Nickelodeon Addicting Games Showdown (partially found interstitial TV event of online game website; 2009-2010)

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Nickelodeon addicting games showdown logo.jpeg

Logo from the 2009 event.

Status: Partially Found

Nickelodeon Addicting Games Showdown was an event that took place twice once on June 27, 2009 and on June 19, 2010. The show would air in segments in-between other TV shows that were popular on Nickelodeon at the time like iCarly, and True Jackson VP. Nickelodeon actually bought out to hold the event. It would nominate certain games on the website in categories like "Most Courageous Stickman," and "Best Game From Planet Awesome." The viewers could vote from each of the nominations.[1]

On the Addicting Games website. The event was only held twice, and both only aired once, so both of them are lost.


There was a small controversy involving this event that addressed. claimed the event was exposing young Nickelodeon viewers to inappropriate games, or more specifically the "Naughty" series of games.

Addicting Games Showdown 2009

Status: Partially Found

The 2009 event was hosted by Jerry Trainer from iCarly, and he would have two people accompany him who would watch the votes. Each time one of the commercials would air in between episodes of iCarly, and True Jackson VP there would be another winner announced for each award, eventually leading up to the most addicting game on the website.


A few segments from the 2009 event can be found in a commercials compilation. The segments in the compilation are the segment introducing the event, the segment introducing the nominees and the segments for "Best Performance by a Monkey" and the segment introducing the nominees for "Most Courageous Stickman."

Unfortunately the last segment listed is missing it's audio. The channel Game Pill also uploaded the segment introducing the winner for "Best Game From Planet Random." There's also a promo promoting the event online, but other than that no other materials have been uploaded online.

Addicting Games Showdown 2010

Status: Lost

The event was held a second time on 2010, and this time the host were Jeff Sutphin who hosted BrainSurge, and the Figure it Out 2012 reboot. The second host was Gage Golightly who played on The Troop. Although it's not explicitly stated what all the shows were that aired during the show Nickstory which had archives of the schedules for nearly every day nicks aired shows all the shows that aired were nicktoons, and premieres. The shows that aired were SpongeBob Squarepants, The Penguins of Madagascar, Fanboy & Chum Chum and Back at The Barnyard in that order.


Unfortunately, the only material from the 2010 special that exist are two promos, and no recordings of the actual segments exist, rendering it as fully lost.




Promo of the 2009 event.

Promo of the 2010 event.

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