Pudding Toast (lost Nickelodeon animated pitch pilots; 2012)

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The only released piece of concept art from the project.

Status: Lost

Pudding Toast was a project that was pitched to Nickelodeon in 2012 by We Bare Bears creator Daniel Chong.[1] Two pilots were made, though they were not picked up for a full series by Nickelodeon.


On August 9th, 2020, creator of the Cartoon Network series We Bare Bears Daniel Chong made a Tweet stating that he had pitched two pilots to Nickelodeon for a project titled Pudding Toast in 2012. The Tweet read:

"One of these days, I'll post my never released Nickelodeon pilot from 2012, "Pudding Toast". It was in development for three years, made two pilots, and was buried in notes constantly. After they passed, I pitched Bears to Cartoon Network a month later."[1]

Included was the only released piece of concept art from the pilots, created by artist Benjamin Plouffe,[2] showing a house in a dark forest setting. This Tweet was the first known mention of the project online, being mostly unknown to the general public in recent years.

Chong would also give more insight into why the pilots were never picked up by Nickelodeon, stating in a reply that the executive they were working with on the pilots would eventually be replaced:

"HI JESSIE! Totally--We went so long the exec we worked with got inevitably replaced, which is pretty much a death sentence for a project."[3]

Specific details about the plot of Pudding Toast are unknown, though from the one piece of concept art available, it was likely a cartoon involving some horror elements.


After the pilots were pitched and not picked up by Nickelodeon, they have not been seen since by the general public and are considered lost. Only one piece of concept art has been released from the Pudding Toast project, though Daniel Chong has expressed interest in releasing the pilots and some search efforts have started.


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