A Very Aggressive Vegetable (found Nickelodeon Australia animated short series; 1998)

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A very agressive vegetable.jpg

Logo of an episode.

Status: Found

Date found: 3 Aug 2023

Found by: Various people

A Very Aggressive Vegetable is a series of 30-second animated shorts produced by Fudge Puppy that aired on Nickelodeon UK (and in reruns on Nicktoons TV in the US) in 1998 that depicted, as the title implies, very aggressive vegetables taking revenge on the unsuspecting kids that insulted them.

At least six shorts were produced. "Cucumber", "Potato", "Celery", "Baby Corn", "Zucchini" and "Broccoli".

All of these shorts were at one point, available on Nick.com, however, a glitch in the video player prevented the shorts from playing, and the pages are now completely deleted.[1][2][3][4][5][6]

For a long while, five out of the six total shorts were available online, The only one that was lost was "Zucchini", with the only footage available being a short clip from a Toons From Planet Orange promo. It wasn't until August 3rd, 2023, when YouTube user The Retro Room Games uploaded "Zucchini" in its entirety, thus rendering all of the shorts as being found.

Episode List

# Short Title Status
1 Cucumber Found
2 Potato Found
3 Celery Found
4 Baby Corn Found
5 Broccoli Found
6 Zucchini Found


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