Cousin Skeeter (partially found Nickelodeon live-action/puppet series; 1998-2001)

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Screenshot of the titular character from the episode The Not So Great Outdoors

Status: Partially Found

Cousin Skeeter was a live-action television series that aired on Nickelodeon between 1998 and 2001. The show had a unique hook of using a puppet as its main protagonist while the rest of the cast was played by traditional actors. The fact that Cousin Skeeter is played by a puppet is never addressed in the series. However, a second puppet-based character was added to the show at the start of season two.


The show begins after Bobby, the new kid at school, receives word that his cousin will be living with his family to tutor him through summer school. Once Skeeter arrives, he begins to assist Bobby in his daily life and the problems that arise. However, Skeeter's attitude and carelessness tend to only make the situation worse. Skeeter is portrayed as a popular guy with connections to big-name celebrities such as Shaquille O'Neal, resulting in cameos and shout-outs.[1] Bordering on the fact that Skeeter is played by a puppet, the show uses his height as a running gag.


Cousin Skeeter premiered on September 1, 1998, at 8:30 PM (EST) on Nickelodeon's SNICK programming block, where further new episodes of the series would premiere. Re-runs of the series would air on Nickelodeon's Nickel-O-Zone programming block on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8:30 PM (EST).[2] The series received a lukewarm reception, with many dismissing the use of the puppet. Variety magazine found the titular character to be a stereotype.[3]


Since Cousin Skeeter's cancellation in 2001, the series has not been re-aired on television. Episodes can be found on YouTube and Dailymotion, but these are few in number. The show has never had any home media releases, and Nickelodeon has shown no interest in doing so in foreseeable future.


Season One

# Episode Title Status
S01E01 A Famiy Thing Found
S01E02 Skeeter's Toy Story Found
S01E03 Air Skeeter Lost
S01E04 My Dinner Without Andre Lost
S01E05 Tyrannosaurus Wrecked Lost
S01E06 Cirque Du Skeeter Found
S01E07 Mo' Skeeter Blues Lost
S01E08 Skeeter's House of Style Lost
S01E09 Doctor Skeeter Found (Dubbed)
S01E010 Blast From the Past Found
S01E011 Skeeter's Help-a-Thon Lost
S01E012 Haunted House of Blues Lost
S01E013 The Bother of the Bride Lost
S01E014 Apocalypse Skeeter Lost
S01E015 Miracle on 32nd Skeet Found
S01E016 Skeeter Stays Lost
S01E017 Skeeter's Suplex Partially Found
S01E018 Choir Boyz Lost
S01E019 Side Show Skeeter Found

Season Two

# Episode Title Status
S02E01 Be Like Skeeter Lost
S02E02 Dirty Laundry Found
S02E03 The Bicycle Thief Found
S02E04 Take Me Out to the Ballgame Found
S02E05 Jezebel Partially FoundFound (Dubbed)
S02E06 Out of Control Found
S02E07 Not So Great Outdoors Found
S02E08 The Volcano Found
S02E09 Two Men and a Baby Pig Found
S02E010 Unchained Found
S02E011 Hoo I'm Wild Wild West Part 1 Partially Lost
S02E012 Hoo I'm Wild WIld West Part 2 Partially Lost
S02E013 Bowled Over Lost
S02E014 The Candidate Lost
S02E015 Where's Grandma Lost
S02E016 April Foolish Lost
S02E017 Sugar Daddy Lost
S02E018 Car Wash Found
S02E019 The Feminine Ms. Skeet Found
S02E020 Gym Dandy Lost
S02E021 New Kids on the Planet Part 1 Found
S02E022 New Kids on the Planet Part 2 Found
S02E023 New Kids on the Planet Part 3 Found

Season Three

# Episode Title Status
S03E01 Little Mr. Big Man on Campus Partially Found
S03E02 The Prince and the Putter Lost
S03E03 Coop Dreams Lost
S03E04 Radio Daze Lost
S03E05 Night of the Iguana Lost
S03E06 Trading Places Lost
S03E07 Letter Loose Lost
S03E08 Bellboyz in the Hood Found
S03E09 Skeeter Says Lost