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Status: lesser-known lost mediaist

Hi, I’m a lost mediaist who’s more into the obscure and lesser-known side. I’ll probably make articles for the lesser-known side or Lost Media that deserves an article.

Articles I’ve Made

# Article Status Notes
1 Metal Gear Solid II (lost deleted arsenal gear crash cutscene of action-adventure video game; 2001) Lost First article!
2 Remy, Nobody’s Girl (lost Animax Asia English dub of anime series; late 1990s-early 2000s) Lost Saw this one somewhere on the internet and it intrigued me on how an English dub can become fully lost and not even know the voice actors for the English dub
3 Alam Ara (lost Indian talkie film; 1931) Lost I was suggested by this when making my Completely Lost Media Iceberg and I was confused on how people will just not talk about it, I was even more confused on how it wasn’t on the lost media wiki even though there were articles made on this. This piece of media is one of the reasons why I started making articles.
4 The Moment of Truth "Season 2, Episodes '9' & '10'" (partially found Melanie Williams episodes from unaired season of Fox gameshow; 2008)
Partially Found I saw this one from Blameitonjorge’s video and I knew it was a good idea to make this into an article.
5 Ulterior Motives aka "Everyone Knows That" (found full version of Christopher Saint Booth and Philip Adrian Booth song; 1986)
Found Found on April 28th, 2024 by u/south_ball_pole and u/One-Truth-5867
6 Cabbage (lost build for cancelled Nintendo 64DD game; 1997) Lost I saw this piece of lost media from the 64DD article and was confused on how there was no article on it, so I made this article. (User Eqaurep even sent me a link to a funny photo of concept art in one of the magazines)
7 Charlie and The Chocolate Factory (lost unreleased Michael Jackson soundtrack for Tim Burton film; 2005) Lost Saw u/_songhunt’s post on the lost media subreddit, and sent me down this rabbit hole. I still can’t believe Jackson shelved the soundtrack because he didn’t get the lead role🤣🤣.
8 LittleBigPlanet PSP (found German "SpongeBob SquarePants" commercial; 2009) Found I knew this existed as someone tried to look for this on the lost media discord server, well, they wanted an article made on it. Holy shit, it got found before a whole week this article was made.
9 Carb Solutions (found series of TV commercials; 2001) Found Article was created after it was found.
10 SpongeBob SquarePants "Behind Closed Doors" (partially found storyboard jam comic of Nickelodeon animated series; 2000s)
Partially Found I felt like making another SpongeBob article so I made one that can be considered as the darkest piece of SpongeBob lost media.
11 Henry & June's Nicktoon Summer Jam (partially found bumpers of Nickelodeon summer block; 1999-2000) Partially Found Short article but wanted to make it since there’s another article on a summer block.
12 One Piece x Star Wars (lost promotional tie-in commercial for shōnen anime film; 2015) Lost This full-on interested me, and I wish I could’ve seen it.
13 Friday Night Nicktoons (partially found bumpers from Nickelodeon channel block; 2002-2004) Partially Found I felt bored.
14 Sonic Extreme (found prototype build of cancelled Xbox skateboarding game; 2003) Found Article was created after it was found.
15 Walt's Wisdom (partially found "Breaking Bad" interactive Flash game; 2008) Partially Found People talked about Walt's Warning but what about Walt's Wisdom?
16 Katonda Alinawe aka "Kenya Dance" (found full version of unidentified song; 2011) Found Article was created after it was found.
17 Donkey Kong Parking Attendant (lost build for cancelled SEGA arcade game; existence unconfirmed; date unknown) Existence Unconfirmed Saw this on an iceberg and thought it was a good idea, also it’s not a CD-i game, it’s an Arcade game.
18 Vib-Ribbon (lost original Mercedes-Benz version of PlayStation rhythm game; 1999) Lost Vib Ribbon lost media are definitely obscure.
19 Viewsic “Countdown Annual 100 Featuring Vibri” (lost special event broadcast of Japanese music program; 1999) Lost Part two out of four LMW articles on Vib-Ribbon.
20 Marionette (lost build of cancelled GameCube game; 2001) Lost Very mysterious cancelled GameCube game.
21 MeiAIDS Christmas 2009 aka “YOUTUBE HACKED” (lost rumored video of YouTube hacking; existence unconfirmed; 2009) Existence Unconfirmed Its a two articles day.
22 Jack and the Beanstalk (lost early Nintendo 64DD build of “Pokémon Snap”; 1995-1998) Lost Imagine a Jack and The Beanstalk game and not a Pokémon game.
23 Everywhere at the End of Time (lost final 5-minute original sample from English electronic musician; 2019) Lost I randomly remembered how the final minute's sample was lost while watching a video essay.
24 Electric Playground "Team Fortress 2 Beta" (lost episode of online video game news show; 2007) Lost Very obscure piece of TF2 lost media.
25 Super Mario Sunshine (lost early builds for GameCube platformer; 2001-2002) Lost Don’t call early builds “Beta” worst mistake of your life.
26 The Pogrom of Mickey Mouse (lost unofficial Polish animated short film; 1930s)
Lost Possibly one of the most unsettling pieces of Disney lost media.
27 That Evil Farming Game (non-existent farming simulator game; 2000-2015) Non-Existent Someone had to make an article on this.
28 The Amazing Dancin’ Cats (found flash screamer animation; 2006) Found Article was created after it was found.
29 Vib-Ripple (lost build of promotional mobile port of action puzzle game; 2004) Lost Someone really wanted an article made on this.
30 Dora The Explorer Meets George Lopez (found Nick at Nite tie-in commercial of "The George Lopez Show" ABC sitcom; 2008) Found Article was created after it was found.
31 TV-AM “Swimming Pool Clip” (lost public information film from breakfast television show; existence unconfirmed; mid-1980s) Existence Unconfirmed Sounds like a creepy thing a kid will get scared of like the Carb Solution commercials.
32 Mario's Mission Earth/Mario's Planet Quest (lost build of cancelled Super Nintendo edutainment game; existence unconfirmed; date unknown) Existence Unconfirmed One of the most mysterious cancelled mario games.
33 Luigi's Mansion (found full FMV of SpaceWorld 2000 trailer for GameCube action-adventure game; 2000) Found Article was created after it was found.
34 It's a Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie (lost deleted scene from musical fantasy comedy TV film; 2002) Lost
35 Scratch 'n' Sniff's Den of Doom (partially lost CITV quiz show; 2007) Partially Lost
36 Double Dare (partially found test pilot for Nickelodeon game show; 1986) Partially Found
37 Are You Being Served In Australia? (partially lost Australian remake of British TV series; 1980-1981) Partially Lost
38 MARIO Victim (found unedited photo of Mario Creepypasta; 2010) Found Article was created after it was found.
39 "Jammin' With Mario" and "Mario's Driving Range" (lost promotional McDonald's browser games; 2006) Lost
40 Nicktoons Gets Zombified (found Nickelodeon Halloween bumpers; 2011) Found Article was created after it was found.
41 Goodwill (found locally produced stop-motion Halloween commercial from thrift store; 2002-2010) Found Article was created after it was found.
42 Spanish Blood (lost build of cancelled PlayStation/SEGA Saturn pirate-themed adventure game; 1996) Lost
43 McDonald's (found "New Slang" commercial from fast food restaurant; 2002) Found Article was created after it was found.
44 Tomodachi Life: Lessons in Space (partially found promotional shorts for Nintendo 3DS video on demand service; 2013-2014) Partially Found
45 Wayside School (lost ABC television special based on Louis Sachar children novel series; mid-1980s) Lost
47 King of the Hill "Pigmalion" (non-existent deleted scene of Fox animated sitcom episode; 2003) Non-Existent
48 Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends (partially lost "Who's That" promotional adverts for Cartoon Network animated series; 2004) Partially Lost
49 Team Angel (found American live-action adaptation pitch pilot of superheroine anime based on manga; 1998) Found Article was created after it was found.
50 Brand New Day (partially found pitch pilot of "Big Time Rush" Nickelodeon musical comedy series; 2007) Partially Found
51 DEATHMETAL (found album from British indie rock band; 2000) Found Article was created after it was found
52 Ernest Hemingway (lost suitcase of manuscripts and early works from American novelist; 1922) Lost
53 Boa noite Brasil (lost "Yu-Gi-Oh segment" from Brazilian television variety show; 2003) Lost
54 Kirby's Phone Number (lost audio calls from Kirby phoneline; 1993) Lost
55 Little Big Arcade (lost promotional Facebook game; 2011) Lost
56 McDonald's "You Better Don't" (lost "Defend Your Chicken Selects" commercial from fast food franchise; 2004) Lost
57 Tony Soprano "Lebron James" (found Knicks pitch video for American professional basketball player; 2010) Found Found on April 16th, 2024 by Pablo Torres
58 Supernanny "The Dakin Family" (partially found unaired episode from Channel 4 reality television show; 2008) Partially Found
59 Silent Hill "Cage of Cradle" and "Double under Dusk" (partially found now-defunct Japan-only limited time Konami comics; 2006-2007) Partially Found
60 The Missing Notebook Rhymes (partially found cancelled MF DOOM compilation album; 2017) Partially Found
61 Children of the Corn (lost "Blue Man" deleted scene from horror film; 1984) Lost
62 Starship Surprise (lost unaired "Sesame Street" sketch; 1981) Lost
63 Springtime with Mister Rogers (found primetime special for PBS children's educational series; 1979) Found Article was created after it was found.
64 The Swan (found FOX reality television show; 2004) Found Article was created after it was found.
65 Winning Lines (partially lost American adaptation of British game show; 2000) Partially Found
66 Anne no Nikki: Anne Frank Monogatari (lost anime film based on diary; 1979) Lost
67 Kanye Runaway Q&A with Sway (partially found MTV interview; 2010) Partially Found
68 Freesia (partially found Dr.Willy Vocaloid song; 2010) Partially Found

My Favorite Articles

# Article Status Author
1 The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (lost build of unreleased PlayStation adventure game based on Japanese novel; 1998) Lost Jackstone
2 Super Mario 128 (lost build of cancelled GameCube/Wii game; 2000-2006) Lost Dycaite
3 Fortnite (partially found unreleased/lost builds of the massively multiplayer online game; 2011-present) Partially Found Pox1016
4 Space Command (partially found early Canadian sci-fi series; 1953-1954) Partially Found WoomsBoi
5 OMORI (partially found alpha demo of indie psychological-horror role-playing game; 2014) Partially Found Labrallie
6 Kingdom Hearts (found animatic of cancelled Disney animated TV adaptation of game series; 2003) Found Corvene
7 Spider-Man (lost original design made by Jack Kirby of Marvel Comics character; 1962) Lost Equarep
8 Short Subject aka "Mickey Mouse in Vietnam" (found unofficial animated short film; 1968)
Found Dycaite
9 Senjo no Demae Mochi (lost build of cancelled Xbox poetic pizza delivery game; 2002-2003) Lost Jackstone
10 Target Australia (partially lost animated commercials; 2008-2011) Partially Lost TheZinc
11 "Disjointed Piccaso's Face" (partially lost footage aired on Japanese TV; 1983-1984) Partially Lost Maotron
12 Laid-Back Camp (found early drafts of Japanese manga series; 2015) Found Maotron
13 The Life And Adventures Of Santa Claus (partially found anime series based on children's novel; 1996) Partially Found LilyInTheWater
14 Suncoast Digest (partially found Christine Chubbuck episodes of WXLT talk show; 1973-1974) Partially Found SpaceManiac888
15 Mime (lost cancelled anime film; 1988-1990) Lost Reynard