The Adventures of Pete & Pete (partially found original versions of Nickelodeon live-action comedy series episodes; 1991-1993)

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The adventures of pete & pete title.jpeg

The show's title card.

Status: Partially Found

The Adventures Of Pete & Pete is an absurdist Nickelodeon sitcom that began in 1993. Before the show itself premiered, it was a series of interstitials during commercials, which later became full-length TV specials that were supposed to be backdoor pilots.


The TV specials were similar to full length episodes of the show, being contained stories in a 25 minute long runtime. However, these earlier episodes did not use the same format as the continuing show. The show would end up having a different theme song, "Hey Sandy" by Polaris. These original specials were not aired with that theme song, and instead aired with an intro where the character Ellen would describe the plot, and had footage that was exclusive to those specials. However, on later reairings and on syndication, it would be reedited to include the Polaris theme song, and cut out clips to fit in a more conventional TV runtime.


Every DVD and VHS release has the specials' Polaris cut, not the one as originally aired. However, the original copy of one specific episode has been found, the pilot, "Valentines Day Massacre." Redditor thatguamguy has said he has the first half of the final special, "New Years Pete," however this has not been confirmed.[1]

Episode List

Episode Status Date Notes
Valentine's Day Massacre Found February 9, 1991
What We Did On Our Summer Vacation Lost September 8, 1991
Space, Geeks, and Johnny Unitas Lost June 17, 1992
Apocalypse Pete Lost October 4, 1992
New Year's Pete Lost January 2, 1993 First half has been said to exist, however it is unreleased.


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