Noah Knows Best (partially lost English audio of Nickelodeon sitcom; 2000-2001)

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The cast of Noah Knows Best.

Status: Found: (Russian)
Partially Lost: (English)

Date found: 27 Jul 2018 (Russian)

Found by: NoahKnowsBesteps (Russian)

Noah Knows Best was a short-lived sitcom that aired on Nickelodeon from 2000 to 2001 and was one of Nickelodeon's shortest-lived television series. Starring Phillip Van Dyke, the show revolved around Noah Beznick as he goes through life in New York City. It was one of the last TV shows filmed at the now-defunct Nickelodeon Studios in Orlando. Many considered Noah Knows Best the male version of Clarissa Explains It All. Due to the style of comedy that Clarissa Explains It All used being outdated, many saw Noah Knows Best to be boring, and this caused the show to suffer. Due to low ratings and viewership, Noah Knows Best was canceled after eight episodes leaving five episodes unaired in English.


Noah Knows Best follows a teen named Noah Beznick (Phillip Van Dyke) as he balanced his social and school life. He and his sister Megan (Rachel Roth) always try to get each other into trouble. Both live with their parents in an apartment in central New York City.[1]

Time on Televsion

Noah Knows Best debuted on October 7th, 2000, and was placed on the SNICK block being the last original show to have been placed on the block at 8:30 PM.[2] The show also aired on the Russian channel ТНТ where it was dubbed over in Russian, and all thirteen episodes aired. Series creator Ken Lipman would later state in an interview that creative differences are the reason the show did not last long stating:

[Nickelodeon's] view of what the show should be, and my vision of the show was not the same and they never really matched up, which was ultimately a reason for its lack of success.[3]


Due to the very low ratings the show received, it was removed after five episodes. From 2002 to 2003, sparse reruns of Noah Knows Best ran on Noggin as part of its nighttime block for teenagers, The N; since then, no reruns have aired. No home media for Noah Knows Best was ever released. Between July 22nd and July 27th, 2018, all 13 episodes of Noah Knows Best were uploaded to Dailymotion. However, all of the episodes are in Russian and the episode titles for episodes 4 and 6 have been swapped. Currently, 10 episodes and a few clips from the English broadcast of Noah Knows Best have surfaced.


  • Phillip Van Dyke as Noah Beznick
  • Rachel Roth as Megan Beznick
  • Marcia Strassman as Martine Beznick
  • Richard Kline as Jeff Beznick
  • Dempsey Pappion as Marcus Clay

Episode List

# Episode Synopsis Russian Status English Status
0 Pilot Unknown. N/A Partially Found
1 The Tickets Megan and Noah are given tickets to a theatre fund-raiser, and they give them away. Found Found
2 The Computer Megan desperately wants a laptop computer, and Noah convinces DJ to steal Alton's computer to give to her. Found Found
3 Noah Knows Politics Noah challenges the reigning class president, promising the students better conditions and calling for a mutiny against the status quo. Found Found
4 Door to Door For Career Week, Megan starts a line of homemade cosmetics and Noah decides to follow in the footsteps of Hector the doorman. Found Found
5 Three's Company (aka Keep the Change) Noah and Megan entertain celebrity teen brothers, Taylor, Isaac, and Zac Hanson in their home. Found Partially Found
6 Three Girl Zone Megan skips school to buy tickets to the Three Girl Zone concert, when Noah finds the pink slip Megan says she will do anything for Noah as long as he doesn't tell their parents. Found Found
7 Slices of Life When Megan and Marcus get kicked out of Giannini's because Paul thinks they started a food fight, Noah fails to come forward to tell who started it. Found Found
8 Lost Night When Jeff and Martine go away for a night, Noah and DJ decide to throw a party, but Zeke spreads the word around and the party gets out of control. Found Lost
9 The Final Insult When Megan "disses" Noah in front of all their friends, he retaliates by revealing that she used to eat dog food. Found Found
10 Hudson Slam Book When Noah attracts a lot of attention by starting a "Hudson Slam Book", Zeke makes a "Noah page" and posts it all over the school Found Found
11 Noah's Art Noah wants to impress a girl called Sandra from his art class so he steals some of Megan's artwork. Found Found
12 Clipped in the Wings Megan writes a play and it is entered into the community theatre project but Noah gets upset when he reads it. Found Found
13 The Tutor After breaking a window at Giannini's, Noah must earn money to buy a replacement so he takes a job giving how-to-be-cool lessons Found Lost



The show's intro.

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