Chowder (lost production material of cancelled Cartoon Network TV film; 2009)

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Chowder title.jpeg

The show's title card.

Status: Lost

Chowder is an animated series created by Carl Harvey Greenblatt that ran on Cartoon Network from 2007-2010. The series about a young boy name Chowder who aspires to one day become a chef with the help of his mentor Mung Daal at his catering company where wackiness ensues.

TV Special

In 2009 Greenblatt was planning to develop a one hour TV special for the series. Although the film's storyboards were completed, he ending up shelving the film due to his dissatisfaction with how it was coming along and not having the time to redo it to his liking. The only information of the film comes from a 2009 blogpost by Greenblatt where he described the plot:

"The basic story is about Chowder finding an enchanted map that leads to Pie Land, and more importantly to Gravy Jones' lost treasure: the ultimate gravy recipe. Panini and Endive have the other half of the map, and of course only true love can unite the two halves of the map to show the location of the treasure. There was even a big kiss between the two kids in the action-packed finale."[1]

An antagonist was to be introduced for the film named Picanahey that was the leader of the Pie Rats who wanted to get the gravy recipe for himself to help him achieve his life goals of getting the world's best tan. The character name was a combination of the word Picanha, a Brazilian cut of beef and the actor Matthew McConaughey who Greenblatt wanted him to voice, his blog also posted a piece of concept art of what he would've looked like.


As of January 2022 no storyboards or any other information on the film had resurfaced.


Concept Art


LSuperSonicQ's video on the subject.

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