17th, 2004[7] Partially Found
2 Aaron Jun 21st, 2005[6] Jun 17th, 2004[7] Lost
3 Rhea Jun 22nd, 2005[6] Jun 21st, 2005[7] Lost
4 Abigail of Westport, CT Jun 23rd, 2005[6] Jun 21st, 2005[7] Lost
5 Christopher of New York City's "Big Apple Circus" Jun 24th, 2005[6] Jun 21st, 2005[7] Lost
6 Timea ??? Jun 23rd, 2005[7] Found
7 Ryan of Granada Hills, CA ??? Jun 27th, 2005 Lost
8 Rachel Mochizuki of San Marino, CA Jul 1st, 2005[8] Jun 27th, 2005[7] Lost
9 Nicole ??? Jun 27th, 2005[7] Lost
10 Sam ??? Jun 30th, 2005[7] Lost
11 Brittany of Bronx, NY ??? Jul 5th, 2005[7] Lost
12 Amanda of Oxnard, CA ??? Jul 5th, 2005[7] Found
13 Paige of Elmont, NY ??? Jul 12th, 2005[7] Lost
14 Giavanna of West Hills, CA ??? Jul 12th, 2005[7] Lost
15 Mackenzie Davis of Fallbrook, CA Jul 18th, 2005[9] Jul 12th, 2005[7] Found
16 Isa ??? Jul 19th, 2005[7] Found
17 Rachel of Cypress, CA Jul 22nd, 2005 Jul 19th, 2005[7] Found
18 Jonathan at Fort Irwin National Training Center (U.S. Army Base near Barstow, CA) ??? Jul 19th, 2005[7] Found
19 Chelsea & Griffin ??? Jul 25th, 2005[7] Lost
20 Noah Vivanco of Northridge, CA Jul 29th, 2005[10] Jul 25th, 2005[7] Lost

Episode Summaries

All of these short summaries have been provided by a series of online sources. No plagiarism is intended.

Episodes 1-5 lists summaries for the first five episodes of Breakfast with Bear.[6]

Paige of Elmont, NY[1]

5-year-old Paige shows Bear how to jump rope.

Rachel Mochizuki of San Marino, CA[8]

During breakfast, Rachel claimed she usually ate breakfast in the car with a straight face. The filming crew found it hilarious, considering one of the messages of the show is to promote healthy eating.

Mackenzie Davis of Fallbrook, CA[9]

6-year-old Mackenzie Davis, from Zion Lutheran School, visits Bear on her grandparents' farm. She teaches Bear how to pick oranges and make orange juice.

Noah Vivanco of Northridge, CA[10]

Bear visits 6-year-old Noah Vivanco. He was surprised by the fact that Bear was very large. He was allowed to stay in his PJs even after his morning routine. He and Bear ate chocolate chip waffles with syrup. Bear makes a suggestion to eat healthier foods next time, such as blueberries, strawberries, and bananas.



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Songs from Playhouse Disney Imagine And Learn With Music CD

"Hey, It's a Brand New Day."

"The Morning Mambo."

"The Breakfast Song."


Kayla of Poughkeepsie, NY



Abigail of Westport, CT

Christopher of New York City's "Big Apple Circus"

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