Matinee Mandy (partially lost original English audio of "The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy" animated short; 2007)

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Matinee Mandy.png

Title card for the short.

Status: Partially Lost

The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy is animated series created by Maxwell Atoms that ran on Cartoon Network from 2003-2007. It was a spinoff of the 2001 animated series Grim & Evil. The series revolves around a young happy-go-lucky boy named Billy and a young cold-hearted girl named Mandy who end up befriending death (named Grim) after he lost a limbo contest and is now stuck living with the kids for all eternity.

Matinee Mandy

In 2007, Cartoon Network released a short based off of the series titled "Matinee Mandy." It is unknown as to what specific date the short was released or if it even aired in America at all.

Two versions of the short are known to exist online, both uploaded to YouTube, but neither is in English. The first upload is in 4:3 and features both Chinese subtitles and Chinese voices. The second upload is in widescreen; it appears to be a partial recording from a Thai version of Boomerang and features Thai dubbing.[1]


In May of 2017, YouTuber shooterboss uploaded the Chinese dub with fan-made English subtitles. As of 2023 the English version of the short has yet to resurface.

On September 25th 2023, Lost Media Wiki user, joeguy, was able to partially find the English audio of the short through an English dub of the 9th episode of "Blue Dragon: The Seven Dragons of the Heavens"[2], which featured half of the original audio at the beginning.


Chinese dub of the short.

Thai dub of the short.

English translation of the Chinese dub.

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