ToonHeads' "A Night of Independent Animation" (partially lost special of anthology series; 1996)

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Promo title card.

Status: Partially Lost

ToonHeads was an anthology series aired on Cartoon Network from 1992-2003. The series featured collections of many cartoons from various animators, usually with certain themes, and in between would feature trivia and background information about the cartoon playing.


In 1996 (a complete date is unknown), ToonHeads aired a special called A Night of Independent Animation, featuring winning shorts from ASIFA-East Animation Festival. The special went undocumented with few mentions online. This special was aired on a Saturday at 10:00 PM. It is entirely unknown exactly what all of the shorts shown in the special are, the following are the confirmed shorts seen by viewers, some of which are lost in their entirety.[1]

The "Plugman"

On January 23rd, 2019, a post was made to the LMW forums by James Calico (also known as ceol). The post contained information about a short he had seen as a child, but didn't know the title, nor where it had come from.[2]

"One of the short films was so striking that it's stayed with me to this day almost 24 years later. It had a modern style of animation. It was very minimalist, done with just a few simple black lines that create shapes and impressions without details — a man in a suit sitting at a desk, a picture of his family on the desk. A Southern or African American narrator (He has a draw) talks about him and his life. The man finds a chord attached to his foot, and yanks on it. He's never noticed it before, but he notices it goes down the hallway. He follows it gathering it up as he walks. It leads him to an actual wall outlet where he's apparently plugged in. He pulls the plug from the wall, everything fades to white, and the narrator says something like "And no one ever heard from him again."

LMW user and YouTuber Captain B. Zarre ended up bringing up a promo on Cartoon Network for A Night of Independent Animation. The original poster has confirmed it to be the short as well as another user who had seen the short, Terry the Cat, recalling it looking as it did in the promo.

No title was mentioned in the promo, but a very small snippet of what could be the scene of the short with a man pulling a plug from a socket is shown.

The short is thought to be Aaron Augenblick's The Wire, but no confirmation has been made, considering that short is completely lost.

List of Shorts

# Short Title Creator Description Status
1 "Another Bad Day for Philip Jenkins" Mo Willems Philip Jenkins is unwanted. He walks head down, sad, in a suit, hat, and wire-rim glasses. In this nearly wordless animation, bad things happen to him. Found
2 "Buy My Film!" John Schnall Selling oneself, living to animate vs animating to live, and good old-fashioned hucksterism. Found
3 "The Ballad of Archie Foley" Buzzco Associates A sentimental look at one man's life, as it passes before his ears. Found
4 "Unknown Title" Paul Fierlinger A commercial for US Healthcare. Existence Unconfirmed
5 "The Wire" Aaron Augenblick Unknown Found (Not yet released)


A promo for A Night of Independent Animation.
A picture of what may be part of The Wire, taken from the promo.

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