Nickelodeon Launch Box (partially found educational series; 1991-1994)

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Status: Partially Found

In May 1991, Nickelodeon introduced a half-hour educational show called Launch Box. The series was a joint production between Nickelodeon and NASA that ran until March 1994, with reruns lasting until September 2000. It was created for the "Cable in the Classroom" program, where teachers were encouraged to record episodes and show them during lessons. It primarily covered information about space and space travelling technology.


# Episode Guide Airdate Status
1 The Spectacular Spacesuit May 9th, 1991 Lost
2 Living on the Space Shuttle May 10th, 1991 Lost
3 Space Training Nov 1st, 1991 Found[1]
4 The Living Earth May 29th, 1992 Lost
5 Space Station May 22th, 1992 Lost
6 Fantastic Forces Jun 18th, 1992 Lost
7 The Inner Planets Mar 11th, 1994 Found
8 The Outer Planets Nov 26th, 1993 Lost
9 Flight Feb 4th, 1994 Lost


At least nine episodes were produced, but only one titled "The Inner Planets" has been found online. The intro was uploaded to multiple YouTube accounts, including NASA's official account, while the episode itself was uploaded by its writer/producer Karim Miteff (kmiteff). It should also be noted that a DVD set for the show was sold on iOffer at an unknown price at an unknown time due to it being no longer available.


"The Inner Planets".

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