Eddie Retractorhead (partially lost Nickelodeon UK animated short series; 2008)

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Eddie retractorhead logo.jpeg

The series' logo.

Status: Partially Lost

Eddie Retractorhead is an animated short series that aired on Nickelodeon UK in 2008 and produced by Cosgrove Halls whose best known for making Count Duckula.[1] The series about a blob of mucus named Eddie falling from space and landing on a pie and a tractor who lives in an inflatable pie at Area 52 with his friend, an orange blob named Blam Blob where they go on many misadventures while meeting other weird characters along the way.[2]


According to the official website ten shorts were produced each running for about a minute long, "Trailer," "Space Day," "House," "Explodeeeeitus," "Speed Photo," "Eddie Airways," "Weather Day," "Dozy Eddie," "Olympics" and "Body Music."[3] While the shorts "Trailer," "Space Day Out" and "Explodeeeeitus" were available for over a decade. The other seven were missing until one of the series editors Tracey Cleland uploaded the shorts "House" and "Speed Camera" onto her resume and Vimeo account in 2019.[4] In 2022 YouTuber Lucas’s Archive uploaded the short "Olympics." As of January 2023, only four shorts are still missing.

Short List

# Short Title Status
1 Trailer Found
2 Space Day Found
3 House Found
4 Explodeeeeitus Found
5 Speed Photo Found
6 Eddie Airways Lost
7 Weather Day Lost
8 Dozy Eddie Lost
9 Olympics Found
10 Body Music Lost


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