Tortellini Western (partially found animated short series; 2004)

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Tortellini western title.jpg

Title card.

Status: Partially Found

Tortellini Western was a 2004 series of Flash-animated shorts that aired in-between shows on Nicktoons Network, during the mid-2000s. It was created by Larry Schwarz and produced by Animation Collective. It involved an Italian family who had to move to America due to a pasta shortage, and took on a new life in the old west.

The series has received lots of negative reception, due to its cheap animation, poor voice acting and audio quality, bad writing, a strong emphasis on toilet humor, and for being aired much more frequently than shorts that had far better reception and quality, such as Edgar & Ellen and The Presentators.

Despite Tortellini Western being the most frequently aired short series on the channel during this time period, only four out of the thirteen shorts have been recovered. This could be due to the fact that Nicktoons Network was not a commonly owned channel back then.

List of Shorts

# Episode Title Status
1 Some Like This Pot Found
2 Cattlefield Earth Lost
3 No Small Heat Found
4 Pony Express Yourself Lost
5 Cacti Fighter Lost
6 Das Boot Lost
7 Montana Tea Lost
8 Of Thee I Sting Lost
9 Golden Stumblers Found
10 Lasso Miserables Found
11 Up in Smoke Signals Lost
12 All's Well That Ends Well Lost
13 The Bull Marked Kid Lost

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