Double Dare Australia (partially found Channel Ten game show; 1989-1992)

Double Dare Australia
The show's logo.
The show's logo.
Status Partially Found

Double Dare Australia was a game show that ran on Channel 10 from 1989-1992. It was an adaption of the popular Nickelodeon game show, Double Dare US. Over 700 episodes of Double Dare Australia was made. Out of the 700 episodes, only a few episodes and clips (or 5%) of the show has been recovered. This includes the iconic "Kangaroo Cup" episode. There is a rumor that has been going around that when the studio closed down in 1992, the master tapes has been destroyed by accident and because of that Channel 10 only has a small amount of episodes.


A clip from one of the episodes.
Another clip from one of the episodes.
Beginning of the neighbors crossover episode.
An episode of Double Dare Australia.




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