Space Ghost Coast to Coast "Snatch" (lost script of ending of Cartoon Network adult animated comedy series episode; 1999)

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Screenshot of the Colonial Man scene in which the auction for the ending was announced.

Status: Lost

Space Ghost Coast to Coast was an animated talk show parody which ran from 1994-2008. Notable for being the first fully produced Cartoon Network original series, there isn’t much of the series that hasn’t been released on home media or otherwise available online. There is, however, one small piece that has never resurfaced.

The Colonial Man

The season 6 episode "Snatch" focused on Space Ghost, Zorak, and Moltar being trapped in the studio with three pods that, should they fall asleep, will eat and replicate them. The episode ends on an ambiguous note, cutting to black right after the three finally doze off. In its original airing, this was followed by a live-action scene in which a colonial man (played by Dave Willis, co-producer of the show) addressed the viewers, telling them if they wanted to find out how it ended, they would have to bid on a script for the real ending on eBay, with all proceeds going to charity.[1]

Aftermath and Script Ownership

Screenshot of the eBay page for the auction.

This scene was understandably cut from future airings, as it held no relevance after the auction was over. It was replaced with a black screen along with some animated text that spelled out "THE END", though the original scene with the colonial man can be seen on the out-of-print Volume 5 DVD. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the script. It ended up being sold to an unknown die-hard fan who supposedly ended up bidding over $1000 for it,[2] and has never resurfaced in any form, official or unofficial.

A screenshot from the auction shows eBay user brolly22 having the highest bid as of 21 hours before the ending date, though it is unknown if this is the same user who ended up winning. Information on the script is incredibly scarce, and is limited only to what was publicly announced in the colonial man scene and the eBay listing. To this day, nobody (aside from the writers and the winning bidder) knows what was written in the script.

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