The Othersiders (found Cartoon Network paranormal reality series; 2009)

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Title card.

Status: Found

Date found: 12 Apr 2017

Found by: Various users

The Othersiders was a live-action reality show that aired on Cartoon Network from June to October 2009. The show was part of CN Real, a short-lived programming block that aired only live-action shows in an attempt to compete with Nickelodeon and the Disney Channel's live-action shows. The block was known for its massive backlash, with many people complaining about how adding live-action programming to a channel called Cartoon Network was a bad decision.[1]


The show followed five teenagers (Jackie, KC, Riley, Sam, and Zack) as they explored abandoned locations in search of ghosts and the paranormal.


During the time it aired, it was available on iTunes and other streaming platforms, but ever since CN Real's death, full episodes were nowhere to be found. The only footage at the time that can be found on the show can be seen through promos, clips, and fan videos floating around the Internet. YouTube user GrandpaJoeProduction has uploaded several fan videos with footage from various episodes of The Othersiders. However, the footage has very low frame rates, and the audio is replaced by songs from various cartoons, mainly Schoolhouse Rock.

On November 23rd, 2016, a YouTube channel called The Othersiders Archives was created for the specific purpose of uploading episodes from the series. While they had posted all of the episodes of The Othersiders, the videos would, unfortunately, be deleted at an unknown date.

DailyMotion uploads of the series still held up, though, and between May 2nd and May 3rd, 2021, the series would eventually be reuploaded to YouTube as well. (Albeit, not via "The Othersiders Archives".) [2]



Fan video featuring a clip from the episode "Union Hotel."

Camcorder-quality 10-second clip from the episode "Camp Gilmore."

Fan video featuring thermal camera footage from the episode "Fort Macarthur."

Camcorder-quality 15-second clip from the episode "Queen Mary."

Camcorder-quality 23-second clip from the episode "Lincoln Heights Jail."

Camcorder-quality 2-minute clip from the episode "Lincoln Heights Jail."

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