Ben 10 (partially found pop-up trivia version of Cartoon Network animated series episodes; 2008)

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Ben10 PopupExample.png

An example of one of the pop-up episodes.

Status: Partially Found

During Ben 10 Week of 2008, Cartoon Network aired alternate versions of Ben 10 (Classic) episodes that contained various trivia facts, including many things not stated in the actual episodes. It is assumed that all 49 episodes of the original series have a pop-up version.

For DVD releases, the U.S. only got the popup version of the movie, Ben 10: Secret of the Omnitrix, on the complete season 4 DVD. In Australia, released in 2008-2009 and distributed by Madman Entertainment, were two volumes of five various popup episodes each, and a release of the two movies (Secret of the Omnitrix and Race Against Time) with pop-up trivia in a double pack. Strangely, on Hulu, the popup version of the season 3 episode, "Be Afraid of the Dark," was discovered.[1]

In April of 2019, Madman Entertainment was contacted, and a representative responded with the following:

"We have no plans to release more of the Ben 10 Pop-Up episodes, but thank you for your suggestion. I have passed it onto our TV/Kids Product Manager, and they will look into it."

Presently, 37 episodes of the pop-up versions are still missing, and one, "Goodbye and Good Riddance", is unconfirmed to exist, as it was aired as a new episode that week.

Episode List

# Episodes Status
1 And Then There Were 10 Found
2 Washington B.C. Found
3 The Krakken Lost
4 Permanent Retirement Lost
5 Hunted Found
6 Tourist Trap Lost
7 Kevin 11 Found
8 The Alliance Lost
9 Last Laugh Lost
10 Lucky Girl Found
11 A Small Problem Lost
12 Side Effects Lost
13 Secrets Lost
14 Truth Lost
15 The Big Tick Lost
16 Framed Lost
17 Gwen 10 Found
18 Grudge Match Lost
19 The Galactic Enforcers Lost
20 Camp Fear Lost
21 Ultimate Weapon Found
22 Tough Luck Lost
23 They Lurk Below Lost
24 Ghostfreaked Out Lost
25 Dr. Animo and the Mutant Ray Lost
26 Back with a Vengeance Found
27 Ben 10,000 Found
28 Midnight Madness Lost
29 A Change of Face Lost
30 Merry Christmas Lost
31 Benwolf Found
32 Game Over Found
33 Super Alien Hero Buddy Adventures Lost
34 Under Wraps Lost
35 The Unnaturals Lost
36 Monster Weather Lost
37 The Return Lost
38 Be Afraid of the Dark Found
39 The Visitor Lost
40 Perfect Day Lost
41 Divided We Stand Lost
42 Don't Drink the Water Lost
43 Big Fat Alien Wedding Lost
44 Ben 4 Good Buddy Lost
45 Ready to Rumble Lost
46 Ken 10 Lost
47 Ben 10 vs. The Negative 10: Part 1 Lost
48 Ben 10 vs. The Negative 10: Part 2 Lost
49 Goodbye and Good Riddance Existence Unconfirmed
50 Secret of the Omnitrix Found
51 Race Against Time Found

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