Mister Moose's Fun Time (partially found spin-off of "The All New Captain Kangaroo" Fox Kids children's series reboot; late 1990s)

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Status: Partially Found

Mister Moose's Fun Time was a spin-off series of the Captain Kangaroo reboot of the late 1990s The All New Captain Kangaroo that started aired on Fox Family Channel on August 17, 1998, [1]. Of the 60 episodes that aired, only three have been uploaded onto YouTube, one episode, however, was blocked worldwide due to the Big Sister & Little Brother segment included so it was later uploaded on Dailymotion while a re-edited version was made for YouTube, the episode has since been unblocked from YouTube and the re-edited version was removed due to the video being unblocked.

Mister Moose's Fun Time also included segments of other shows, such as Jamie the Mouse, Bob & Scott, Slurps, Big Sister & Little Brother, Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends, The Wiggles, Funnybones, and I.C. Ice & the Icebergs. Mister Moose's Fun Time marked The Wiggles' first American TV appearance, pre-dating the group's television series premiering on Fox Family in May 1999[2].

Various clips of the Mister Moose segments along with clips of The All New Captain Kangaroo would be seen during montage scenes in the 1999 special, Captain Kangaroo's Birthday Party at Seaworld

As confirmed by the puppeteer who played Mister Moose, Paul Pistore he has confirmed that he does not have any episodes of this series. He has also confirmed that after Disney bought Fox Family turning it to ABC Family and later FreeForm Disney vaulted the MMFT episodes as well as The All New Captain Kangaroo mostly due to the fact the latter show advertised rival theme parks Sea World and Busch Gardens.

The Segments were each from a different country depending on where they came from in this case all 8 segments outside of the Mister Moose scenes made for this show come from Denmark, France, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, Australia and Germany.

Known Episode List

Episode Status
T-Shirt Day Found
Moosecar Races Day Found
Art Appreciation Day Found
Beach Day Lost
Cowboy Day Lost
Egypt Day Lost
Independence Day Lost
News Day Lost
Christmas Lost
Navy Captain Day Lost
Circus Day Lost

Note: All names of lost episodes in end credits are unofficial.


Intro for the show.

A promo for the show.

Another promo including an episode of Thomas the Tank Engine.

RedBoiPaul's video on the subject.

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