Bobby the Lizard Boy (found Nickelodeon animated short; 2000)

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Bobby the lizard boy title.jpeg

Title card.

Status: Found

Date found: 01 Apr 2015

Found by: CDCB2

Bobby the Lizard Boy is a short from 2002, created for Nickelodeon by Shaun Bakken Reimers. The short also aired in 2003 on the Nicktoons Network. The short is about a kid named Bobby whose parents leave him with a mean babysitter.

When Bobby's parents (a human father, and an iguana mother) go out of town, they leave him with the "meanest babysitter ever," Laura. Bobby tries to foil her plans, changing colors like a chameleon and dumping his arm, regrowing it like a lizard. However, he ends up running to hide in a closet. Laura enters the closet in an attempt to capture him, but she ends up getting swallowed by Bobby like a snake. The parents come home, and the dad retrieves Laura from within Bobby. The dad tries to pay her for what she endured, but she ends up running out of the house and into her car.

Before April 1st, 2015, only 2 pictures and 1 clip of the short had resurfaced online.[1] A page on had short's description from 2002 and the option to watch the short, but the video wasn't available to view for many years.[2][3]

On April 1st, 2015, a Lost Media Wiki contributor found the entire Nicktoons Network version of the short in an unlisted YouTube video uploaded by CDCB2 on November 25th, 2013.




Bobby the Lizard Boy

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