Spaced Out (partially found English dub of "Allô la Terre, ici les Martin" French animated series; 2000s)

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Title card.

Status: Partially Found

Spaced Out (known in French, as Allô la Terre, ici les Martin) is a Sci-Fi French-Canadian cartoon that aired on the European Cartoon Network from 2002 to 2005. It was co-produced by Alphanim and Tooncan.

This show is centered around a family named the Martins. The father of the family George Martin applies to a job at a company named Krach Industries. He becomes the director of a secret orbital station. So he and his family move to a space station, where they have to live as an experiment started by Krach. They meet other people who have also been sent by Krach to live there, their neighbor who is also a teacher Mrs. Schuman and her son Bobby Schuman, a Russian cosmonaut named Boris Malakoff, and a guy who keeps switching jobs literally named Guy.

Episodes of this show are very strenuous to find, especially in English. Although there are 2 adverts uploaded, a Jetsons parody, and the other centers around Guy and Boris.7 episodes can be viewed on YouTube in Hungarian and Danish. Here's information about the show on Alphanim's website.

UPDATE 2/20/15 A flyer of the show is here, and the countries that aired the show.

UPDATE 4/9/2015 A contributor has founded 3 Italian DVD's of the show on the Italian Amazon, it has a French, English, and Italian audio track, so if anyone on this wiki lives in Italy or wants to desperately watch this show in English please get the DVD's and switch the audio track to English and upload them to YouTube or another site, Thank you.

UPDATE 3/2/2016 A contributor by the name of "THGhost" has uploaded 8 episodes of the English dub from the Italian DVDs of the show, as well as 1 episode in Italian due to an error with episode #3 having the same English and French audio track as episode #4.

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Cartoon Network commercial for the show
Intro and Outro for the show

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