WCW/nWo Whiplash (lost build of cancelled Game.com professional wrestling game; 1999)

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The game's cover art.

Status: Lost

WCW/nWo Whiplash is a cancelled professional wrestling game. Developed by Tiger Electronics for its Game.com Pocket Pro handheld system, it was set for release in December 1999. However, it was never released likely because of the Game.com's commercial failure and eventual discontinuation in 2000


WCW/nWo Whiplash is obscure, even among other cancelled WCW games like WCW/nWo Live and WCW 2000.[1] The game was publicly showcased at the 1999 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) as part of Tiger Electronics' demonstration of its second Game.com console, the Pocket Pro.[2][3][4][5] Based on Tiger's 1999 Toy Fair catalogue, WCW/nWo Whiplash would have allowed players to compete with WCW's top stars of the era, including "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan Diamond Dallas Page, Sting, and Goldberg.[6][7][8] A preview from July 1999 issue of GamePro claims the game may have been originally called WCW Wrestling, with a planned release later that same year.[4] Its November 1999 issue stated players could fight their way towards the WCW World Heavyweight Championship in Championship Mode, or compete in Exhibition bouts.[8] At the time, a vague "Fall 1999" release date was reported. A confirmed date was reported by GameSpot, who were informed by Tiger Electronics in October 1999 that WCW/nWo Whiplash was intended to reach markets by December.[9][5]

Alas, the game was never released.[5][1][7] The Game.com and its sequel were both critical and financial failures upon the original's release in September 1997.[5][1] Accumulating sales under the 300,000-mark, and despite including relatively revolutionary features like a touchscreen and internet connectivity, the handheld console received criticism for its problematic touchscreen, lacking features such as a backlight, and for its generally poor-quality games.[5][1] It was eventually shelved at the turn of the millennium, causing numerous upcoming games, including WCW/nWo Whiplash, to never be released.[5][1] It is currently unclear how far WCW/nWo Whiplash went into development prior to cancellation, although the cover and the available screenshots indicate that a build did exist.[7][1][8][6]


The Game.com's commercial failure has resulted in the handheld console's unreleased games becoming obscure lost media.[5][1][7] Regarding WCW/nWo Whiplash, the cover art has seemingly been released, indicating the game received an E rating by the ESRB.[7] Two screenshots, of the title and character selection screens, were shown in the Toy Fair catalogue.[6] Strangely, no actual gameplay screenshots were unveiled, making it impossible to determine its mechanics. No builds or footage of the game have publicly resurfaced,[10][5][1] though the discovery of the also-cancelled port of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night gives hope a WCW/nWo Whiplash build may one day be recovered.[11]



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