Adventure Time (lost uncensored episode commentaries from Cartoon Network animated series DVDs; 2012-2014)

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Season 1 DVD cover art.

Status: Lost

From 2012 to 2014, Warner Bros. released the first four seasons of Adventure Time on DVD and Blu-ray to the Region 1/North American market. A special bonus feature for these releases was the presence of commentaries for select episodes with the cast and crew of the show.

However, some commentaries on each season had to be censored, with chunks of dialogue being replaced with ukulele music or a vocal echo effect. Some of the censorship was for content reasons/to maintain a TV-PG rating on the discs, while other censorship was for legal reasons.

The most heavily censored commentary came from season 2, which received a large number of complaints from older fans of the show. In an attempt to tone down the amount of censorship required in seasons 3 and 4's commentary, the cast/crew developed a safe word ("orange juice") for when the subject matter got beyond what they were allowed to say.

All international DVDs which contained commentary tracks had the same censorship applied. Since season 4, there have been no commentaries on the home video releases for Adventure Time, but it is unknown if the uncensored commentaries for these seasons will ever be released.

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