Dora The Explorer Meets George Lopez (found Nick at Nite tie-in commercial of "The George Lopez Show" ABC sitcom; 2008)

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A screenshot of the commercial.

Status: Found

Date found: 20 Mar 2023

Found by: Marbs

Dora The Explorer Meets George Lopez refers to a Nick Jr tie-in commercial for reruns of The George Lopez Show on Nick at Nite.


On August 18th, 2022, a post was made on the lost media forums by user, PapaLocomotion. In the post, they talk about a promo they saw in 2008-2009 about a commercial for a rerun of George Lopez’s sitcom.[1] However, the commercial stood out to the user because it was a tie-in commercial of George Lopez and Dora The Explorer. The user recalls this commercial by memory, quote:

"It begins with Dora and Boots, possibly singing and dancing as they are known to do. Then, out of seemingly nowhere, George Lopez interrupts them to ask them where he is. Dora answers with "You're on Nick Jr." to which George responds, "Nick Jr? I'm supposed to be on Nick at Nite." Afterwards, the duo helps Lopez find his way to reveal that the whole thing was just a promo for his self-titled ABC sitcom that Nick at Nite was airing in reruns at the time."[1]

The user claims that it possibly have aired on other Nickelodeon channels instead of only Nick at Nite, Nick Jr. and Nickelodeon. The user also claims that they have checked hundreds of commercial compilations of every channel but never came across it.


No photos or footage of it existed except for posts on other websites (Reddit and Twitter) revealing that this was an ongoing mystery at the time.

On March 20th, 2023, a user named, Marbs made a post on Twitter about watching a recording of the Backyardigan’s special Super Spy with some friends. However, after the episode, they stumbled upon the full commercial. Marbs then uploaded the commercial on YouTube, rendering it found.[2]



The full commercial.


LSuperSonicQ's video on the subject (starts at 0:20-4:05).

ObscureMediaTV's video on the subject.

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