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Hey there. I am SpaceManiac888, a British user on the Lost Media Wiki. I primarily focus on writing articles regarding British media, professional wrestling, robot combat, and anything that peaks my interest.

Created articles

Number Title Date of completion Notes
1 Worms Battle Rally (lost builds of unfinished 3D kart game; 2003) 2 July 2015 A rather obscure cancelled spin-off of the Worms series, which was assumed to have been a vehicular combat karting game.
2 Robot Wars (partially found unaired or partially aired battles of BBC gameshow; 1998-2017) 2 July 2015 (updated 4 February 2021) Originally focusing exclusively on Hypno-Disc vs TX-108, now details every missing unaired battle that did not warrant a separate article about them.
3 Top Gear (unaired segments of BBC TV series; 2002-2015) 3 July 2015 Collection of binned or unfinished segments of Top Gear. I stated 2002-2015 not only to distinguish from the older version of Top Gear, but also the series aired from 2016 onwards.
4 Top Gear - Series 22: Episode 10 (cancelled episode of TV show; 2015) 24 August 2015 The unfinished episode whereby Jeremy Clarkson was so unhappy, he punched a producer over food.
5 BattleBots (lost build of unreleased GameCube/PlayStation 2 game based on combat TV series; 2003) 21 November 2015 Almost completed robot combat game based on the gameshow of the same name. Near the top of my "most-wanted" lost media, since prototypes have been sold before...
6 Robot Wars (lost MTV pilot of British robot combat gameshow; 2000) 5 March 2016 This pilot would lead to the American spin-off, Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors on TNN.
7 Robot Wars Revealed (partially found BBC Choice spin-off of robot combat gameshow; 1998) 25 May 2017 Victim to the lack of digital TV viewers back in the day.
8 Grand Prix 4 (lost build of cancelled Xbox port of PC Formula One racing game sequel; 2002) 6 June 2017 Xbox port of one of my favourite PC games.
9 Robot Wars: Series 8 (lost unaired pilot of BBC gameshow; 2016) 18 June 2017 Another lost Robot Wars media article I have written, and the most recent lost Robot Wars media I believe.
10 Robots Revenge (lost Discovery robot combat documentary series; 2001) 9 July 2017 My tenth article was on one of the more obscure lost robot combat television media.
11 WWF In Your House 8: Beware Of Dog (lost untelevised wrestling PPV matches; 1996) 15 July 2017 Lost media focusing on when the WWF suffered a powercut to their PPV feed!
12 The TNT Show (lost unaired Michael Jackson sketch; 2009) 26 August 2017 Wrote about this article thanks to knowing about it from a YouTube video.
13 Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors: Season 1 (found TNN robot combat gameshow; 2001) 2 September 2017 My fifth Robot Wars article, focusing on lost battles that were eventually found not long after this article was created!
14 Robot Wars: The Kick-Off (lost BNN robot combat special; 2001) 23 September 2017 My sixth Robot Wars article, focusing on an obscure Dutch Robot Wars special, broadcast before Series 1.
15 Southern Television hijacking (lost television hijack; 1977) 15 January 2019 Like many, I believed this was already found. However, my research indicates the versions on YouTube are actually just recreations. Hence, I wonder whether any recordings of the actual event still remain.
16 BBC News Guy Kewney interview (lost unaired interview footage; 2006) 23 February 2020 The infamous "wrong Guy" also gave us some lost media to find. Became a Featured Article at some point.
17 Beat the Crusher (partially found Sky One gameshow; 1998) 20 June 2020 Based on the only episode available, it is not a great show.
18 The Jeremy Kyle Show (lost unaired Steve Dymond episode of British daytime talk show; 2019) 17 December 2020 My first NSFL article, concerning a tragedy that unfortunately was bound to occur at some point during the show's run.
19 Grand Prix 3 (lost build of cancelled Dreamcast port of PC Formula One racing game; 2001) 18 December 2020 I fondly remember playing the released PC version of this game. Certainly one to play, if you are an F1 fan.
20 F-1 World Grand Prix III (lost build of cancelled Nintendo 64 Formula One racing game; 2000-2001) 19 December 2020 Originally could not confirm the game's existence, but with some help from another Lost Media Wiki user, this is one game that theoretically could be available at some point. Became a Featured Article in January 2021.
21 F1 Racing Championship 2 (lost build of cancelled PC/PlayStation 2 Formula One game; 2001) 26 December 2020 There were just so many F1 games back in the late 1990s to early 2000s. Probably would not have been a success compared to competitors like EA's F1, Sony's PlayStation series, and Grand Prix 4.
22 Screwed: The Bret Hart Story (lost unfinished wrestling documentary film; 2005) 3 February 2021 First film article I have written, concerning Bret Hart potentially being "buried" by other wrestlers had he not decided to work with WWE on an alternative documentary! Became a Featured Article in April 2021.
23 1995 Robot Wars UK Open (partially found rejected robot combat TV show pilot; 1995) 15 April 2021 Yes, another article based on Robot Wars! Not sure if there is much else Robot Wars lost media to document, though never say never! Anyhow, this rejected pilot paved the way for Robot Wars' dominant UK arrival.
24 Telecrime (lost early BBC crime drama; 1938-1939; 1946) 18 April 2021 First crime television show according to Guinness World Records, thought it would be worth writing an article on it, even if there is no chance of recovery.
25 Cook's Night Out (lost early BBC cooking show; 1937) 18 April 2021 First cooking television show, and the start of me writing about Marcel Boulestin's programs!
26 Dish of the Month (lost early BBC cooking show; 1937) 18 April 2021 I believe Guinness World Records accidentally claimed this was the first cooking show. Close, but no cigar.
27 Marcel Boulestin television shorts (lost early BBC programs; 1937-1939) 18 April 2021 Collection of Boulestin shows that were too small to warrant separate articles.
28 Foundations of Cookery (lost early BBC cooking show; 1939) 18 April 2021 Finally, we complete the Boulestin collection, with his last television show. He never got to make another one, following the Second World War and his passing in 1943.
29 The Wasp's Nest (lost early BBC television adaptation of Agatha Christie short story; 1937) 19 April 2021 The only televised adaptation Agatha Christie herself wrote. Did she or did she not dislike television soon afterwards? Who knows!
30 Catch-As-Catch-Can Wrestling (lost early BBC televised professional wrestling matches; 1938-1939; 1946-1947) 20 April 2021 Televised professional wrestling starts here. Lovely.
31 The Blood Red Tape of Charity (lost Universal silent short propaganda drama film; 1913) 23 April 2021 One of my most sought after silent films, just because of the context behind it.
32 Arsenal vs Arsenal Reserves (lost footage of early BBC televised football match; 1937) 29 April 2021 Started out documenting professional wrestling, so it only makes sense to do so for football too!
33 Bryant & May (lost early matches commercial; 1896) 1 May 2021 The first commercial, what can I say? Piece of history here.
34 England 0-1 Scotland (partially found international football match; 1938) 1 May 2021 Not happy with the result as an Englishman, ha ha. Still, a worthy piece of history that I am glad has some available footage attached to it.
35 Hyde Park Corner (partially found early celluloid actuality film; 1889) 1 May 2021 Arguably the most important article I have written on this Wiki. A lot of mystery surrounds it though, especially when it comes to the title alone! Hopefully, those film frames are legitimate.
36 Bret Hart-Hulk Hogan photoshoot (lost professional wrestling promotional photos; 1993) 1 May 2021 Detail photos meant for a slobberknocker of a Summerslam 1993 fight! If, you know, they actually went ahead with this match.
37 1937 FA Cup Final (partially found footage of football match; 1937) 2 May 2021 The first competitive football match to be broadcast on television!
38 1938 FA Cup Final (partially found footage of football match; 1938) 3 May 2021 The first fully televised FA Cup Final. Preston North End notably appeared in the first two televised Finals, redeeming itself here.
39 1939 FA Cup Final (partially found footage of football match; 1939) 3 May 2021 Portsmouth were champions for seven years thanks to World War 2.
40 First Aid (lost early BBC medical show; 1937) 9 May 2021 An obscure medical documentary series, possibly the first of its kind.
41 Robert Budd Dwyer's Final Speech (partially found footage of press conference; 1987) 9 May 2021 Of all the lost media I have documented, this ranks up there as having the saddest story attached to it. To think that Dwyer was innocent, or at the very least had his role in the conspiracy worsened by false confessions, is highly troubling.
42 The Boat Race 1938 (partially found footage of rowing race; 1938) 10 May 2021 Well, one could say that the 1937 one had some television coverage, but had no footage attached to it. Therefore, I am not going to dispute the 1938 race as being the first televised one. Article also discusses the 1937 coverage, and the subsequent program reviewing the 1929-1938 races, Rowing Blues.
43 Father Ted "Going to America" (lost alternate ending of TV sitcom finale; 1998) 12 May 2021 Fan of Father Ted, had heard of the alternative ending for years, though I did not it was actually filmed until much later. Would have been an awful ending though, even when not taking Dermot Morgan's untimely passing into account.
44 Doctor Who "The Parting of the Ways" (lost alternate ending of British sci-fi TV series finale; 2005) 13 May 2021 An ending never intended to be an actual ending. Huh. Would love to see it one day, though!
45 SCP-048 (partially found original versions of science-fiction story; 2008-2009) 17 May 2021 Is this the only case where the lost media is a bunch of poor quality Wiki articles?
46 England 16-21 Scotland (partially found footage of rugby match; 1938) 22 May 2021 First televised rugby match, and of course England have to lose again...
47 WWE SmackDown vs Raw Online (lost build of cancelled online professional wrestling PC game; 2010-2011) 23 May 2021 Bit of a weird one, this. Two conflicting titles for this game (the other being WWE Online), this professional wrestling game was targeted more for the Korean market than WWE's traditional audience. Intended for late-2010, definitely cancelled by 2011!
48 Ann and Harold (lost early BBC drama television series; 1938) 29 May 2021 The first television series to ever exist!
49 The 1938 Ashes series (partially found footage of test cricket match; 1938) 30 May 2021 Almost reached a half-century in articles (was a half-century when I used to count Racing Arrows here!!), so what better way to mark the occasion than with a cricket article? Of course, England once again could not win here...
50 Ian Brady's briefcases (lost personal documents of Moors Murderer; 1963-2017) 16 June 2021 A harrowing piece of lost media, felt a bit disturbed upon having to delve deeper into the Moors Murder cases in order to establish a quality article. Fingers-crossed that the briefcases' contents are finally released, and that they point to where Keith Bennett's body is located.
51 Dead Space 2 (lost build of cancelled Wii port of sci-fi survival horror game sequel; 2011) 18 June 2021 I know little about the Dead Space series, but with some research, I bumped in a quick article about the cancelled Wii port. Quite obscure, based only on the LinkedIn pages that claimed it was in development before being cancelled.
52 The Simpsons Game 2 (lost build of cancelled platform game sequel; 2011) 18 June 2021 I thought this game was a bit underrated back in the day. A shame a sequel was never made, but it seems based on the sources gathered that it wasn't a popular game worthy of a sequel...
53 The Simpsons: Hit & Run 2 (lost builds of cancelled action-adventure game sequel; 2007) 19 June 2021 Now the fact a sequel for this Simpsons game never happened is such a tragedy. You would think EA would have considered it at one point, seeing how commercially successful the game was, let alone how critically acclaimed it came to be!
54 1998 Cavalese cable car disaster cockpit recording (lost footage of aviation-related accident; 1998) 20 June 2021 I learnt about this disaster upon watching the Seconds From Disaster episode covering it, and was just as outraged as many others were concerning the pilots' conduct. This piece of lost media may never be recovered, sadly.
55 The Diamond Brothers: South by South East (lost ITV adaptation of children's detective book; 1991) 20 June 2021 Amazingly, there was a six-part adaptation of the book South by South East. Having enjoyed the Diamond Brothers book series as a child, this is one piece of lost media I truly want to resurface one day.
56 Brainiac's Test Tube Baby (partially found Sky One science entertainment spin-off show; 2006-2007) 21 June 2021 Spin-off show of one of my favourite childhood programs. That said, I never found the spin-off to be that interesting, to be quite honest.
57 Ofcom Summary of Adjudication (partially found British broadcast communication regulator statements; 2003-present) 26 June 2021 For most, this would be a rather boring topic. However, I like the documentation of TV controversy, so I guess this is relevant lost media for me!
58 1996 DeVilbiss SuperFinish 200 (lost televised footage of NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series race; 1996) 10 July 2021 First NASCAR article, and to be honest, I have no idea whether NBC footage actually exists or not. Taking Racing-Reference's word for it!
59 Columbia Lions 1-2 Princeton Tigers (partially found footage of college baseball game; 1939) 10 July 2021 First televised baseball game, and the first sporting event televised in the US. Ze Germans and the British beat the Yanks to the punch in televising sport, though!
60 Spelling Bee (lost early BBC game show; 1938) 11 July 2021 Listed by Guinness World Records as the first ever television game show.
61 RCA recording of BBC Television Service (found footage of pre-Second World War BBC television broadcast; 1938) 15 July 2021 A pre-Lost Media Wiki find, this is likely to be the only pre-Second World War BBC television footage one will ever get to see. That said, if RCA had in mind to record television, perhaps someone else, living in London, might have as well.
62 The Care of Your Car (lost early BBC motoring show; 1947) 15 July 2021 Before Top Gear and what have you, this was the show you would seek for motoring information! Probably.
63 Why Hypno-Disc can't work in an office (found testing video of Robot Wars competitor; 2000, 2007) 18 July 2021 Found on 24th September, 2021! Good to finally see a video explaining why Hypno-Disc simply isn't capable of being productive within an office.
64 Robot Wars (lost work on unfinished cartoon series based on robot combat gameshow; existence unconfirmed; 2002-2004) 1 August 2021 Another Robot Wars article, and this time I have one that I cannot verify. Does it exist beyond a conceptual stage? Unknown for now, though if footage does exist, I most certainly want to see it!
65 Robot Wars (lost near death footage of Jeremy Clarkson from robot combat gameshow; 1998) 1 August 2021 Had this accident occurred, there would be no Top Gear reboot, no Robot Wars, no Grand Tour, no lost media from this and other future Clarkson shows, ha ha.
66 Robot Wars Extreme: Series 1 (lost original BBC Choice version of robot combat battle; 2001) 4 August 2021 A NSFL article on Robot Wars? Mainly because of the 2001 US Anthrax attacks, which were horrendous based on the research I conducted.
67 Robot Wars (partially found uncut battles from BBC robot combat gameshow; 1998-2017) 6 August 2021 Out of the uncut battles available, the most interesting to me is Hypno-Disc vs Splinter, because of how little is left of Splinter after what Hypno-Disc and the House Robots did to it.
68 To Catch a Predator (partially found chatlogs, uncut interviews and police interrogations of Dateline NBC reality series; 2004-2007) 8 August 2021 One of the biggest articles I have written, for one of my all-time favourite shows. Surprised nobody wrote about TCAP on here before I did, to be honest.
69 Jules Bianchi (lost FOM footage of fatal Formula One crash; 2014) 13 August 2021 So depressing to consider that despite all the preventable issues occurring, this fatal accident still had an extremely low chance of occurring. Only justifies the need to enhance Formula One safety still further.
70 Angelo Orsi's photos of Ayrton Senna (lost photos of Formula One driver post-crash; 1994) 15 August 2021 The other lost media concerning Senna's tragic accident, and arguably the worse of the two. Glad Orsi stuck to his guns by never releasing the photos.
71 The Great Train Robbery (lost work on action-adventure video game; existence unconfirmed; 1999) 18 August 2021 I can hardly believe it myself, but indeed, Ronnie Biggs and Bruce Reynolds were involved in this game that was announced, and then just forgotten almost as soon as the concept was revealed. Was any work made on it before Biggs' arrest? Unsure for now.
72 Jim'll Fix It (partially found BBC television show; 1975-1994) 23 August 2021 The main television show by one of the biggest monsters to have ever lived. It should be noted that someone is uploading much of previously lost Jimmy Savile media, so expect more from Jim'll Fix It episodes to come to light in the near future.
73 Newsnight (partially found untelevised BBC report concerning Jimmy Savile sexual abuse allegations; 2011) 4 September 2021 The BBC really dropped the ball on this one. Sure, the whole scandal was uncovered less than a year later, but for many of Savile's and other personalities' victims, the sooner these monsters were exposed, the better.
74 Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors: Season 2 (partially found behind-the-scenes footage of TNN robot combat gameshow; 2002) 4 September 2021 Yep, another lost Robot Wars media article, concerning footage partially shown in a Newsround segment that I stumbled across a few year back.
75 Futurama (lost build of cancelled GameCube port of 3D platform game; 2003) 6 September 2021 Tried my best to enjoy this game as a child, unfortunately I never really did. Strange a near-complete GameCube port was cancelled worldwide, though.
76 R. Lee Ermey's instructional tape (lost audition footage for Full Metal Jacket; 1985) 8 September 2021 150 pages worth of insults is incredible for the average person, but for Ermey, it was probably about par!
77 Stephen Griffiths aka "The Crossbow Cannibal" (partially found CCTV footage of Bradford murder, death photos, and recorded dismemberment footage; 2009-2010) 9 September 2021 While Issei Sagawa was bad enough, Stephen Griffiths was truly terrifying. Surprised his case doesn't get discussed much. What disturbed me when writing this was I assumed only a bit of CCTV footage was missing. Now, I know photos and dismemberment footage were also taken. Chilling stuff.
78 Anthoine Hubert and Juan Manuel Correa (partially found FOM footage of fatal Formula 2 crash; 2019) 14 September 2021 A horrendous crash I was lucky not to watch live, as I had to travel on the day, where typically in a Formula One weekend, I would watch most events if possible. RIP Hubert, and I hope Correa continues his recovery, as he has made amazing progress in returning to Formula 3 alone.
79 1936 Summer Olympics (lost television coverage of Berlin Games; 1936) 14 September 2021 The first Olympics to be televised live! Really fascinating how the Games were televised, and how initial coverage was below par, even for 1936 standards!
80 Sea Stories (lost early BBC talk show; 1936-1937) 15 September 2021 The first televised talk show so to speak, with Commander Campbell chosen because he could produce compelling stories without needing a script.
81 The TNT Show (partially found Channel 4 comedy sketch show; 2009) 16 September 2021 Turns out most of the show is missing, rather than just the unaired Michael Jackson sketch. I expect this one to resurface in the future, though.
82 1976 Dixie 500 (lost CBS footage of NASCAR Winston Cup Series race; 1976) 19 September 2021 Most famous for featuring a heavy crash for Dale Earnhardt, where apparently he felt "like the winning horse of the Kentucky Derby had trampled me" the next day!
83 1964 World 600 (partially found footage of NASCAR Grand National Series race; 1964) 20 September 2021 It is especially tragic how Fireball Roberts was not actually badly affected by the crash itself, but from the fire as he was trapped in his wrecked car. NASCAR has come a long way since then, and fuel leakages leading to fires like this are not really possible anymore.
84 Celebrity Number Six (lost original photo of unidentified celebrity; date unknown) 23 September 2021 This must certainly be the oddity of the entire list so far, because I tend to focus on mostly mainstream content rather than internet mysteries. Still, it is very perplexing nobody can find out who Celebrity Number Six is, and if they really are a celebrity at all. Maybe finding the photo will bring answers.
85 1981 Pocono 500 (lost televised footage of IndyCar race; 1981) 25 September 2021 Speaking of oddities, this must certainly be the most unusual IndyCar race out there, considering the fact Gold and Silver Crown cars were competing in the same race. Would love to see this one resurface one day.
86 1937 Wimbledon Championships (partially found footage of tennis tournament; 1937) 27 September 2021 Uncovered a lot more information than I was expecting, hence why it took a long time to write. Still, it was worth it in the end, and another "television sporting first" has been documented.
87 Broadcasting Standards Commission (partially found British broadcast communication regulator statements; 1981-2003) 28 September 2021 Want to learn what the British folk of the 80s to early-2000s used to grumble about on television? Well, this article contains a lot of BCC and BSC videos documenting complaints made to BBC, ITV and other channels, and hopefully more will resurface in the future!
88 Independent Television Commission (partially found British broadcast communication regulator statements; 1991-2003) 28 September 2021 Little did ITC and the many complainants realise, the Brass Eye special proved its point very much concerning British outrage and moral panic! Hopefully more ITC statements will resurface in the future.
89 Robot Wars: Series 3 (lost HSE documentation concerning behind-the-scenes accidents; 1999) 2 October 2021 Arguably Robot Wars' biggest controversies, which wasn't really detailed much until late-2018. Hopefully, somebody still holds the HSE documents, as they would be the final piece to help document what transpired during filming.
90 Fordham Rams 34-7 Waynesburg Yellow Jackets (lost footage of college football game; 1939) 2 October 2021 Some reckon an NFL game between Brooklyn Dodgers and Philadelphia Eagles was the first televised football game, but this Fordham Rams win holds that distinction... or does it?! Apparently, a University of Pennsylvania game in 1938 was televised... to six people. And there are rumours of a broadcast in 1934, which is especially interesting to me.
91 1934 Philo T. Farnsworth broadcasts (lost early television demonstrations; 1934) 3 October 2021 Paving the way for electronic television and football broadcasts, folks! That explains the 1934 broadcast above.
92 1938 Pennsylvania Quakers football season (lost early televised college football games; 1938) 3 October 2021 And this explains the 1938 University of Pennsylvania game! First televised college football game I believe.
93 Sports 5 (lost build of cancelled unlicensed Sega Genesis/Super Nintendo sports compilation game; early 1990s) 6 October 2021 If Active Enterprises' games quality matched their passion, they would have the best games in the world. Alas, they were too ambitious for their own good!
94 Brooklyn Dodgers 23-14 Philadelphia Eagles (lost footage of NFL game; 1939) 9 October 2021 The first televised NFL game, but only the fourth football game to be televised.
95 Brooklyn Dodgers 2-5 6-1 Cincinnati Reds (lost footage of MLB doubleheader; 1939) 10 October 2021 And here is the first televised MLB game! Unless I am very much mistaken, this should be the second baseball game to be televised. But, I could be wrong of course!
96 Braden Walker's "Knock Knock" promo (lost original pre-tapes of WWE backstage segment; 2008) 10 October 2021 If someone can retrieve the pre-tapes, we might be able to extend the Braden Walker DVD collection to four sets! Damn, this segment was so bad, ha ha.
97 1953 British Grand Prix (partially found footage of Formula One race; 1953) 13 October 2021 The first live televised Formula One race. Ascari was still too dominant, even with a somewhat competitive Maserati giving him challenges unlike in 1952.
98 1937 International Imperial Trophy Race (lost footage of motor race; 1937) 17 October 2021 The first live televised motor race, ever. Won by a Prince in fact! Somewhat obscure compared to other sporting television firsts, so hopefully this gets more recognition.
99 1960 Daytona Races (lost CBS and NBC televised footage of NASCAR prelude events to Daytona 500; 1960) 17 October 2021 The first live televised NASCAR races. Thought I would also mention NBC's broadcast, since I felt I would forget to make an article about it. Not to mention, I doubt there is much more to say than what has already written in this article, so probably no need to split them apart.
100 Worms World Party (lost build of cancelled Gizmondo port of artillery turn-based strategy game; 2005) 17 October 2021 And there we have it, Article 100! Started with Worms, and more than six years later, I revisit it. A port of one of my favourite games ever, for a console deemed one of the least successful of all-time. Lovely combination for a Lost Media Wiki article.
101 Mont Blanc Tunnel fire (partially found CCTV footage of road tunnel disaster; 1999) 25 October 2021 I watched the Seconds From Disaster episode about this many years ago, and sadly it was clear nobody from the French side would be able to survive that.
102 Pierlucio Tinazzi (lost radio communication from Mont Blanc Tunnel fire victim; 1999) 27 October 2021 While Tinazzi may not have saved anyone, it should not downplay his heroism on that fateful day.
103 1931 Epsom Derby (lost televised footage of horse racing event; 1931) 28 October 2021 Officially the first televised sporting event and remote outside broadcast!
104 Darts and Shove Ha'penny (lost early BBC televised darts matches; 1936-1939) 30 October 2021 First televised darts matches. Very much a fan of darts, since 2009 no less.
105 1966 FIFA World Cup Final (partially found original colour film of international football match; 1966) 30 October 2021 Sadly, it didn't come home in Euro 2020. Still, better luck next time! Anyhow, this is another piece of unfortunately destroyed media, though at least there is now Full Colour '66 if you want to see the full match in colour.
106 2005 San Marino Grand Prix (partially found ITV advert break during final laps of Formula One race; 2005) 1 November 2021 An "oh, fudge" situation for ITV here. Cannot say I am too nostalgic for ITV coverage of F1 races, ha ha.
107 Windows XP (lost unlicensed Famicom game based on Windows operating system; 2003) 1 November 2021 Apologies in advance for making many of you feel old, but Windows XP recently turned 20... Yup, loved the XP growing up. So what better way to belatedly celebrate this anniversary by discussing this weird Famicom... err game I guess.
108 WWE Brawl (lost build of cancelled fighting game based on professional wrestling; 2012) 3 November 2021 Only so many references needed this time thanks to a highly detailed article! This game has so many screenshots, concept art and videos that I was spoilt for choice. Only so many are on the article for the sake of brevity, though the rest can be found on
109 F1 2010 (lost pre-alpha build of Formula One game; 2010) 3 November 2021 The fact the 2009 cars were removed because of licencing issues is so unfortunate. Would have been fantastic to have both those and the 2010 competitors.
110 Fernando Alonso (lost footage of Formula One test session crash; 2015) 4 November 2021 One of the most unusual crashes in motorsport history, and is still quite the mystery to this day. Would be great if the footage resurfaced one day.
111 WCW/nWo Live (lost build of cancelled PlayStation professional wrestling game; 1998) 4 November 2021 What happens when one cancels a licence a little too soon! On another note, the poster attached to this article is by far one of my favourites. Looks like The Giant either punched or chokeslammed the victim, DDP laughing at their predicament, Kevin Nash not giving a damn (why would he waste his time on this loser?), and Scott Hall finishing the guy off.
112 McLaren MP4-18 (lost footage of unraced Formula One car; 2003) 9 November 2021 The most famous F1 car never to race. It might not look much today, but back then, it really was a revolution!
113 The Sun (lost British newspaper's safe of unpublished photos, stories and videos; early-1980s-present) 10 November 2021 Another article with a fascinating mystery. Does the safe contain compromising material? Heck, material that could criminalise people in the public life? Who knows?
114 The Jeremy Kyle Show (partially found episodes and online content of British daytime talk show; 2005-2019) 10 November 2021 Waited a long time before writing this article, just in case ITV or another company announced they would re-air all the episodes. As of yet, they haven't.
115 The Jeremy Kyle Show (partially found American spin-off of British daytime talk show; 2011-2013) 11 November 2021 Likewise for this article. It is frustrating, because half of the library is on Amazon Prime UK, but not even VPN can make them available!
116 Top Gear (partially found footage of Cenotaph stunt; 2016) 15 November 2021 Unfortunate that filming occurred at the Cenotaph, as otherwise it probably would have been a well-regarded segment in a bad period for the show.
117 Life After People (partially found uncut CGI of History television series; 2008-2010) 16 November 2021 One of my favourite shows growing up, with most of it due to the show's extremely beautiful CGI.
118 Clunk-Click (partially found Jimmy Savile variety show; 1973-1974) 18 November 2021 Even the term "clunk-click" gives sinister connotations nowadays. Pretty much all the clips currently available online are harrowing considering the actions of Gary Glitter and those alleged of Savile and Freddie Starr.
119 Untitled Gary Glitter Studio Album (lost unreleased music from glam rock singer; 2008) 18 November 2021 Speaking of Glitter, I wonder if he will be able to even complete the album now that he is in a well-deserved 16-year prison stint. Fingers-crossed he doesn't get transferred to an open jail.
120 Seaman (lost work on 3DS sequel to virtual pet game; 2012) 19 November 2021 Interesting game is Seaman, or SEA MAN depending on who you ask, ha ha. Curious as to how much work Yoot Saito put into the 3DS sequel before "complications" occurred.
121 Celebrity Wrestling (partially found ITV professional wrestling reality show; 2005) 19 November 2021 Imagine choosing this over Doctor Who! A shame really, because they did have some star power in Roddy Piper and D'Lo Brown, but instead of a proper show where the celebrities got a ton of training, ITV just had to add a "reality" curve.
122 Williams FW15C (partially found footage and lap time information of unraced CVT Formula One car; 1993) 28 November 2021 Somewhat a tribute to Sir Frank Williams, featuring perhaps one of his best cars with a feature that would have made it unstoppable if it actually was utilised in a race.
123 Leslie Van Houten's sexual letter relationship (lost letter communication between Manson Family member and unknown double murderer; pre-2016) 1 December 2021 Perhaps a topical article, considering the "spoiled princess" has been recommended for parole again. Hopefully, common sense prevails and she stays in prison! Likewise for all the other followers.
124 Charles Manson's letters to Leslie Van Houten (lost prison letters from Manson Family leader to follower; 2013) 1 December 2021 I have to be honest, I don't find Charles Manson to be that interesting. But his followers? Now, they are a different story altogether! Fascinating all around...
125 Plunderbirds: Talk Robots (partially found unfinished robot combat mockumentary film; 2019) 2 December 2021 A shame it never got released, as it would have made for a fun robot combat mockumentary. I wonder if they 'ave got a srimech yet (course they 'ave!).

Planned articles/other ideas

Number Title About
1 NASCAR (1960-1996) A big project I have in mind, documenting the lost television broadcast of NASCAR races listed by Racing-Reference and nascarman History. Not sure whether some have subsequently been found, but some research on the matter will be enough to find out.
2 Documentation of television firsts Early television history is not really documented much on the Lost Media Wiki, especially when it comes to television firsts. I think the Wiki could do with some more historic articles, so this has been a big project of mine ever since I wrote about Telecrime.
3 120+ article celebration After reaching 120+ articles, think it is time to celebrate, and I will be working on something I have planned for some time.