Squirrel Boy "Kite Makes Right" (partially found pitch pilot of Cartoon Network animated series; 2004)

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Status: Partially Found

Squirrel Boy is an animated series made by Duckman creator Everett Peck that ran from 2006-2008 on Cartoon Network. The show is about a boy named Andy Johnson and his pet squirrel Rodney J. Squirrel who comes up with many crazy ideas for the duo to make money while they go on various hijinks in each episode.

Pitch Pilot

In 2004 Peck developed a pilot titled "Kite Makes Right" to pitch to different networks before settling with Cartoon Network. For awhile the only source confirming its existence came from a blog post stating it was shown at the School of Visual Arts in New York with various other cartoon pilots.[1] Despite this no footage or any production material from the pilot had resurfaced online until September 2020 when a Tumblr user uploaded the first storyboard panel from the pilot.[2]

In June 2023, YouTuber/Lost Media Wiki user TVFan810 found two clips from the pilot in an old 2005 behind-the-scenes interview of the show posted on the site and uploaded the individual clips, which include the ending to the pilot.

Letter to Peck

On June 6th, 2021 Russian Lost Media Wiki user QskwzzmpRuler sent an email to Peck, to which he replied two days later stating he misplaced the tape containing the pilot, but would try to find it as soon as he can. Unfortunately, Peck passed away on a year later on June 14th, 2022. Peck also stated that Rodney was voiced by Rob Paulsen in the pilot instead of Richard Steven Horvitz and even sent a piece of concept art from there that was also posted in a 2009 Alternative Magazine Online interview of him.[3]



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