Mister Moose's Fun Time (partially found spinoff series of "Captain Kangaroo"; late 1990s)

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Title card.

Status: Partially Found

Mister Moose's Fun Time was a spinoff series of the Captain Kangaroo reboot of the late 90's The All New Captain Kangaroo that aired on Fox Family Channel. Of the 40 episodes that aired, only three have been uploaded onto YouTube, one episode however was blocked worldwide due to the Big Sister & Little Brother segment included so it was later uploaded on Dailymotion while a re-edited version was made for YouTube, the episode has since been unblocked from YouTube and the re-edited version was removed due to the video being unblocked.

Mister Moose's Fun Time also included segments of other shows, such as Jamie the Mouse, Bob & Scott, Slurps, Big Sister & Little Brother, Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends, The Wiggles, Funnybones, and I.C. Ice & the Icebergs. Mister Moose's Fun Time marked The Wiggles's first American TV appearance.

Known Episode List

Episode Status
T-Shirt Day Found
Moosecar Races Day Found
Art Appreciation Day Found
Beach Day Lost
Cowboy Day Lost
Egypt Day Lost
Independence Day Lost
News Day Lost

Note: All names of lost episodes are unofficial.


Intro for the show.
A promo for the show.
Another promo including an episode of Thomas the Tank Engine.