Kingdom Hearts: V Cast (partially lost mobile game; 2005)

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The game's title screen.

Status: Partially Lost

Kingdom Hearts: V Cast was an unofficial entry in the Kingdom Hearts game series made exclusively for the Verizon Wireless V Cast cellphone network.[1] It was released in Japan on October 1st, 2004, and in the United States on February 4th, 2005. The game was not developed by Square-Enix and instead was made by Disney Interactive and Superscape. The game is also not canon to the rest of the Kingdom Hearts series. In 2012, the V Cast network was disbanded, thus making the game unavailable to download.

A dump of the first chapter has been found by "Wedge" of the 4Chan Kingdom Hearts community during 2016 and has been uploaded to the internet. KHInsider user "Cbajd5" dumped and uploaded the third chapter in 2018. In 2020, Youtube user "KrZ One" managed to get the first chapter running (with some tweaks applied and still suffering from crashes) on the Zeebo, a low-cost 2009 console, showcasing full gameplay.[2] In 2022, KHInsider users "Eriyu" and "kraze1984" dumped and uploaded the fourth chapter. In April 2022, KHInsider user "Scrooge McDuck" posted a full playthrough of the fourth chapter on YouTube. Chapter 2 is the only chapter to have not resurfaced.



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Full Agrabah gameplay.

Full Swashbuckler's Island gameplay.

Model showcase.


"Swashbuckler's Island"



"Assorted Jingles"

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