Nickelodeon (partially lost "Nick at Nite" bumpers from TV channel block; 1985-present)

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Current logo.

Status: Partially Lost

Nick at Nite is a Nickelodeon nighttime program block that's been airing on the channel every night from 8 pm to 6 am since 1985. When it launched, it aired popular shows from the 1950s-1970s like I Love Lucy and The Donna Reed Show then later added shows from the 1990s-2010s.[1] In 1996 Viacom launched a separate channel similar to the block titled TV Land (then called Nick at Nite's TV Land) that also aired older shows from those eras.


Throughout the years the block aired various bumpers in between commercial breaks. From 1984-2000s the bumpers were animated in various animations styles (with some mix with live-action) with all having a 1950s theme. Sometime in the 2010 when the block started airing shows from 1990s-2010s, the network made bumpers that fit the era of that show currently airing.


Over time, various bumpers have resurfaced online from old home recordings. Some users that uploaded these into compilation videos with a few claiming that said videos contained all the bumpers that aired around that decade, although this has yet to be verified. It's currently unknown how many bumpers were made.




Nick at Nite bumper compilation (1985-1990s).

Nick at Nite bumper compilation (2016-2023).

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