Gibby (found pitch pilot of cancelled spin-off of "iCarly" Nickelodeon teen sitcom; 2012)

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Gibby! Official Logo (2).png

The official logo for Gibby.

Status: Found

Date found: 07 Jul 2021 (Script), 06 Oct 2023 (Footage)

Found by: CINE DOCS, TDCamper22 and Sklapre (Script)
Media Garage (Footage)

Gibby was a cancelled spin-off of the hit Nickelodeon sitcom TV series iCarly. The pilot focuses on Gibby, a recurring character on iCarly, who gets sentenced to detention after his pet weasel, which he illicitly brought to class, bites his teacher on the butt. Gibby works out a deal with Principal Franklin to work in the middle school cafeteria instead; while there, he saves four bullying victims by pretending to be their friend. Afterwards, they convince him to hang out with them at the Bixby Rec Center, where they befriend one of the employees and save Gibby when a pair of burglars take him hostage.[1]

Conception and Cancellation

After iCarly ended in 2012, Dan Schneider, the original creator, had the idea for two spin-offs, Sam & Cat, a series focused on Sam (from iCarly) and Cat (from Victorious) being babysitters in LA. The other one was Gibby, a series focused on the silly character of the same name. Both series had their pilots shot, but Nickelodeon only greenlighted Sam & Cat, so the Gibby pilot never came out to the public.


In the following years, only a couple of images had surfaced online, like cast photos and the official logo. In 2019, DanWarp Shows shared a full script description and three pages of the script.[2] But in 2020, a Twitter user named "LAAAARRRYYYYY PhD," made a Tweet claiming to own the script to the pilot episode​,[3] after winning it in a "Nickelodeon Trivia Contest," but he didn't want to share it for fear of copyright issues. So, user "CINE DOCS" started searching for the script, and after posting about it in the official iCarly subreddit, user "Baylwhore" contacted him and sold the script to him. This script matched with the pages posted by DanWarp Show, and with behind-the-scenes photos. Baylwhore said that they got the script from a friend (Sklapre), who got it from a "Nickelodeon Trivia Contest." CINE DOCS has since shared the script with the public.

In 2022, Quinton Reviews posted screengrabs of the Gibby pilot on his Twitter[4]. He claims that a subscriber, who had a mom working on the pilot, sent him those screengrabs. In Quinton's later video The Scandal of Sam & Cat, he shared some more screengrabs along with sharing more information he had learned.

On October 6th, 2023, YouTuber Media Garage uploaded the full pilot from his collection onto his YouTube channel, rendering the full pilot found, but unfortunately, was taken down by said user due to fearing a copyright strike. The pilot was subsequently archived by various people and was shared across social media and various file and video-sharing platforms.



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