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Iceberg containing the first 503 articles I wrote.

Status: Varies really, but writing articles here is always a joy

Hey there. I am SpaceManiac888, an English user on the Lost Media Wiki. I primarily focus on writing articles regarding British media, professional wrestling, robot combat, motor racing, and anything that piques my interest.


My first foray into lost media came about in the early-2010s, when I took a gander at the lost BBC broadcasts, including most famously the lost Doctor Who episodes. But it was not until mid-2015 that I became deeply interested, thanks to Blameitonjorge's videos. Indeed, I think the bloke has inspired many Lost Media Wiki users and lost media-focused YouTubers. But anyhow, I first wrote articles on Worms Battle Rally and Robot Wars on 2nd July 2015, but on the Lost Media Wikia first. Both articles were kindly transferred over to here, and I wrote my first article on this Wiki the following day about Top Gear's unaired segments.

For the first few years, I created some articles on and off, mainly on topics that influenced me growing up. By early-2021 however, the well was starting to dry, and I wanted to do something different for the Wiki. So, I thought taking a look at 1930s-1960s television would be a good idea, especially considering the lack of articles anywhere on the Wiki or outside of it. Starting with Telecrime, the first televised crime drama, I have since become highly active on the Lost Media Wiki, publishing many articles throughout 2021 alone. This obviously was not just early television, but also in other intriguing areas including lost recordings of real incidents, obscure games, and other oddities containing their own mysteries.

As of the time of this writing (25th October 2022), I have written 500 articles. I am not sure whether this makes me the most prolific article creator on the Wiki, but hey, I never thought I would reached that many articles, and I have learnt so much during my research for these articles. I therefore thought an iceberg would be a good way to celebrate, and who knows, it might make for a detailed YouTube video in the future. Of course, some of you may note I have written plenty of darker topics worthy of the NSFW and NSFL tags. Keep in mind that my goal with these articles is not to upset folks nor to seek said media outside of tamer ones like Robot Wars and To Catch a Predator, but instead to provide adequate resources for people to respectfully learn the backgrounds surrounding the media. Essentially, I aim to ensure the stories behind said media are not forgotten, no matter how upsetting they may be, as they could allow for negative history to not be repeated.

YouTube Videos

Some of you might know me as a contributor of the Robot Wars Wiki. Indeed, I worked with a few other regular contributors to produce a History Podcast detailed to talking about the show's various lost media. Give it a listen, as you will also learn about some other media that is not quite suitable for this Wiki, including deleted game content. I may work on other lost media YouTube projects in the future.

Robot Wars History Podcast - Lost Media

The Robot Wars Iceberg

Article List

Number Title Date of completion Notes
1 Worms Battle Rally (lost builds of unfinished 3D kart game; 2003) 2 July 2015 A rather obscure cancelled spin-off of the Worms series, which was assumed to have been a vehicular combat karting game.
2 Robot Wars (partially found unaired or partially aired battles of BBC robot combat game show; 1998-2017) 2 July 2015 (updated 4 February 2021) Originally focusing exclusively on Hypno-Disc vs TX-108, now details every missing unaired battle that did not warrant a separate article about them.
3 Top Gear (partially found unaired segments of BBC motoring show; 2002-2015) 3 July 2015 Collection of binned or unfinished segments of Top Gear. I stated 2002-2015 not only to distinguish from the older version of Top Gear, but also the series aired from 2016 onwards.
4 Top Gear - Series 22: Episode 10 (lost footage of unfinished episode of BBC motoring show; 2015) 24 August 2015 The unfinished episode whereby Jeremy Clarkson was so unhappy, he punched a producer over food.
5 BattleBots (partially lost build of unreleased GameCube/PlayStation 2 game based on robot combat TV series; 2003) 21 November 2015 Almost completed robot combat game based on the gameshow of the same name. Near the top of my "most-wanted" lost media, since prototypes have been sold before...
6 American Robot Wars 2000 (lost MTV pilot of British robot combat game show; 2000) 5 March 2016 This pilot would lead to the American spin-off, Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors on TNN.
7 Robot Wars Revealed (found BBC Choice spin-off of robot combat game show; 1998-2000) 25 May 2017 Victim to the lack of digital TV viewers back in the day, but can now be accessed on Mech+
8 Grand Prix 4 (lost build of cancelled Xbox port of PC Formula One racing game sequel; 2002) 6 June 2017 Xbox port of one of my favourite PC games.
9 Robot Wars: Series 8 (lost unaired pilot of BBC robot combat game show; 2016) 18 June 2017 Another lost Robot Wars media article I have written, and the most recent lost Robot Wars media I believe.
10 Robots Revenge (partially found Discovery robot combat documentary series; 2001) 9 July 2017 My tenth article was on one of the more obscure lost robot combat television media.
11 WWF In Your House 8: Beware Of Dog (partially found untelevised professional wrestling matches; 1996) 15 July 2017 Lost media focusing on when the WWF suffered a powercut to their PPV feed!
12 The TNT Show (lost unaired Michael Jackson sketch of Channel 4 comedy show; 2009) 26 August 2017 Wrote about this article thanks to knowing about it from a YouTube video.
13 Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors: Season 1 (found TNN robot combat gameshow; 2001) 2 September 2017 My fifth Robot Wars article, focusing on lost battles that were eventually found not long after this article was created!
14 Robot Wars: The Kick-Off (lost BNN robot combat special; 2001) 23 September 2017 My sixth Robot Wars article, focusing on an obscure Dutch Robot Wars special, broadcast before Series 1.
15 Southern Television broadcast intrusion (lost real-time footage of television hijack; 1977) 15 January 2019 Like many, I believed this was already found. However, my research indicates the versions on YouTube are actually just recreations. Hence, I wonder whether any recordings of the actual event still remain.
16 BBC News Guy Kewney interview (lost unaired interview footage; 2006) 23 February 2020 The infamous "wrong Guy" also gave us some lost media to find. Became a Featured Article at some point.
17 Beat the Crusher (partially found Sky One gameshow; 1998) 20 June 2020 Based on the only episode available, it is not a great show.
18 The Jeremy Kyle Show (lost unaired Steve Dymond episode of British daytime talk show; 2019) 17 December 2020 My first NSFL article, concerning a tragedy that unfortunately was bound to occur at some point during the show's run.
19 Grand Prix 3 (lost build of cancelled Dreamcast port of PC Formula One racing game; 2001) 18 December 2020 I fondly remember playing the released PC version of this game. Certainly one to play, if you are an F1 fan.
20 F-1 World Grand Prix III (lost build of cancelled Nintendo 64 Formula One racing game; 2000-2001) 19 December 2020 Originally could not confirm the game's existence, but with some help from another Lost Media Wiki user, this is one game that theoretically could be available at some point. Became a Featured Article in January 2021.
21 F1 Racing Championship 2 (lost build of cancelled PC/PlayStation 2 Formula One game; 2001) 26 December 2020 There were just so many F1 games back in the late 1990s to early 2000s. Probably would not have been a success compared to competitors like EA's F1, Sony's PlayStation series, and Grand Prix 4.
22 Screwed: The Bret Hart Story (lost unfinished wrestling documentary film; 2005) 3 February 2021 First film article I have written, concerning Bret Hart potentially being "buried" by other wrestlers had he not decided to work with WWE on an alternative documentary! Became a Featured Article in April 2021.
23 1995 Robot Wars UK Open (partially found rejected robot combat TV show pilot; 1995) 15 April 2021 Yes, another article based on Robot Wars! Not sure if there is much else Robot Wars lost media to document, though never say never! Anyhow, this rejected pilot paved the way for Robot Wars' dominant UK arrival.
24 Telecrime (lost early BBC crime drama; 1938-1939; 1946) 18 April 2021 First crime television show according to Guinness World Records, thought it would be worth writing an article on it, even if there is no chance of recovery.
25 Cook's Night Out (lost early BBC cooking show; 1937) 18 April 2021 First cooking television show, and the start of me writing about Marcel Boulestin's programs!
26 Dish of the Month (lost early BBC cooking show; 1937) 18 April 2021 I believe Guinness World Records accidentally claimed this was the first cooking show. Close, but no cigar.
27 Marcel Boulestin television shorts (lost early BBC programs; 1937-1939) 18 April 2021 Collection of Boulestin shows that were too small to warrant separate articles.
28 Foundations of Cookery (lost early BBC cooking show; 1939) 18 April 2021 Finally, we complete the Boulestin collection, with his last television show. He never got to make another one, following the Second World War and his passing in 1943.
29 The Wasp's Nest (lost early BBC television adaptation of Agatha Christie short story; 1937) 19 April 2021 The only televised adaptation Agatha Christie herself wrote. Did she or did she not dislike television soon afterwards? Who knows!
30 Catch-As-Catch-Can Wrestling (lost early BBC televised professional wrestling matches; 1938-1939; 1946-1947) 20 April 2021 Televised professional wrestling starts here. Lovely.
31 The Blood Red Tape of Charity (lost Universal silent short propaganda drama film; 1913) 23 April 2021 One of my most sought-after silent films, just because of the context behind it.
32 Arsenal vs Arsenal Reserves (lost footage of early BBC televised football match; 1937) 29 April 2021 Started out documenting professional wrestling, so it only makes sense to do so for football too!
33 Bryant & May (lost early matches commercial; 1896) 1 May 2021 The first commercial, what can I say? Piece of history here.
34 England 0-1 Scotland (partially found international football match; 1938) 1 May 2021 Not happy with the result as an Englishman, ha ha. Still, a worthy piece of history that I am glad has some available footage attached to it.
35 Hyde Park Corner (partially found early celluloid actuality film; 1889) 1 May 2021 Arguably the most important article I have written on this Wiki. A lot of mystery surrounds it though, especially when it comes to the title alone! Hopefully, those film frames are legitimate.
36 Bret Hart-Hulk Hogan photoshoot (lost professional wrestling promotional photos; 1993) 1 May 2021 Detail photos meant for a slobberknocker of a Summerslam 1993 fight! If, you know, they actually went ahead with this match.
37 1937 FA Cup Final (partially found footage of football match; 1937) 2 May 2021 The first competitive football match to be broadcast on television!
38 1938 FA Cup Final (partially found footage of football match; 1938) 3 May 2021 The first fully televised FA Cup Final. Preston North End notably appeared in the first two televised Finals, redeeming itself here.
39 1939 FA Cup Final (partially found footage of football match; 1939) 3 May 2021 Portsmouth were champions for seven years thanks to World War 2.
40 First Aid (lost early BBC medical show; 1937) 9 May 2021 An obscure medical documentary series, possibly the first of its kind.
41 Robert Budd Dwyer's Final Speech (partially found footage of press conference; 1987) 9 May 2021 Of all the lost media I have documented, this ranks up there as having the saddest story attached to it. To think that Dwyer was innocent, or at the very least had his role in the conspiracy worsened by false confessions, is highly troubling.
42 The Boat Race 1938 (partially found footage of rowing race; 1938) 10 May 2021 Well, one could say that the 1937 one had some television coverage, but had no footage attached to it. Therefore, I am not going to dispute the 1938 race as being the first televised one. Article also discusses the 1937 coverage, and the subsequent program reviewing the 1929-1938 races, Rowing Blues.
43 Father Ted "Going to America" (lost alternate ending of TV sitcom finale; 1998) 12 May 2021 Fan of Father Ted, had heard of the alternative ending for years, though I did not it was actually filmed until much later. Would have been an awful ending though, even when not taking Dermot Morgan's untimely passing into account.
44 Doctor Who "The Parting of the Ways" (lost alternate ending of British sci-fi TV series finale; 2005) 13 May 2021 An ending never intended to be an actual ending. Huh. Would love to see it one day, though!
45 SCP-048 (partially found original versions of science-fiction story; 2008-2009) 17 May 2021 Is this the only case where the lost media is a bunch of poor-quality Wiki articles?
46 England 16-21 Scotland (partially found footage of rugby match; 1938) 22 May 2021 First televised rugby match, and of course England have to lose again...
47 WWE SmackDown vs Raw Online (lost build of cancelled online professional wrestling PC game; 2010-2011) 23 May 2021 Bit of a weird one, this. Two conflicting titles for this game (the other being WWE Online), this professional wrestling game was targeted more for the Korean market than WWE's traditional audience. Intended for late-2010, definitely cancelled by 2011!
48 Ann and Harold (lost early BBC drama television series; 1938) 29 May 2021 The first television series to ever exist!
49 The 1938 Ashes series (partially found footage of test cricket match; 1938) 30 May 2021 Almost reached a half-century in articles (was a half-century when I used to count Racing Arrows here!!), so what better way to mark the occasion than with a cricket article? Of course, England once again could not win here...
50 Ian Brady's briefcases (lost personal documents of Moors Murderer; 1963-2017) 16 June 2021 A harrowing piece of lost media, felt a bit disturbed upon having to delve deeper into the Moors Murder cases in order to establish a quality article. Fingers-crossed that the briefcases' contents are finally released, and that they point to where Keith Bennett's body is located.
51 Dead Space 2 (lost build of cancelled Wii port of sci-fi survival horror game sequel; 2011) 18 June 2021 I know little about the Dead Space series, but with some research, I bumped in a quick article about the cancelled Wii port. Quite obscure, based only on the LinkedIn pages that claimed it was in development before being cancelled.
52 The Simpsons Game 2 (lost build of cancelled platform game sequel; 2011) 18 June 2021 I thought this game was a bit underrated back in the day. A shame a sequel was never made, but it seems based on the sources gathered that it wasn't a popular game worthy of a sequel...
53 The Simpsons: Hit & Run 2 (lost builds of cancelled action-adventure game sequel; 2007) 19 June 2021 Now the fact a sequel for this Simpsons game never happened is such a tragedy. You would think EA would have considered it at one point, seeing how commercially successful the game was, let alone how critically acclaimed it came to be!
54 1998 Cavalese cable car disaster cockpit recording (lost footage of aviation-related accident; 1998) 20 June 2021 I learnt about this disaster upon watching the Seconds From Disaster episode covering it, and was just as outraged as many others were concerning the pilots' conduct. This piece of lost media may never be recovered, sadly.
55 The Diamond Brothers: South by South East (lost ITV adaptation of children's detective book; 1991) 20 June 2021 Amazingly, there was a six-part adaptation of the book South by South East. Having enjoyed the Diamond Brothers book series as a child, this is one piece of lost media I truly want to resurface one day.
56 Brainiac's Test Tube Baby (partially found Sky One science entertainment spin-off show; 2006-2007) 21 June 2021 Spin-off show of one of my favourite childhood programs. That said, I never found the spin-off to be that interesting, to be quite honest.
57 Ofcom Summary of Adjudication (partially found British broadcast communication regulator statements; 2003-present) 26 June 2021 For most, this would be a rather boring topic. However, I like the documentation of TV controversy, so I guess this is relevant lost media for me!
58 1996 DeVilbiss SuperFinish 200 (lost televised footage of NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series race; 1996) 10 July 2021 First NASCAR article, and to be honest, I have no idea whether NBC footage actually exists or not. Taking Racing-Reference's word for it!
59 Columbia Lions 1-2 Princeton Tigers (partially found footage of college baseball game; 1939) 10 July 2021 First televised baseball game, and the first sporting event televised in the US. Ze Germans and the British beat the Yanks to the punch in televising sport, though!
60 Spelling Bee (lost early BBC game show; 1938) 11 July 2021 Listed by Guinness World Records as the first ever television game show.
61 RCA recording of BBC Television Service (found footage of pre-Second World War BBC television broadcast; 1938) 15 July 2021 A pre-Lost Media Wiki find, this is likely to be the only pre-Second World War BBC television footage one will ever get to see. That said, if RCA had in mind to record television, perhaps someone else, living in London, might have as well.
62 The Care of Your Car (lost early BBC motoring show; 1947) 15 July 2021 Before Top Gear and what have you, this was the show you would seek for motoring information! Probably.
63 Why Hypno-Disc can't work in an office (found testing video of Robot Wars competitor; 2000, 2007) 18 July 2021 Found on 24th September 2021! Good to finally see a video explaining why Hypno-Disc simply isn't capable of being productive within an office.
64 Robot Wars (lost work on unfinished cartoon series based on robot combat gameshow; existence unconfirmed; 2002-2004) 1 August 2021 Another Robot Wars article, and this time I have one that I cannot verify. Does it exist beyond a conceptual stage? Unknown for now, though if footage does exist, I most certainly want to see it!
65 Robot Wars (lost near death footage of Jeremy Clarkson from robot combat gameshow; 1998) 1 August 2021 Had this accident occurred, there would be no Top Gear reboot, no Robot Wars, no Grand Tour, no lost media from this and other future Clarkson shows, ha ha.
66 Robot Wars Extreme: Series 1 (lost original BBC Choice version of robot combat battle; 2001) 4 August 2021 A NSFL article on Robot Wars? Mainly because of the 2001 US Anthrax attacks, which were horrendous based on the research I conducted.
67 Robot Wars (partially found uncut battles from BBC robot combat gameshow; 1998-2017) 6 August 2021 Out of the uncut battles available, the most interesting to me is Hypno-Disc vs Splinter, because of how little is left of Splinter after what Hypno-Disc and the House Robots did to it.
68 To Catch a Predator (partially found chatlogs, uncut interviews and police interrogations of Dateline NBC reality series; 2004-2007) 8 August 2021 One of the biggest articles I have written, for one of my all-time favourite shows. Surprised nobody wrote about TCAP on here before I did, to be honest.
69 Jules Bianchi (lost FOM footage of fatal Formula One crash; 2014) 13 August 2021 So depressing to consider that despite all the preventable issues occurring, this fatal accident still had an extremely low chance of occurring. Only justifies the need to enhance Formula One safety still further.
70 Angelo Orsi's photos of Ayrton Senna (lost photos of Formula One driver post-crash; 1994) 15 August 2021 The other lost media concerning Senna's tragic accident, and arguably the worse of the two. Glad Orsi stuck to his guns by never releasing the photos.
71 The Great Train Robbery (lost work on action-adventure video game; existence unconfirmed; 1999) 18 August 2021 I can hardly believe it myself, but indeed, Ronnie Biggs and Bruce Reynolds were involved in this game that was announced, and then just forgotten almost as soon as the concept was revealed. Was any work made on it before Biggs' arrest? Unsure for now.
72 Jim'll Fix It (partially found BBC television show; 1975-1994) 23 August 2021 The main television show by one of the biggest monsters to have ever lived. It should be noted that someone is uploading much of previously lost Jimmy Savile media, so expect more from Jim'll Fix It episodes to come to light in the near future.
73 Newsnight (partially found untelevised BBC report concerning Jimmy Savile sexual abuse allegations; 2011) 4 September 2021 The BBC really dropped the ball on this one. Sure, the whole scandal was uncovered less than a year later, but for many of Savile's and other personalities' victims, the sooner these monsters were exposed, the better.
74 Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors: Season 2 (partially found behind-the-scenes footage of TNN robot combat gameshow; 2002) 4 September 2021 Yep, another lost Robot Wars media article, concerning footage partially shown in a Newsround segment that I stumbled across a few year back.
75 Futurama (lost build of cancelled GameCube port of 3D platform game; 2003) 6 September 2021 Tried my best to enjoy this game as a child, unfortunately I never really did. Strange a near-complete GameCube port was cancelled worldwide, though.
76 R. Lee Ermey's instructional tape (lost audition footage for Full Metal Jacket; 1985) 8 September 2021 150 pages worth of insults is incredible for the average person, but for Ermey, it was probably about par!
77 Stephen Griffiths aka "The Crossbow Cannibal" (partially found CCTV footage of Bradford murder, death photos, and recorded dismemberment footage; 2009-2010) 9 September 2021 While Issei Sagawa was bad enough, Stephen Griffiths was truly terrifying. Surprised his case doesn't get discussed much. What disturbed me when writing this was I assumed only a bit of CCTV footage was missing. Now, I know photos and dismemberment footage were also taken. Chilling stuff.
78 Anthoine Hubert and Juan Manuel Correa (partially found FOM footage of fatal Formula 2 crash; 2019) 14 September 2021 A horrendous crash I was lucky not to watch live, as I had to travel on the day, where typically in a Formula One weekend, I would watch most events if possible. RIP Hubert, and I hope Correa continues his recovery, as he has made amazing progress in returning to Formula 3 alone.
79 1936 Summer Olympics (lost television coverage of Berlin Games; 1936) 14 September 2021 The first Olympics to be televised live! Really fascinating how the Games were televised, and how initial coverage was below par, even for 1936 standards!
80 Sea Stories (lost early BBC talk show; 1936-1937) 15 September 2021 The first televised talk show so to speak, with Commander Campbell chosen because he could produce compelling stories without needing a script.
81 The TNT Show (partially found Channel 4 comedy sketch show; 2009) 16 September 2021 Turns out most of the show is missing, rather than just the unaired Michael Jackson sketch. I expect this one to resurface in the future, though.
82 1976 Dixie 500 (lost CBS footage of NASCAR Winston Cup Series race; 1976) 19 September 2021 Most famous for featuring a heavy crash for Dale Earnhardt, where apparently he felt "like the winning horse of the Kentucky Derby had trampled me" the next day!
83 1964 World 600 (partially found footage of NASCAR Grand National Series race; 1964) 20 September 2021 It is especially tragic how Fireball Roberts was not actually badly affected by the crash itself, but from the fire as he was trapped in his wrecked car. NASCAR has come a long way since then, and fuel leakages leading to fires like this are not really possible anymore.
84 Celebrity Number Six (lost original photo of unidentified celebrity; date unknown) 23 September 2021 This must certainly be the oddity of the entire list so far, because I tend to focus on mostly mainstream content rather than internet mysteries. Still, it is very perplexing nobody can find out who Celebrity Number Six is, and if they really are a celebrity at all. Maybe finding the photo will bring answers.
85 1981 Pocono 500 (lost televised footage of IndyCar race; 1981) 25 September 2021 Speaking of oddities, this must certainly be the most unusual IndyCar race out there, considering the fact Gold and Silver Crown cars were competing in the same race. Would love to see this one resurface one day.
86 1937 Wimbledon Championships (partially found footage of tennis tournament; 1937) 27 September 2021 Uncovered a lot more information than I was expecting, hence why it took a long time to write. Still, it was worth it in the end, and another "television sporting first" has been documented.
87 Broadcasting Standards Commission (partially found British broadcast communication regulator statements; 1981-2003) 28 September 2021 Want to learn what the British folk of the 80s to early-2000s used to grumble about on television? Well, this article contains a lot of BCC and BSC videos documenting complaints made to BBC, ITV and other channels, and hopefully more will resurface in the future!
88 Independent Television Commission (partially found British broadcast communication regulator statements; 1991-2003) 28 September 2021 Little did ITC and the many complainants realise, the Brass Eye special proved its point very much concerning British outrage and moral panic! Hopefully more ITC statements will resurface in the future.
89 Robot Wars (lost footage and HSE documentation of behind-the-scenes accidents of BBC robot combat game show; 1998-1999) 2 October 2021 (major rework 12 February 2022) Arguably Robot Wars' biggest controversies, which wasn't really detailed much until late-2018. Hopefully, somebody still holds the HSE documents, as they would be the final piece to help document what transpired during filming. Updated to include incidents from Series 1 and 2, and to raise the possibility of footage existing too.
90 Fordham Rams 34-7 Waynesburg Yellow Jackets (lost footage of college football game; 1939) 2 October 2021 Some reckon an NFL game between Brooklyn Dodgers and Philadelphia Eagles was the first televised football game, but this Fordham Rams win holds that distinction... or does it?! Apparently, a University of Pennsylvania game in 1938 was televised... to six people. And there are rumours of a broadcast in 1934, which is especially interesting to me.
91 1934 Philo T. Farnsworth broadcasts (lost early television demonstrations; 1934) 3 October 2021 Paving the way for electronic television and football broadcasts, folks! That explains the 1934 broadcast above.
92 1938 Pennsylvania Quakers football season (lost early televised college football games; 1938) 3 October 2021 And this explains the 1938 University of Pennsylvania game! First televised college football game I believe.
93 Sports 5 (lost build of cancelled unlicensed Sega Genesis/Super Nintendo sports compilation game; early 1990s) 6 October 2021 If Active Enterprises' games quality matched their passion, they would have the best games in the world. Alas, they were too ambitious for their own good!
94 Brooklyn Dodgers 23-14 Philadelphia Eagles (lost footage of NFL game; 1939) 9 October 2021 The first televised NFL game, but only the fourth football game to be televised.
95 Brooklyn Dodgers 2-5 6-1 Cincinnati Reds (lost footage of MLB doubleheader; 1939) 10 October 2021 And here is the first televised MLB game! Unless I am very much mistaken, this should be the second baseball game to be televised. But, I could be wrong of course!
96 Braden Walker's "Knock Knock" promo (lost original pre-tapes of WWE backstage segment; 2008) 10 October 2021 If someone can retrieve the pre-tapes, we might be able to extend the Braden Walker DVD collection to four sets! Damn, this segment was so bad, ha ha.
97 1953 British Grand Prix (partially found footage of Formula One race; 1953) 13 October 2021 The first live televised Formula One race. Ascari was still too dominant, even with a somewhat competitive Maserati giving him challenges unlike in 1952.
98 1937 International Imperial Trophy Race (lost footage of motor race; 1937) 17 October 2021 The first live televised motor race, ever. Won by a Prince in fact! Somewhat obscure compared to other sporting television firsts, so hopefully this gets more recognition.
99 1960 Daytona Races (lost CBS and NBC televised footage of NASCAR prelude events to Daytona 500; 1960) 17 October 2021 The first live televised NASCAR races. Thought I would also mention NBC's broadcast, since I felt I would forget to make an article about it. Not to mention, I doubt there is much more to say than what has already written in this article, so probably no need to split them apart.
100 Worms World Party (lost build of cancelled Gizmondo port of artillery turn-based strategy game; 2005) 17 October 2021 And there we have it, Article 100! Started with Worms, and more than six years later, I revisit it. A port of one of my favourite games ever, for a console deemed one of the least successful of all-time. Lovely combination for a Lost Media Wiki article.
101 Mont Blanc Tunnel fire (partially found CCTV footage of road tunnel disaster; 1999) 25 October 2021 I watched the Seconds From Disaster episode about this many years ago, and sadly it was clear nobody from the French side would be able to survive that.
102 Pierlucio Tinazzi (lost radio communication from Mont Blanc Tunnel fire victim; 1999) 27 October 2021 While Tinazzi may not have saved anyone, it should not downplay his heroism on that fateful day.
103 1931 Epsom Derby (lost televised footage of horse racing event; 1931) 28 October 2021 Officially the first televised sporting event and remote outside broadcast!
104 Darts and Shove Ha'penny (lost early BBC televised darts matches; 1936-1939) 30 October 2021 First televised darts matches. Very much a fan of darts, since 2009 no less.
105 1966 FIFA World Cup Final (partially found original colour film of international football match; 1966) 30 October 2021 Sadly, it didn't come home in Euro 2020. Still, better luck next time! Anyhow, this is another piece of unfortunately destroyed media, though at least there is now Full Colour '66 if you want to see the full match in colour.
106 2005 San Marino Grand Prix (found ITV advert break during final laps of Formula One race; 2005) 1 November 2021 An "oh, fudge" situation for ITV here. Cannot say I am too nostalgic for ITV coverage of F1 races, ha ha.
107 Windows XP (lost unlicensed Famicom game based on Windows operating system; 2003) 1 November 2021 Apologies in advance for making many of you feel old, but Windows XP recently turned 20... Yup, loved the XP growing up. So what better way to belatedly celebrate this anniversary by discussing this weird Famicom... err game I guess.
108 WWE Brawl (lost build of cancelled fighting game based on professional wrestling; 2012) 3 November 2021 Only so many references needed this time thanks to a highly detailed article! This game has so many screenshots, concept art and videos that I was spoilt for choice. Only so many are on the article for the sake of brevity, though the rest can be found on
109 F1 2010 (lost pre-alpha build of Formula One game; 2010) 3 November 2021 The fact the 2009 cars were removed because of licencing issues is so unfortunate. Would have been fantastic to have both those and the 2010 competitors.
110 Fernando Alonso (lost footage of Formula One test session crash; 2015) 4 November 2021 One of the most unusual crashes in motorsport history, and is still quite the mystery to this day. Would be great if the footage resurfaced one day.
111 WCW/nWo Live (lost build of cancelled PlayStation professional wrestling game; 1998) 4 November 2021 What happens when one cancels a licence a little too soon! On another note, the poster attached to this article is by far one of my favourites. Looks like The Giant either punched or chokeslammed the victim, DDP laughing at their predicament, Kevin Nash not giving a damn (why would he waste his time on this loser?), and Scott Hall finishing the guy off.
112 McLaren MP4-18 (lost footage of unraced Formula One car; 2003) 9 November 2021 The most famous F1 car never to race. It might not look much today, but back then, it really was a revolution!
113 The Sun (lost British newspaper's safe of unpublished photos, stories and videos; early-1980s-present) 10 November 2021 Another article with a fascinating mystery. Does the safe contain compromising material? Heck, material that could criminalise people in the public life? Who knows?
114 The Jeremy Kyle Show (partially found episodes and online content of British daytime talk show; 2005-2019) 10 November 2021 Waited a long time before writing this article, just in case ITV or another company announced they would re-air all the episodes. As of yet, they haven't.
115 The Jeremy Kyle Show (partially found American spin-off of British daytime talk show; 2011-2013) 11 November 2021 Likewise for this article. It is frustrating, because half of the library is on Amazon Prime UK, but not even VPN can make them available!
116 Top Gear (partially found footage of Cenotaph stunt; 2016) 15 November 2021 Unfortunate that filming occurred at the Cenotaph, as otherwise it probably would have been a well-regarded segment in a bad period for the show.
117 Life After People (partially found uncut CGI of History television series; 2008-2010) 16 November 2021 One of my favourite shows growing up, with most of it due to the show's extremely beautiful CGI.
118 Clunk-Click (partially found Jimmy Savile variety show; 1973-1974) 18 November 2021 Even the term "clunk-click" gives sinister connotations nowadays. Pretty much all the clips currently available online are harrowing considering the actions of Gary Glitter and those alleged of Savile and Freddie Starr.
119 Untitled Gary Glitter Studio Album (lost unreleased music from glam rock singer; 2008) 18 November 2021 Speaking of Glitter, I wonder if he will be able to even complete the album now that he is in a well-deserved 16-year prison stint. Fingers-crossed he doesn't get transferred to an open jail.
120 Seaman (lost work on 3DS sequel to virtual pet game; 2012) 19 November 2021 Interesting game is Seaman, or SEA MAN depending on who you ask, ha ha. Curious as to how much work Yoot Saito put into the 3DS sequel before "complications" occurred.
121 Celebrity Wrestling (partially found ITV professional wrestling reality show; 2005) 19 November 2021 Imagine choosing this over Doctor Who! A shame really, because they did have some star power in Roddy Piper and D'Lo Brown, but instead of a proper show where the celebrities got a ton of training, ITV just had to add a "reality" curve.
122 Williams FW15C (partially found footage and lap time information of unraced CVT Formula One car; 1993) 28 November 2021 Somewhat a tribute to Sir Frank Williams, featuring perhaps one of his best cars with a feature that would have made it unstoppable if it actually was utilised in a race.
123 Leslie Van Houten's sexual letter relationship (lost letter communication between Manson Family member and unknown double murderer; pre-2016) 1 December 2021 Perhaps a topical article, considering the "spoiled princess" has been recommended for parole again. Hopefully, common sense prevails and she stays in prison! Likewise for all the other followers.
124 Charles Manson's letters to Leslie Van Houten (lost prison letters from Manson Family leader to follower; 2013) 1 December 2021 I have to be honest, I don't find Charles Manson to be that interesting. But his followers? Now, they are a different story altogether! Fascinating all around...
125 Plunderbirds: Talk Robots (partially found unfinished robot combat mockumentary film; 2019) 2 December 2021 A shame it never got released, as it would have made for a fun robot combat mockumentary. I wonder if they 'ave got a srimech yet (course they 'ave!).
126 Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (partially found Irish broadcast communication regulator statements; 2009-present) 14 December 2021 After writing articles concerning regulators resolving British grumblings, I think an Irish counterpart would be appropriate!
127 WWF Backlash (non-existent unfinished Nintendo 64 professional wrestling game; 2001) 14 December 2021 Helping to debunk a wrestling game urban legend that fooled several major wrestling YouTube channels!
128 TNA Impact! 2 (lost build of unfinished professional wrestling game; 2009) 14 December 2021 A shame TNA never got a proper sequel following the bankruptcy of Midway Games. Would have helped them through the tough times ahead.
129 ECW Anarchy Rulz (lost build of cancelled Nintendo 64 port of professional wrestling game; existence unconfirmed; 2000) 14 December 2021 Not sure that the official Nintendo Power magazine would make this claim up from thin air, so I guess there is a possibility of it existing! After all, in the ECW matches at the E3 2000 convention, a N64 controller was used during the Rhino-Roadkill match.
130 Strange Kentucky People (lost recording of Chris Jericho "tribute"; 1994) 15 December 2021 As a big wrestling fan, I won't deny that the sport does have its, well, unusual fans to say the least.
131 GFW Amped (partially found unaired professional wrestling show; 2015) 16 December 2021 All that hype about GFW being the next great wrestling organisation, only for very little to be released! A shame the tapes were deleted, as the wrestlers put their might into making the matches as entertaining as possible.
132 Bret Hart vs Tom Magee (found untelevised professional wrestling match; 1986) 17 December 2021 Surprised this one was yet to be written on the Wiki! Historical lost media, to the point where WWE made a documentary about it once it was finally found!
133 The Last Battle of Atlanta (found untelevised professional wrestling steel cage match; 1983) 17 December 2021 A major bloodbath that inspired Hell in a Cell!
134 WCW All Nighter (partially lost professional wrestling compilation show; 1994-1995) 18 December 2021 A fantastic idea by WCW considering the lack of home media releases at the time.
135 WCW Classics (partially found professional wrestling compilation show; 2000-2001) 18 December 2021 Probably the only consistently "good" WCW show by this point, ha ha.
136 WWF Livewire (partially found professional wrestling recap and talk show; 1996-2001) 19 December 2021 A fascinating show for its time, though it wasn't great for Kayfabe purposes! Also, the origins of the Jim Cornette-Vince Russo feud!
137 WWF Excess (partially found professional wrestling talk show; 2001-2002) 19 December 2021 This show simply was not going to challenge Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors, among other programs, ha.
138 WWF Attitude (lost professional wrestling recap show; 2001-2002) 20 December 2021 An obscure compilation/recap show with the most unoriginal name attached to it.
139 WWE 24x7 (lost professional wrestling compilation show; 2007) 20 December 2021 Probably the start of WWE trying to appeal to the Indian television market, making this an important television program.
140 Bill Longson vs Whipper Billy Watson (lost footage of professional wrestling match; 1947) 21 December 2021 A wrestling match where its historical significance to television was almost lost to time! Full credit to Crowbar Press for recovering the St. Louis sports programs, and for Jim Cornette and Brian Last for discussing and raising awareness of its significance to wrestling and television.
141 Radio WWF (lost professional wrestling radio show; 1993-1994; late 1990s-2000) 21 December 2021 A novel concept, especially when it was broadcast on Armed Forces Network!
142 The ECW Fire Incident (lost footage of post-hardcore professional wrestling match brawl; 1995) 22 December 2021 One of the stupidest moments in wrestling history. Still, no wonder ECW was popular back in the day, considering the awesome photo of Cactus Jack wielding the flaming chair!
143 Collision in Korea (found professional wrestling event in North Korea; 1995) 22 December 2021 And folks thought the WWE events in Saudi Arabia were controversial! Most have been fascinating for the North Korean folk though, especially the matches featuring the women!
144 Collision in Korea wrestler sketches (lost North Korean pencil sketch portraits of professional wrestlers; 1995) 22 December 2021 Say what you will about North Korea, but this is absolutely amazing, and I would love to see at least some of these resurface one day.
145 ECW at E3 2000 (partially found footage of professional wrestling at gaming trade event; 2000) 22 December 2021 A hidden gem, considering both the wrestling content as well as the general E3 2000 footage.
146 FMW at E3 2000 (partially found footage of professional wrestling at gaming trade event; 2000) 22 December 2021 While some highlights were on DVD, apparently they were continually interrupted by replays roughly every 20 seconds! Not sure that I would be keen on watching the DVDs, ha ha.
147 ZTA (lost build of cancelled PlayStation Portable zombie action-adventure open world game; mid-2000s) 23 December 2021 This would either be the best PSP Grand Theft Auto game, or one of those hilariously bad games.
148 England 3-0 Rest of Europe (partially found footage of international football match; 1938) 23 December 2021 Yay, England win for a change! The second international game to be televised, and I believe the first to feature a non-British Isles side.
149 Juventus 1-7 A.C. Milan (partially found footage of Serie A football match; 1950) 23 December 2021 First televised Serie A game, and the first televised football match Juventus fans wish to forget!
150 Total Wormage (lost Amiga prototype build of artillery strategy game; 1994) 24 December 2021 And there we have it folks: 150 articles! The genesis of my childhood game, which apparently was so addictive, Davidson's form teacher had to ban it in his college!
151 The Jeremy Kyle Show (lost unaired footage of British daytime talk show; 2005-2019) 27 December 2021 The dark topic of how exploitive reality television really is. 38+ suicides linked to reality television worldwide...
152 1969 Permatex 300 at Daytona (partially found footage of NASCAR Sportsman race; 1969) 28 December 2021 One of the most brutal accidents I have ever seen, poor bloke never stood a chance.
153 1972 Twin 125s (partially found footage of NASCAR Daytona 500 qualifying races; 1972) 29 December 2021 Another terrible crash. What I find sad is that it appears only the death footage for some of these races are the only clips that are publicly available.
154 1982 Twin 125s race 1 (lost footage of NASCAR Daytona 500 qualifying race; existence unconfirmed; 1982) 29 December 2021 When NASCAR experts dispute over whether it aired or not, I have to add the "existence unconfirmed" category to the article. That said, I am confident most of these races were at least recorded, if not televised.
155 1985 Twin 125s (lost footage of NASCAR Daytona 500 qualifying races; existence unconfirmed; 1985) 29 December 2021 A dominant Twin 125s win to go along with Bill Elliot's fantastic Daytona 500 performance.
156 1986 Twin 125s (lost footage of NASCAR Daytona 500 qualifying races; existence unconfirmed; 1986) 29 December 2021 It feels weird that there is no footage of several Daytona qualifying races. If anything, these are probably more important than some of the main races, considering Daytona 500's importance.
157 Wikipedia (lost initial edit of online encyclopaedia; existence unconfirmed; 2001) 30 December 2021 Yes, one on Wikipedia! Apparently, this is the edit that started it all! Well, Jimbo Wales says it was... but some reliable sources insist otherwise! Also, I might be getting old, not really sure about these so-called "NFTs".
158 1984 Delaware 500 (partially found footage of NASCAR Winston Cup Series race; 1984) 30 December 2021 The only footage I was able to find consisted of Bobby Allison's thankfully non-fatal accident. How he managed to compete within a week for the subsequent race after being told he required four weeks of recovery is remarkable.
159 1984 Warner W. Hodgdon Carolina 500 (lost footage of NASCAR Winston Cup Series race; existence unconfirmed; 1984) 30 December 2021 Possibly the first SETN NASCAR broadcast, with the race itself ending Allison's bad luck at the start of the season.
160 Barnet 3-2 Wealdstone (lost footage of Athenian League football match; 1946) 31 December 2021 The first football match to be televised following the Second World War. Rather lovely that it wasn't a big international clash, or a Football League match, but within the non-leagues, which some would consider to be the "true football".
161 Charlton Athletic 1-0 Blackburn Rovers (lost footage of FA Cup match; 1947) 31 December 2021 An experiment that led to far more than just the FA Cup Final being broadcast on a regular basis. Shame that the game was apparently rubbish, with The Valley's surface apparently suffering from mud, frost and ice!
162 1947 FA Cup Final (partially found footage of football match; 1947) 31 December 2021 The icing on the cake for my time on the Wiki in 2021! It has been fabulous, and to celebrate, I thought a "Final" article would be suitable, ha ha. Charlton's only FA Cup win interestingly enough.
163 1979 Southeastern 500 (partially found footage of NASCAR Winston Cup Series race; 1979) 2 January 2022 An important race in NASCAR history, as it was The Intimidator's first win! And yet, it wasn't televised... that said, there might be a recording out there.
164 1971 Twin 125s (lost footage of NASCAR Daytona 500 qualifying races; 1971) 3 January 2022 These Twin 125s are fascinating yet generally overlooked NASCAR media sadly.
165 1974 Twin 125s (lost footage of NASCAR Daytona 500 qualifying races; 1974) 3 January 2022 Seems like several Twin 125s were generally unremarkable, not much to say beyond the results and lack of accessibility.
166 1975 Twin 125s (lost footage of NASCAR Daytona 500 qualifying races; 1975) 3 January 2022 At least we have a photo for this one! Two competitive races apparently, including Pearson vs Petty!
167 1961 Firecracker 250 (lost ABC footage of NASCAR Grand National race; 1961) 4 January 2022 The first ABC broadcast of a NASCAR event. Additionally, David Pearson also breaks the stock car speed record!
168 1962 Firecracker 250 (lost ABC footage of NASCAR Grand National race; 1962) 4 January 2022 Fireball winning at Firecracker makes sense!
169 Lita's training matches (partially found training videos of professional wrestler; late 1990s-2000) 5 January 2022 Learnt about this one in a now-deleted pro wrestling iceberg. Clearly, the uploader of these training videos is a hardcore fan of Lita/Amy Dumas.
170 Chowdaheads (partially found unaired professional wrestling cartoon show; 1999) 6 January 2022 WCW were really pushing into the cartoon market by this point... well, at least when Bischoff was still in charge. Created by Eli Roth, perhaps most known for Cabin Fever and Hostel.
171 Bradshaw vs Christian (lost footage of professional wrestling match; 2001) 7 January 2022 Must have been a bad match if a title change and a Sean Casey segment were not enough to save it from being cut!
172 1963 Firecracker 400 (partially found footage of NASCAR Grand National Series race; 1963)‎ 12 January 2022 Fireball wins at Firecracker again! This would sadly be his final Firecracker, as he died two days before the 1964 race, following his accident at the 1964 World 600.
173 1967 Firecracker 400 (partially found footage of NASCAR Grand National Series race; 1967) 13 January 2022 A Ford clean sweep, featuring a rather scary accident for Gary Bettenhausen, who thankfully escaped uninjured.
174 Cultaholic (found debut video of professional wrestling YouTube channel; 2017) 13 January 2022 The whole Blampied situation was a case of rather unfortunate timing. Fortunately, seems that everyone has moved on from it, to the extent this debut video (and possibly others), were made private. Fortunately, the video would be found four days after I published the article on it.
175 1971 Medal of Honor Firecracker 400 (partially found footage of NASCAR Winston Cup Series race; 1971) 15 January 2022 I like that a few Firecracker races paid tribute to those who earned the Congressional Medal of Honor.
176 1972 Firecracker 400 (lost ABC footage of NASCAR Winston Cup Series race; 1972) 15 January 2022 Based on reports, one of the most exciting NASCAR races with one of the closest finishes! Just a shame there is no footage available currently.
177 Bradford City vs Lincoln City (partially found footage of Football League Third Division match; 1985) 17 January 2022 Truly horrific, on a day meant to be a cause for celebration for Bradford City. The burning man is an awful sight, but we should also commend the many police officers and spectators who saved lives on the day.
178 Opening of the BBC Television Service (partially found coverage of inaugural day of high-definition television service; 1936) 22 January 2022 One of the most important days in television history! Partially found only because some of the content like newsreels indirectly survive. Adele Dixon's song is a timeless classic in my opinion.
179 WWE Crush Hour (lost build of cancelled Xbox port of vehicular combat game; 2002) 22 January 2022 I noted that there was discussion surrounding whether an Xbox port of this wrestling game existed. Well, I can confirm that development of an Xbox version was announced prior to E3 2002! But while existence has been proven, finding any tangible work (ports, screenshots etc) has not been achieved yet. I might have enjoyed it back in the day, but never saw it in stores over in the United Kingdom.
180 Alexandra Palace's wartime television demonstrations (lost footage of private television transmissions; 1943, 1945) 23 January 2022 Very interesting stuff here, more so the August 1943 broadcast. What was the broadcast's purpose? Was Winston Churchill and/or King George VI at the demonstration? An unsolved television mystery here, would make for a good investigation.
181 Robot Wars (found cameos of robot combat-themed BBC 2 ident; 1999-2000) 25 January 2022 Almost forgot about that time when me and another hardcore Robot Wars fan found some introductions starring this little machine!
182 Awesome Kong vs Melissa Anderson (lost footage of professional wrestling match; 2009) 25 January 2022 Have not seen many of Cheerleader Melissa's matches, but considering how popular she was in the early-to-mid-2010s, it seems like TNA really dropped the ball here. Indeed, TNA had quite the competitive advantage over WWE with its women's division back then, and Melissa seemingly would have boosted it further.
183 The Orchestra and its Instruments (lost early BBC music talk show; 1937) 26 January 2022 Probably one of the first music shows, and it seems like there was also an encore by the BBC Television Orchestra for the final episode. Seems like an ideal show for the television viewer demographic back then.
184 Masks through the Ages (lost early BBC history talk show; 1937) 26 January 2022 Back when masks were, I suppose... less polarising? Ha. But I'd imagine this would be a good dive into history!
185 Horace Lindrum vs Willie Smith (lost footage of televised snooker; 1937) 26 January 2022 During my research for Masks through the Ages, I discovered that the first snooker game aired around the same time period! So much for issue 706 of Radio Times claiming that snooker's growing popularity against billiards in the 1930s was just a fad!
186 Weaponless Self-Defence (lost early ju-jitsu television program; 1936-1937) 27 January 2022 A demonstration on how people, particularly women, can defend themselves, with demonstrations from a few professional wrestlers! Would recommend watching the attached British Pathé video by the way, as it is hilarious.
187 The World of Women (lost early BBC talk show; 1937) 27 January 2022 One of the first shows dedicated to showcasing the career and talents of women. And indeed, based on the research I conducted, the women featured were highly influential in their fields.
188 Pointless (lost unaired GSN pilots for rejected American version of British game show; 2017) 28 January 2022 I do enjoy watching Pointless and the trivia it provides. Unfortunately, GSN's version lacked meaning and served no useful purpose, ha ha.
189 Archery (lost early televised toxophily; 1937-1938) 28 January 2022 Pretty confident this is the first televised archery, considering the 1936 Summer Olympics had no archery events.
190 Craftsmen at Work (lost early BBC documentary show; 1938, 1946) 29 January 2022 Interesting one, this. One of a few shows that has a surviving photo attached to it. Also, a show brought back after the Second World War too!
191 Albert Fish's final statement (lost handwritten notes of American serial killer; 1936) 3 February 2022 Albert Fish was not exactly a lovely man, was he? Difficult article to write, not only due to the graphic content, but also because there's actually little I can write about the notes themselves. I mean, aside from Dempsey's comment, not much else is known about the statement.
192 England 1-1 Scotland (partially found footage of international football match; 1947) 4 February 2022 First televised international match following the Second World War, and England... almost won, were it not for a rogue whistle!
193 England 3-0 France (partially found footage of international football match; 1947) 5 February 2022 England dominated this one from start to finish! Not sure whether this was the first televised match featuring Les Bleus as there is very little information about early televised matches featuring the team.
194 Scottish Universities 1-1 English Universities (lost footage of international football match; 1952) 5 February 2022 An amateur football match with television significance, as it was the first to be televised from Scotland!
195 Serbia vs Albania (partially found footage of abandoned UEFA Euro 2016 qualifying match; 2014) 6 February 2022 The fact UEFA thought it would be OK to have both teams in the same group is beyond me. Seemingly more available footage of the brawl than the match itself!
196 Arsenal 7-1 Hibernian (lost footage of charity football match; 1952) 9 February 2022 First game with floodlights, and the first professional Scottish team to appear on Scottish television... not a great way for Hibernian to kick things off, ha ha.
197 Falkirk 3-2 Newcastle United (lost footage of football match; 1953) 10 February 2022 The first televised professional football match in Scotland. Newcastle's luck still hasn't changed since then, ha.
198 Woods and Jack (lost early televised lawn bowls; 1937; 1946) 12 February 2022 I appreciate the game of lawn bowls, involving some insane accuracy to park the woods right next to the jack. These are likely the earliest televised instances of the game, thanks to Alexandra Palace and its bowling club.
199 1955 Scottish Cup Final (partially found footage of football match; 1955) 12 February 2022 First televised Scottish Cup Final, where nowadays Clyde beating Celtic would be considered a major upset!
200 Worms (lost build of cancelled Sega 32X port of artillery turn-based strategy game; existence unconfirmed; 1995)‎ 14 February 2022 And there we have it folks: 200 articles! This one features a port even more mysterious than the cancelled Virtual Boy one. Was it cancelled just as swiftly? Is there a build of it? Who knows?!
201 Pat Tanaka vs Rocco Rock (lost footage of "Body Count" professional wrestling match; 1993)‎ 16 February 2022 Following the 200 article iceberg, it is time to write some more! Here is a professional wrestling match with a post-match botch somehow worse than the aftermath of Kenny Omega vs Jon Moxley! Yes, really!
202 Goldberg's pre-television debut matches (lost footage of professional wrestling dark matches; 1997) 17 February 2022 Goldberg and WCW were fortunate the internet wasn't that big back in the 1990s! Otherwise, his mystique would be over before it even began! There might be a chance these matches were taped, considering the pre-show Nitro and Thunder feed from 1998 and 1999 that has been uploaded to YouTube before.
203 Kurt Angle vs Owen Hart (lost footage of professional wrestling match; 1999) 22 February 2022 Here's a more positive LMW article on Owen Hart! He believed Kurt Angle was a future world champion based on this match, and boy, was he right!
204 Johnny Gargano vs Velveteen Dream (lost footage of alternate finish to professional wrestling match; 2019) 22 February 2022 Jim Cornette would flip if he knew about this, ha ha. Also included some footage from a house show event, which obviously does not contain footage of the alternate ending.
205 The Giant's moonsault (lost footage of professional wrestling move; existence unconfirmed; 1990s) 22 February 2022 Perhaps highly unlikely we will ever see footage of this, but well, with at least one notable wrestling reporter claiming they saw a video of the move, it warrants an article. It is most certainly a holy grail in terms of a wrestling move being performed, because my word would that be amazing!
206 WWE Wrestlemania 36 (lost footage of alternate finishes to professional wrestling matches; 2020) 23 February 2022 Seeing as I have been writing about wrestling media recently, I think it will be fine to add this one now, even if it is slightly under the 2-year rule. Unlikely we shall ever see these alternate endings be released any time soon. Plus, first lost media I have written that arose in 2020, and be influenced by the Covid-19 pandemic!
207 Low Ki & Mercury vs Ric Blade & TCK (partially lost footage of hardcore wrestling tag team match; 2000) 23 February 2022 Normally, I wouldn't discuss CZW or other extremely hardcore wrestling on this Wiki, because I am just not interested in it... but here, I will provide an exception! Never change, Low Ki, never change!
208 AJ Styles vs Kenny Omega (lost footage of professional wrestling match; 2006) 24 February 2022 Based on accounts, footage likely exists. A dream match in wrestling before anyone realised it I guess.
209 Alberto Del Rio vs CM Punk vs Dolph Ziggler vs Jack Swagger vs John Cena (partially found master tape footage of untelevised Hell in a Cell match; 2011) 26 February 2022 We have low-quality amateur footage and only a segment of master tape footage... WWE are teasing us here! Maybe one day they will release the high-quality master tape in-full as part of its Hidden Gems collection.
210 Mark Jindrak in Evolution (partially found unaired vignettes of professional wrestling stable; 2003) 26 February 2022 Regardless of whether you like Batista in wrestling, or just his films, it was critical that Jindrak was dropped in the end. Imagine how things would change if Jindrak got the enforcer role... who would play as Drax?
211 Paul Warwick (lost footage of fatal British F3000 crash; 1991) 28 February 2022 The tragic accident of a driver who could have been a future Formula One champion.
212 1973 Medal of Honor Firecracker 400 (partially found footage of NASCAR Winston Cup Series race; 1973) 2 March 2022 Time to resume the Firecracker articles, and the last of the Medal of Honor ones. David Pearson perhaps should have completed the whole season, considering how good he was during his limited schedule that year!
213 1975 Firecracker 400 (lost footage of NASCAR Winston Cup Series race; 1975) 3 March 2022 The King finally wins at Firecracker! Took him long enough, considering he won five Daytona 500s beforehand!
214 1976 Firecracker 400 (lost footage of NASCAR Winston Cup Series race; 1976) 3 March 2022 And we are done with the Firecracker series, well, at least from the 1960s to the 1970s! Occurred on the 200th anniversary of the United States' founding.
215 1964 Atlanta 500 (partially found footage of NASCAR Grand National Series race; 1964) 5 March 2022 Moving on now with the Atlanta 500 races, and a spectacular crash involving Paul Goldsmith! He was fortunate to escape injury. No CBS recording has been found, but apparently some clips were in a film called Speed Lovers.
216 1971 Atlanta 500 (lost footage of NASCAR Winston Cup Series race; 1971) 5 March 2022 A tense duel between A.J. Foyt and Richard Petty. Beforehand, the race was nearly cancelled due to the circuit's bankruptcy, and Foyt apologised for comments he never actually made!
217 1972 Atlanta 500 (lost footage of NASCAR Winston Cup Series race; 1972) 6 March 2022 Very exciting race based on what The New York Times has to say. Not much media of it though, sadly.
218 1973 Atlanta 500 (lost footage of NASCAR Winston Cup Series race; 1973) 6 March 2022 Pearson vs Yarborough, featuring a scary crash involving Petty, and drama over the starting order being decided by a draw!
219 1975 Dixie 500 (lost footage of NASCAR Winston Cup Series race; 1975) 6 March 2022 Quite an easy article to write, when considering nobody really elaborates on what happened during this race, ha. Nevertheless, Buddy Baker survived challenges by rain and darkness to claim victory!
220 1976 Atlanta 500 (lost footage of NASCAR Winston Cup Series race; 1976) 7 March 2022 A highly competitive race decided by engine failures and different pit stop tactics based around how many tyres should be changed!
221 1979 Atlanta 500 (lost footage of NASCAR Winston Cup Series race; 1979) 7 March 2022 Finishing up the Atlanta 500 series on a grim note, as this race featured the death of crewman Dennis Wade.
222 1979 Dixie 500 (lost ABC footage of NASCAR Winston Cup Series race; existence unconfirmed; 1979) 8 March 2022 And we are done with the Atlanta/Dixie races! This race was extremely close according to reports. ABC rumoured to have televised highlights, but this has not been fully confirmed. Credit to RacersReunion for providing significant detail on this race and qualifying.
223 1964 National 400 (lost footage of NASCAR Grand National Series race; 1964) 11 March 2022 The first of perhaps the biggest part of this project, documenting the Charlotte races, e.g. the National 400/500 and World 600. This race occurred months following Fireball Roberts' death at the 1964 World 600 and Jim Pardue's death at a testing event, but the racers soldiered on. Petty almost won, but suffered a tyre failure laps before the end, and almost suffering the same fate as Pardue had the guardrail not been strengthened beforehand.
224 1965 National 400 (partially found footage of NASCAR Grand National Series race; 1965) 11 March 2022 Unfortunately, another fatal accident at Charlotte. This time, a first-lap pile-up that claimed the life of Harold Kite. Footage of the accident is publicly available, though is not included on this article obviously.
225 1966 National 500 (lost footage of NASCAR Grand National Series race; 1966) 12 March 2022 Unfortunately, not much media on this one. First to be expanded to 500 miles, LeeRoy Yarbrough absolutely dominated the race!
226 1970 World 600 (lost footage of NASCAR Grand National Series race; 1970) 16 March 2022 Back to the 1970s, and the second instance I have documented the longest race in NASCAR. Here, Donnie Allison won with LeeRoy Yarbrough as a relief driver, as unfortunately Allison burnt his feet because of a floorboard insulation failure!
227 1970 National 500 (partially found footage of NASCAR Grand National Series race; 1970) 16 March 2022 LeeRoy Yarbrough's final win in the Grand National Series, in a race featuring several notable crashes.
228 1971 National 500 (lost footage of NASCAR Winston Cup Series race; 1971) 17 March 2022 A race where rain caused the loss of 143 miles. An exciting event overall though, with Bobby Allison winning a four horse race!
229 1972 National 500 (partially found footage of NASCAR Winston Cup Series race; 1972) 17 March 2022 Bobby Allison wins his second consecutive National 500, fending off Buddy Baker in the final ten laps! Amazingly footage was recovered from British Pathé, as they had colour footage of a Reuters newsreel on its website.
230 1974 National 500 (lost footage of NASCAR Winston Cup Series race; 1974) 18 March 2022 Article 230! David Pearson wins in a race that almost claimed the life of country and western singer Marty Robbins. Very lucky was Robbins, whose actions also saved the life of Richard Childress.
231 1975 World 600 (partially found footage of NASCAR Winston Cup Series race; 1975) 28 March 2022 Here's a famous one, as the King finally wins at Charlotte! Also, the race marked the Cup Series debut of the Intimidator!
232 1975 National 500 (lost footage of NASCAR Winston Cup Series race; 1975) 28 March 2022 A three-way duel for the win, with The King achieving back-to-back victories at Charlotte! Also included a rather humorous story of three drivers being upset at very different decisions made by a NASCAR official.
233 1976 World 600 (lost footage of NASCAR Winston Cup Series race; 1976) 28 March 2022 Another great duel between the Silver Fox and the King. Also, the race marked the debut of Janet Guthrie, who became the first woman to compete at a major NASCAR superspeedway event!
234 1976 National 500 (lost footage of NASCAR Winston Cup Series race; 1976) 28 March 2022 An event in which Donnie Allison ends five years of hurt, with a confident victory!
235 1978 NAPA National 500 (lost footage of NASCAR Winston Cup Series race; 1978) 28 March 2022 And we are done with the World/National races! Not much to say about this one, Bobby Allison dominated near the end with a margin of victory 30.2 seconds. Unless I am very much mistaken, this may also be the only instance of a lost 1978 NASCAR Winston Cup Series race.
236 1970 Wilkes 400 (lost footage of NASCAR Grand National Series race; 1970) 29 March 2022 While I plan to get started on the Rebel/Southern series, here's a one-off concerning the only known missing North Wilkesboro Speedway broadcast, at least from 1960-1979. A Bobby Isaac-Richard Petty classic!
237 1965 Rebel 300 (partially found footage of NASCAR Grand National Series race; 1965) 31 March 2022 Time to crack down on the Rebel articles. By "Rebel", we are talking about a celebration of the Confederacy... and a lot of Confederate flags! But anyhow, the racing's more important, with Junior Johnson having dominated this one, but almost didn't win because of a protest again a pit stop of his following the race.
238 1966 Southern 500 (partially found footage of NASCAR Grand National Series race; 1966) 31 March 2022 Dieringer vs Petty for this one, decided by a guardrail clash. Speaking of guardrails, a scary accident involving Earl Balmer, which nearly took out several people from the media in the process! Fortunately, nobody was seriously hurt, and the "Balmer's Box" was created for the track in response to the outcry.
239 1967 Rebel 400 (partially found footage of NASCAR Grand National Series race; 1967) 31 March 2022 A historic race this one, as The King breaks the highest number of NASCAR Grand National Series victories with a win here! He would go onto to win another 145...
240 1971 Rebel 400 (partially found footage of NASCAR Winston Cup Series race; 1971) 31 March 2022 Article 240! A race where Donnie Allison was cruelly denied a possible victory because of engine failure. Nevertheless, it appeared Buddy Baker was very much closing in during the late stages, and the two easily dominated the rest of the field.
241 1972 Rebel 400 (lost footage of NASCAR Winston Cup Series race; 1972) 2 April 2022 Pearson wins after two seasons of hurt, generally controlling this one too. Also, what is with that race program, ha ha.
242 1976 Rebel 500 (lost footage of NASCAR Winston Cup Series race; 1976) 2 April 2022 And that is it regarding the Darlington races! David Pearson wins despite a dominant performance from Buddy Baker, with the race featuring nasty crashes for James Hylton and Jerry Sisco.
243 1976 Winston 500 (lost footage of NASCAR Winston Cup Series race; 1976) 3 April 2022 Beginning with the Talladega races, Baker makes history with the fastest NASCAR 500 mile victory at the time.
244 1976 Talladega 500 (lost footage of NASCAR Winston Cup Series race; 1976) 3 April 2022 That should be it for the Alabama races. Marcis breaks the pole sitter's curse at the Alabama International Motor Speedway.
245 1974 Mason-Dixon 500 (lost footage of NASCAR Winston Cup Series race; 1974) 3 April 2022 Agony for The King, as his Dodge gives up the ghost with fewer than four laps remaining! But as he and Yarborough both know, to win the race, first you have to finish! The only seemingly missing Dover broadcast from the 1960s-1970s.
246 1975 Champion Spark Plug 400 (lost footage of NASCAR Winston Cup Series race; 1975) 5 April 2022 A classic Petty-Pearson duel, decided by only half a car length! Also unique in that the full MRN radio broadcast is publicly viewable.
247 1976 Champion Spark Plug 400 (lost footage of NASCAR Winston Cup Series race; 1976) 5 April 2022 Pearson makes a comeback to achieve the Michigan double. Annoyingly, there were two videos back in 2018 that contained highlights, but both have since been made inaccessible.
248 1979 Gabriel 400 (partially found footage of NASCAR Winston Cup Series race; 1979) 6 April 2022 A race featuring a scary accident involving Steve Pfeiffer and a few spectators. Fortunately no one was killed, but the images and video show how serious it could have been. Meanwhile, Baker won an otherwise very competitive race, beating out Donnie Allison and Cale Yarborough.
249 1976 Riverside 400 (lost footage of NASCAR Winston Cup Series race; 1976) 7 April 2022 Pearson wins the first NASCAR race to utilise the metric system. The drivers were quite happy with that, considering it made the race considerably shorter!
250 1971 Myers Brothers 250 (lost footage and official documents of NASCAR Winston Cup Series race; 1971) 9 April 2022 This is my 250th article! And to celebrate, here's perhaps one of the most incredible stories in NASCAR history! It's got it all... conflict surrounding letting "pony" cars enter; a punch-up in the pits; a furious Richard Petty; and amazingly, it is a race that doesn't even have an official winner! Does Allison deserve his "85th victory" or not? You decide!
251 1972 Carolina 500 (lost footage of NASCAR Winston Cup Series race; 1972) 9 April 2022 Bobby Isaac claims his 37th and final Winston Cup Series win. Bobby Allison had quite the race! He won the pole position, only to be forced to the back because of an illegal tyre change, only to recover all the way back to a dominant first in the race, before all that hard work was ruined by an engine failure!
252 1960 Daytona 500 (partially found footage of NASCAR Grand National Series race; 1960) 11 April 2022 Time to cover the Daytona 500 events. Quite a bit of footage is already available, but notably the 1962 Southern 500 is believed to be the oldest race with a surviving TV broadcast. The 1960 500 may have had up to an hour of television coverage, but it has not seemingly resurfaced. Anyhow, Junior Johnson wins, discovering the drafting principle during the event.
253 1962 Daytona 500 (partially found footage of NASCAR Grand National Series race; 1962) 12 April 2022 The second Daytona 500 to be televised, Fireball Roberts achieved victory at a world record average speed for a 500-mile course... He almost didn't because of a Lee Petty protest!
254 1965 Daytona 500 (partially found footage of NASCAR Grand National Series race; 1965) 14 April 2022 Lorenzen wins a race that was cut short by rain. 45 minutes were televised by ABC back in the day.
255 1972 Daytona 500 (partially found footage of NASCAR Winston Cup Series race; 1972) 14 April 2022 Foyt achieves victory in dominant fashion once The King was out of the way! 45 minutes of highlights according to NASCAR on TV.
256 1970 Alabama 500 (found footage of NASCAR Grand National Series race; 1970) 15 April 2022 Thought I would detail NASCAR's recovery of a race deemed important due to ABC televising part of it live. The broadcast wasn't the best to be quite honest, but at least it is available! Anyhow, that's the original lost NASCAR TV broadcasts list from Racing-Reference covered!
257 1981 Coca-Cola 500 (partially found footage of NASCAR Winston Cup Series race; 1981) 16 April 2022 Moving on now to the 1980s, and apparently this is the only race from 1981 that is not publicly available. Yarborough beats Gant by some margin to win.
258 1981 CRC Chemicals 500 (lost footage of NASCAR Winston Cup Series race; 1981) 16 April 2022 Bonnett achieves a dominant victory, although based on Racing-Reference's lap leader breakdown, it seemed Harry Gant was in for a shout had his car's engine not failed. ESPN allegedly televised the race, which although not fully confirmed, is likely based on the fact a news clip of the race credited to ESPN was once on YouTube.
259 1982 CRC Chemicals 500 (lost footage of NASCAR Winston Cup Series race; 1982) 17 April 2022 At first I was sceptical on whether this race was televised, as not even NASCAR on TV documented it. However, the photo of Waltrip being interviewed post-race, with a TV camera present, pretty much confirms it was televised. Waltrip narrowly edged out Kyle Petty to win.
260 1982 Winston Western 500 (lost footage of NASCAR Winston Cup Series race; existence unconfirmed; 1982) 17 April 2022 Tim Richmond wins in dominant fashion, while Waltrip secures his second title. Rumoured to be broadcast on WTBS but is unconfirmed. That said, I am confident footage exists as it is a title decider and the final 1982 race after all.
261 1983 Mason-Dixon 500 (lost footage of NASCAR Winston Cup Series race; 1983) 17 April 2022 Another Allison-Waltrip duel, with Allison winning his sixth race at Dover. Mizlou televised this one.
262 1983 Southern 500 (lost footage of NASCAR Winston Cup Series race; existence unconfirmed; 1983) 17 April 2022 Allison climbs the field to claim victory. I am actually very confident this race was televised based on one image, but NASCAR on TV says no evidence an ABC broadcast currently exists.
263 1989 Busch Clash (lost footage of pre-season NASCAR Winston Cup Series race; 1989) 17 April 2022 Only Busch Clash seemingly missing. Expect this one to resurface soon though, as this race was added to YouTube not once but twice before!
264 1988 Miller High Life 500 (partially lost footage of NASCAR Winston Cup Series race; 1988) 18 April 2022 The race that sadly ended Bobby Allison's career. As some may note, a 90-minute broadcast is already publicly available. However, as nascarman History notes in his lost NASCAR TV broadcasts video, there is a two-and-a-half hour broadcast from (oddly) the Financial News Network that has yet to be found.
265 1963 Richmond 250 (partially found footage of NASCAR Grand National Series qualifying session and race; 1963) 18 April 2022 Credit to nascarman History for this one, as he documented this very obscure broadcast in his Top 10 LOST NASCAR TV Broadcasts. WRVA-TV televised only qualifying, which is odd. Some race footage is available thanks to a surviving 8mm film however, which is very cool to see.
266 1964 Richmond 250 (lost footage of NASCAR Grand National Series qualifying session; 1964) 18 April 2022 Again, credit to nascarman History for this obscure qualifying session broadcast. Ned Jarrett was doubly unlucky here, first with the rain postponing the race while leading, and then his engine blowing on the restart!
267 1972 Bowman-Gray 100 (lost footage of NASCAR Grand American Series race; 1972) 19 April 2022 Time to cover the remainder of races listed on nascarman History's Top 10 LOST NASCAR TV Broadcasts. Credit to him and RacersReunion for providing vital information about the race and ABC coverage.
268 1982 Goody's Sportsman 300 (partially found footage of NASCAR Budweiser Late Model Sportsman Series race; 1982) 19 April 2022 The first ever race to commence in what is now known as the Xfinity Series. But despite being aired by USA Network, it might not actually be the first that was televised! Anyhow, Earnhardt edges out Jody Ridley as a confidence booster following his unfortunate 1981 Winston Cup Series campaign.
269 1982 Eastern 150 (lost footage of NASCAR Budweiser Late Model Sportsman Series race; 1982) 19 April 2022 By far, the most obscure race I have documented. Normally, I wouldn't document these races, but this one according to NASCAR on TV was the first modern Sportsman (now Xfinity) race to be televised! Interesting stuff.
270 1983 Goody's Sportsman 300 (partially found footage of NASCAR Budweiser Late Model Sportsman Series race; 1983) 20 April 2022 Waltrip wins after harnessing the presence of Earnhardt's Pontiac to win. Also, a nasty accident for Rodney Howard, he was fortunate to escape suffering any broken bones.
271 1984 Goody's Sportsman 300 (lost footage of NASCAR Busch Grand National Series race; 1984) 20 April 2022 Waltrip wins again, this time leading only the final three laps of the race!
272 1979 Sportsman 300 (partially found footage of NASCAR Late Model Sportsman Series race; 1979) 21 April 2022 A race infamous for that horrific crash that claimed the life of Don Williams a decade later. No photos included, because all of the ones I found probably would not be allowed on the Wiki.
273 1979 Daytona ARCA 200 (lost footage of ARCA Racing Series race; 1979) 21 April 2022 An ARCA race this time, which technically counts as part of NASCAR as ARCA was purchased by the latter in 2018. Anyhow, Kyle Petty's first stock car race ends with him winning it! Credit to nascarman History for detailing the CBS broadcast, that's his Lost NASCAR TV Broadcasts YouTube video covered now!
274 1990 Daytona ARCA 200 (partially found footage of ARCA Racing Series race; 1990) 21 April 2022 Two infamous accidents. One claimed the life of Slick Johnson, the other severely injuring EMT Mike Staley. ESPN planned to air the race, but decided against it following the crashes.
275 1995 Winston 100/1995 Duron Paints And Wallcoverings 100 (partially found footage of NASCAR Sportsman Division Series doubleheader; 1995) 22 April 2022 This is an infamous one. Russell Phillips' accident may well be the worst in NASCAR's history. Likely out of respect for him and his family, the Winston 100 and subsequent race were both left untelevised.
276 2002 K&N Filters 150 (lost footage of NASCAR Featherlite Southwest Tour race; 2002) 22 April 2022 A race infamous for the fatal accident of John Baker, the fourth death at Irwindale before a reconfiguration made the speedway much safer.
277 1992 Atlanta 300 (lost footage of NASCAR Busch Grand National Series race; 1992) 24 April 2022 More NASCAR history, as this was Jeff Gordon's first ever win in a NASCAR-sanctioned event! It was critical he won this one, as this started his relationship with Hendrick Motorsports, guiding him to numerous wins and titles. ABC recorded the race, but never aired it.
278 Jeff Gordon's 2008 UAW-Dodge 400 crash (lost on-board footage of NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race crash; 2008) 24 April 2022 Speaking of Jeff Gordon, he suffered a hard hit that he was lucky not to be seriously injured. Footage of the crash exists, but not from on-board, because Gordon's team deemed it too disturbing to air.
279 Jason Leffler (lost footage of fatal 410 Sprint Car accident; 2013) 25 April 2022 Based on the animated reconstruction, it was a horrendous accident. Footage has been claimed to exist, including by someone who states had two videos of the incident.
280 NASCAR (partially found uncut footage of stock car races; 1960-present) 26 April 2022 Time to finish off the NASCAR project, at least for the time being. Perhaps the most coveted NASCAR media, since technically most NASCAR races do have lost footage.
281 Greyhound Racing Ireland (lost withheld footage of greyhound falls during races; 2018-present) 28 April 2022 Now, I do firmly believe this article fits within the Lost Media Wiki remit. Nevertheless, I get why some may find this a controversial topic. But there is a reason I wrote this, please see the comments for more detail.
282 FIFA Soccer 2002 (lost build of cancelled Game Boy Advance port of football game; existence unconfirmed; 2001-2002) 28 April 2022 A much less controversial article. A few mysterious Amazon and IGN listings that suggests a port may have been considered at one point, but nothing more substantial as of yet. Happy to title this one FIFA Soccer 2002 as that is what the supposed GBA port is titled as.
283 Robot Wars (partially found footage of robot combat show qualifying auditions and battles; 1998-2003) 28 April 2022 Back to something I have a serious passion for. The BBC Wales video indicates some, if not all, qualifiers were recorded in some fashion. Very exciting stuff!
284 Peter Dumbreck's 1999 24 Hours Of Le Mans crash (lost on-board footage of LMGTP accident; 1999) 28 April 2022 One of the most famous crashes in motorsport history. Multiple replays but ultimately no on-board footage was ever released. Also added a photo of Mark Webber's crash during the warm-up.
285 Sébastien Enjolras (lost footage of fatal 24 Hours of Le Mans pre-qualifying accident; 1997) 29 April 2022 Based on accounts, one of the most brutal accidents in motorsport. Only aftermath footage is currently publicly available.
286 England 2-0 Italy (partially found footage of international football match; 1949) 29 April 2022 If only that was the final score of the Euro 2020 Final, oh well. This is quite a special one, as the BBC actually holds some of its live coverage of the match in its archives. The earliest surviving football telerecording in fact.
287 1948 FA Cup Final (partially found footage of football match; 1948) 30 April 2022 Now that we know the 1949 England-Italy match was the first to be somewhat recorded, time to document a few more FA Cup Finals. Manchester United ended its 39 year FA Cup drought here, beating Blackpool in the process.
288 1949 FA Cup Final (partially found footage of football match; 1949) 30 April 2022 Wolves secures its third FA Cup, in the sixth televised Final.
289 Walthamstow Avenue 0-2 Queen's Park (lost footage of friendly football match; 1951) 30 April 2022 I love documenting pieces of football history like this. Queen's Park became the first ever Scottish club to be televised. It would have to wait another 61 years to be televised live again!
290 England 6-0 Switzerland (partially found footage of international football match; 1948) 30 April 2022 England's biggest televised win at that point, in a match featuring future 1966 World Cup winning manager Alf Ramsey!
291 England 1-3 Scotland (partially found footage of international football match; 1949) 1 May 2022 That should be all the England match broadcasts from 1938-1949 covered! Annoyingly, Scotland win again, earning the 1948/49 Home Championship and delivering England's first home loss since the Second World War.
292 Kinniku Banzuke (lost unaired "Power Island" episode of sports variety show; 2002) 1 May 2022 Haven't covered much media from Japan before, thought I would rectify that! That said, I think accidents like this were sadly inevitable in shows like this, Takeshi's Castle, etc.
293 Supermarket Sweep (lost pilots of ABC game show; 1965) 2 May 2022 These pilots were critical for the 1990s American show, its revival, and one of my favourite shows to watch growing up, Dale's Supermarket Sweep.
294 Supermarket Sweep (partially found ABC game show; 1965-1967) 2 May 2022 Turns out Supermarket Sweep was influencing the UK well before Dale's Supermarket Sweep. In 1966, a couple and their son did a shopping spree for a charity event! Also, I somehow doubt one would get away with such gendered roles in today's shows, ha ha.
295 Takeshi's Castle (lost pilot of Japanese game show; 1986) 2 May 2022 Surprised I am seemingly the first Keshi Head on this Wiki, since I would have imagined an article on the pilot would have been written years ago. Alas, no winners this time, on Takeshi's Castle! Credit to the Keshi Heads forum for providing so much detail on the pilot too!
296 No Time to Die (lost John Hogie screenplay of James Bond film; 2018) 3 May 2022 I loved the Trainspotting films, so who knows, maybe Danny Boyle and John Hogie would have established an amazing Bond film. That said, I did enjoy the final product as a casual fan of the Bond series.
297 Clothes-Line (lost early BBC fashion talk show; 1937-1938) 3 May 2022 The first fashion show on television! Also featured perhaps the first heavily pregnant woman on television, and a rather unfortunate incident with a 1937 backless evening dress. Then again, keep in mind how conservative people were back then when it came to clothes!
298 The Man with the Flower in His Mouth (lost early BBC television drama; 1930) 3 May 2022 Not actually the first television drama, but the first in Britain! Also, I must say how impressive that 1967 recreation is!
299 1968 Tony Bettenhausen 100 (lost footage of USAC Championship Car Season race; 1968) 3 May 2022 The first IndyCar race to receive live flag-to-flag coverage, as well as be aired in colour!
300 Worms on Facebook (lost browser artillery turn-based strategy game; 2013) 4 May 2022 And there we have it folks: 300 articles! Cannot believe how much has been written since I started getting really engaged in documenting lost media! In traditional fashion, the 300th article focuses on Worms, this time a released Facebook game that sadly wasn't very successful. Ambitious project nevertheless.
301 1969 Rex Mays Classic (lost footage of USAC Championship Car Season race; 1969) 12 May 2022 So, this was one of twelve IndyCar races to be televised by TVS Television Network, with none currently being publicly available. It featured a major opening lap accident that forced Art Pollard to swap cars, ultimately winning the race!
302 1970 Rex Mays Classic (lost footage of USAC Championship Car Season race; 1970) 13 May 2022 Another TVS broadcast, featuring Joe Leonard climbing from ninth to win in the final nine laps.
303 1971 Rex Mays Classic (partially found footage of USAC Championship Car Season race; 1971) 14 May 2022 Al Unser edges out his teammate Joe Leonard to claim victory, setting a track record in the process! Some footage is available, including from a Car & Track TV episode.
304 1972 Rex Mays Classic (partially found footage of USAC Championship Car Season race; 1972) 14 May 2022 Bobby Unser dominates the race, featuring a somewhat nasty accident for Johnny Rutherford. Some home movie footage is publicly available.
305 1972 Tony Bettenhausen 200 (lost footage of USAC Championship Car Season race; 1972) 14 May 2022 The final TVS Television Network broadcast of an IndyCar race, Joe Leonard winning in dominant fashion after Mario Andretti's car caught fire during a pitstop!
306 1969 Langhorne 150 (lost footage of USAC Championship Car Season race; 1969) 15 May 2022 Bobby Unser vs Andretti, with the former coming out on top. Langhorne Speedway was known for being a fast but an especially dangerous track.
307 1970 Langhorne 150 (lost footage of USAC Championship Car Season race; 1970) 15 May 2022 Battle of the Unsers, as Bobby edges out his younger brother Al! Also, the final IndyCar race at Langhorne, with the track's dangerous reputation being clear when Sam Sessions suffered a fiery crash.
308 1970 Rocky Mountain 150 (partially found footage of USAC Championship Car Season race; 1970) 15 May 2022 Andretti dominates the majority of the race, with extreme heat being his main challenger! Some silent footage is publicly available.
309 1971 Michigan 200 (lost footage of USAC Championship Car Season race; 1971) 15 May 2022 Mark Donohue achieves a Michigan double, having won a Trans-American race the day prior!
310 1972 Michigan 200 (partially found footage of USAC Championship Car Season race; 1972) 15 May 2022 One of the most disturbing non-fatal accidents in motorsport history. At least Merle Bettenhausen got to compete in a few races afterwards, including winning a 1973 USAC National Midget Series event.
311 1970 Trenton 200 (lost footage of USAC Championship Car Season race; 1970) 16 May 2022 Lloyd Ruby wins his first USAC event since 1968, beating Mario Andretti and his new car that was a "whole new concept" at the time.
312 Doctor Who (lost build of cancelled video game based on British science-fiction television show; 2005) 24 May 2022 I haven't written about a piece of Doctor Who lost media for a while, this one detailing a little-known game based on the 2005 revival.
313 Doctor Who (lost build of cancelled Sega Mega Drive game based on British science-fiction television series; 1994) 25 May 2022 It seems that cancelled Doctor Who games are obscure, very little information surrounding this one aside from the fact Sega itself was developing it.
314 Pedro Ruiz III (partially lost footage of accidental fatal shooting during stunt recording; 2017) 25 May 2022 I will be honest, I don't know much about Mr. Ruiz, but it is extremely upsetting to learn he felt he needed to make the video to gain fame, leaving behind a loving partner and two children when it went horribly wrong. So sad, performing deadly stunts like this simply are not worth the YouTube views one would receive.
315 Mona Lisa (found Leonardo da Vinci portrait painting; 1503-1506) 26 May 2022 Amazingly, not a joke article. In fact, this incident means the Mona Lisa may well be the most famous case of lost media, ever. Lost for over two years (thus it meets our criteria!!), it almost ended up being a mainstay in Italy!
316 WCW SuperBrawl Wrestling (lost build of cancelled Sega Genesis port of professional wrestling game; 1994) 26 May 2022 Just about have enough sources to confidently state a Genesis port was being developed. Seemed to be cancelled very late on when considering Game Players claimed it would be released in the same month as that issue's publication.
317 1967 National 500 (lost footage of NASCAR Grand National Series race; 1967) 26 May 2022 Credit to NASCAR on TV listings for this one. Buddy Baker won his first Grand National Series event here.
318 1968 National 500 (lost footage of NASCAR Grand National Series race; 1968) 26 May 2022 Again, credit to NASCAR on TV for confirming a TV broadcast of this race. Charlie Glotzbach defeats David Pearson to win a rather competitive event!
319 1962 Trenton 100 (lost footage of USAC Championship Car Season race; 1962) 26 May 2022 Back to IndyCar races, and this one is special, as it was the first USAC-sanctioned event to be televised! A.J. Foyt dominated proceedings, breaking the track record in the process.
320 1962 Trenton 200 (lost footage of USAC Championship Car Season race; 1962) 26 May 2022 Don Branson achieves victory in a race deemed "spectacular" by The New York Times.
321 1963 Trenton 100 (partially found footage of USAC Championship Car Season race; 1963) 26 May 2022 Foyt wins again, while also breaking various track records in the process! The race also marked the IndyCar debut of the Lotus-Climax, one of the greatest cars in Formula One history, having guided Jim Clark to the 1963 and 1965 titles.
322 1963 Trenton 200 (lost footage of USAC Championship Car Season race; 1963) 26 May 2022 The Lotus invasion! Jim Clark and Dan Gurney were seemingly set to take victory, but sadly, they suffered from the Lotus gremlins. Foyt claimed his third Trenton victory of the year, and his third USAC title too.
323 1964 Trenton 100 (lost footage of USAC Championship Car Season race; 1964) 26 May 2022 Foyt wins his fourth consecutive Trenton race in dominant fashion. Also marked the USAC debut of one Mario Andretti.
324 1964 Golden State 100 (lost footage of USAC Championship Car Season race; 1964) 27 May 2022 A.J. Foyt was simply untouchable during the 1964 USAC Season. This was his tenth victory of that year, and another dominant one at that.
325 1965 Golden State 100 (lost footage of USAC Championship Car Season race; 1965) 27 May 2022 A three-way duel here, with Don Branson defeating Foyt and Andretti to claim his third victory of the season.
326 1965 Jimmy Bryan Memorial (lost footage of USAC Championship Car Season race; 1965) 27 May 2022 The first USAC race to be televised by CBS according to IndyCar on TV. Don Branson dominated this one, having lapped the field by the end.
327 1966 Jimmy Bryan Memorial (lost footage of USAC Championship Car Season race; 1966) 27 May 2022 Jim McElreath controlled proceedings after Mario Andretti spun-off. Thought there was fan footage of the event, but the two clips I found are from the 1966 Bobby Ball Memorial.
328 1966 Trenton 150 (partially found footage of USAC Championship Car Season race; 1966) 28 May 2022 Unlike most of the earlier Trenton races, there is some available ABC footage! Roger Ward won a rain-shortened event, in what would turn out to be his final victory.
329 1967 Trenton 150 (lost footage of USAC Championship Car Season race; 1967) 28 May 2022 Super Mario Andretti destroyed the competition here, leading from start to finish and setting two track records in the process.
330 1968 Trenton 150 (lost footage of USAC Championship Car Season race; 1968) 28 May 2022 Bobby Unser dominated this one, although Andretti did achieve a decent comeback to finish second.
331 1969 Trenton 200 (lost footage of USAC Championship Car Season race; 1969) 28 May 2022 Andretti had to perform quite the comeback to win this one, having suffered a puncture early on. Also, this race was postponed twice, and the ABC broadcast demands forced a further delay on the day the race finally commenced!
332 1972 Indianapolis 500 (partially found footage of USAC Championship Car Season race; 1972) 29 May 2022 Two parts of the Triple Crown, the Monaco Grand Prix and the Indianapolis 500, occurred on this day! To celebrate, here's probably one of the more famous cases of lost motorsport broadcasts. Only 20 minutes of the ABC telecast is known to exist, but IndyCar came very close to finding a complete version in 2016.
333 1976 Indianapolis 500 (partially found footage of USAC Championship Car Season race; 1976) 29 May 2022 The other missing Indianapolis 500 television broadcast, this race was the shortest in the event's history because of rain.
334 1970 Jimmy Bryan 150 (partially lost footage of USAC Championship Car Season race; 1970) 1 June 2022 An Unser 1-2, with Al beating his brother Bobby by some margin. Also, a rare partially lost article in this series. The YouTube video containing much of the ABC broadcast incorrectly listed it as the 1970 Bobby Ball 150. While much of the broadcast was uploaded, it cuts out with fewer than 11 laps remaining.
335 1970 Bobby Ball 150 (lost footage of USAC Championship Car Season race; 1970) 3 June 2022 Swede Savage secures his only USAC win. As mentioned previously, a broadcast of the race was said to have been uploaded to YouTube, but it was of the other Phoenix race, the 1970 Jimmy Bryan 150.
336 1971 Jimmy Bryan 150 (partially found footage of USAC Championship Car Season race; 1971) 3 June 2022 The Unsers achieve a second consecutive 1-2 at the Jimmy Bryan 150! Al again pips Bobby to win, although the latter would break the qualifying speed record for Phoenix.
337 1971 Bobby Ball 150 (lost footage of USAC Championship Car Season race; 1971) 3 June 2022 A.J. Foyt wins his first USAC Championship victory in two years! He managed to secure second position in the Championship with this win too.
338 1971 Trentonian 200 (lost footage of USAC Championship Car Season race; 1971) 4 June 2022 Mike Mosley wins his first USAC Championship race in dominant fashion! Very nearly bottled it 17 laps from the end with that spin/crash!
339 1971 Marlboro 300 (lost footage of USAC Championship Car Season race; 1971) 4 June 2022 Bobby Unser led 190 of the 200 laps, breaking the average speed record of the 300-mile race in the process! Joe Leonard also secured the 1971 title at this event.
340 1971 Schaefer 500 (partially found footage of USAC Championship Car Season race; 1971) 4 June 2022 The first IndyCar race at Pocono! Mark Donohue claimed his first win here, which was also the first for car owner Roger Penske. Credit to nascarman History for detailing the Century TeleSports Network broadcast on his Top 10 Lost IndyCar Broadcasts.
341 1972 Phoenix 150 (partially found footage of USAC Championship Car Season race; 1972) 4 June 2022 Bobby Unser generally controlled this one, although the final caution certainly went on for too long. Alas, that's the way the cookie crumbles sometimes! A British Pathé newsreel exists of this race, interestingly.
342 1972 Best Western Motels 150 (lost footage of USAC Championship Car Season race; 1972) 5 June 2022 Bobby Unser achieves a Phoenix double. Not much information regarding this race, unfortunately.
343 1972 Trentonian 200 (lost footage of USAC Championship Car Season race; 1972) 5 June 2022 Gary Bettenhausen dominated this race, with The New York Times criticising it for being an "inept affair" because of the many mechanical failures of the new 1972 cars.
344 1972 Trenton Times 300 (lost footage of USAC Championship Car Season race; 1972) 5 June 2022 Bobby Unser wins despite losing a tyre early on! Joe Leonard also secured his second consecutive title at the event.
345 1973 Schaefer 500 (partially found footage of USAC Championship Car Season race; 1973) 5 June 2022 The third Pocono race, and thankfully we have a ton of sources documenting this one! In a race of attrition, A.J. Foyt claimed victory after Roger McCluskey ran out of fuel on the final lap!
346 1973 Texas 200 (partially found footage of USAC Championship Car Season race; 1973) 5 June 2022 A controversial race here, as Al Unser was deemed unsporting for his tactics at the end of the final caution period. Additionally, Mario Andretti is said to have set a world closed course speed record of 214.158 mph, which lasted for 12 years. Interesting stuff!
347 1974 Phoenix 150 (partially found footage of USAC Championship Car Season race; 1974) 9 June 2022 Quite an interesting one here, as Mike Mosley originally failed to qualify for the event, but won it after he was allowed to compete! Maybe the win inspired the Denmark team at Euro 1992! OK, probably not.
348 1974 Trentonian 200 (partially found footage of USAC Championship Car Season race; 1974) 10 June 2022 Bobby Unser wins an event notable for its high attrition rate. Just four drivers finished the race!
349 1974 Schaefer 500 (lost footage of USAC Championship Car Season race; 1974) 10 June 2022 Johnny Rutherford became the first USAC driver to win two 500-mile events in one year, having also won the 1974 Indianapolis 500!
350 1978 Daily Express Indy Silverstone (lost footage of USAC Championship Car Season race; 1978) 11 June 2022 This is my 350th article! To celebrate, I thought I would skip ahead to when USAC hosted races in my native England for the first time! Sadly, typical English weather ruined what could have been a compelling event, ultimately won by A.J. Foyt. Also, I love the program used to promote this race.
351 1974 California 500 (partially found footage of USAC Championship Car Season race; 1974) 15 June 2022 One of the closest finishes in USAC history, as Bobby beats Al Unser to the line by 58‐hundredths of a second. Sadly, Joe Leonard suffered career-ending injuries at the event.
352 1975 Bricklin 150 (lost footage of USAC Championship Car Season race; 1975) 15 June 2022 Johnny Rutherford dominated proceedings here, in a race perhaps more notable for an apparently rubbish ABC broadcast!
353 1975 Trentonian 200 (lost footage of USAC Championship Car Season race; 1975) 16 June 2022 A.J. Foyt wins his record 50th Championship victory in dominating fashion!
354 1975 Michigan 150 (lost footage of USAC Championship Car Season race; 1975) 16 June 2022 Tom Sneva achieves a comeback after a fiery crash at that year's Indianapolis 500 to claim his first USAC Championship victory!
355 1976 Michigan 150 (lost footage of USAC Championship Car Season race; 1976) 16 June 2022 A.J. Foyt vs Gordon Johncock for this one, the former winning the duel in the end.
356 1976 Jimmy Bryan 150 (lost footage of USAC Championship Car Season race; 1976) 16 June 2022 Bobby Unser, after having broken his leg at the 1975 Michigan 150, made his return in triumphant fashion! Also, the race is notable for the appearance of Arlene Hiss, who became the first woman to qualify for an IndyCar event!
357 1976 Bobby Ball 150 (partially found footage of USAC Championship Car Season race; 1976) 17 June 2022 Al Unser wins in fine style, but Gordon Johncock's second place was enough to secure him the title at Johnny Rutherford's expense!
358 1976 Trentonian 200 (lost footage of USAC Championship Car Season race; 1976) 19 June 2022 Johnny Rutherford wins after Gordon Johncock ran out of fuel with two laps remaining! Janet Guthrie makes her IndyCar debut, and generally silenced her critics with her performance.
359 1976 Trenton Times Auto Classic (lost footage of USAC Championship Car Season race; 1976) 20 June 2022 Gordon Johncock redeems himself following his fuel issues at the previous Trenton race to claim victory here, in an event shortened by rain.
360 1976 Schaefer 500 (lost footage of USAC Championship Car Season race; 1976) 20 June 2022 Al Unser wins his first USAC Championship race in almost two years, despite experiencing several issues throughout the race! Janet Guthrie meanwhile became the first woman to compete at a 500-mile USAC event.
361 1977 Trentonian 200 (lost footage of USAC Championship Car Season race; 1977) 24 June 2022 Wally Dallenbach wins his first USAC Championship race since the 1973 California 500, after overtaking Gordon Johncock with six laps remaining!
362 1978 Daily Mail Indy Trophy (partially found CBS and BBC One footage of USAC Championship Car Season race; 1978) 24 June 2022 My 200th article for 2022! To celebrate, I think it is time to document the other USAC race in England! Some will note the CBS broadcast is mostly available, but there is also a BBC One broadcast that is completely missing. It features the commentary from one Murray Walker!
363 1977 Michigan Grand Prix (lost footage of USAC Championship Car Season race; 1977) 25 June 2022 Gordon Johncock takes victory in his native Michigan after taking the lead five laps before the end.
364 1977 Jimmy Bryan 150 (lost footage of USAC Championship Car Season race; 1977) 25 June 2022 Controversy folks, as winner Johnny Rutherford and Gordon Johncock got into a fistfight post-race! Triggered by an incident in the event where Johncock felt he was forced off the track.
365 1977 Rex Mays Classic (lost footage of USAC Championship Car Season race; 1977) 25 June 2022 Haven't documented a race at the Milwaukee Mile for a while. Anyhow, Johnny Rutherford generally controlled this one, though Gordon Johncock suffered a serious crash that required hospital treatment. Seeing as he returned to race two weeks later, I'd imagine it was not as serious as The New York Times claimed it was.
366 1977 Texas Grand Prix (lost footage of USAC Championship Car Season race; 1977) 26 June 2022 Back to Texas, with Tom Sneva edging out Al Unser late-on.
367 1977 American Parts 200 (lost footage of USAC Championship Car Season race; 1977) 26 June 2022 Johnny Rutherford dominated this one, having led 81 of the 100 laps.
368 1977 Schaefer 500 (lost footage of USAC Championship Car Season race; 1977) 27 June 2022 Again, it appears the Schaefer 500 races have the most available information about them. Tom Sneva edges out Mario Andretti, the latter almost colliding with his pit crew during a botched attempt to stop at his pit area!
369 1978 Coors 200 (lost footage of USAC Championship Car Season race; 1978) 27 June 2022 Now, most 1978 races are publicly available, so not many to discuss here on this Wiki. Danny Ongais dominated this one after having achieving the final lead change less than halfway through.
370 1978 Norton Twin 200 (lost footage of USAC Championship Car Season race; 1978) 27 June 2022 That should be it for 1978 races. Johnny Rutherford dominated the race after having led more than half of it.
371 1979 Arizona Republic / Jimmy Bryan 150 (partially found footage of SCCA/CART IndyCar Series race; 1979) 29 June 2022 Yep, we are now moving into the CART era of IndyCar! Despite this being the first ever CART race, the NBC broadcast is completely missing, which I find weird considering how most 1978/1979 races are publicly available. I say it ranks alongside the 1962 Trenton 100, the 1978 Daily Express Indy Silverstone, and the lost Indy 500 broadcasts as an IndyCar holy grail.
372 1979 Gould Grand Prix (lost footage of SCCA/CART IndyCar Series race; 1979) 30 June 2022 Not much information on this one, Bobby Unser led 49 of the 75 laps to win.
373 1979 California 500 (lost footage of SCCA/CART IndyCar Series race; existence unconfirmed; 1979) 30 June 2022 Bobby Unser wins, with Rick Mears and Mario Andretti helping to achieve the first ever instance of teammates finishing 1-3 at a 500-mile championship car race! Unless I am very much mistaken, this is the final 1970s IndyCar race broadcast I will document, and the only one according to IndyCar on TV which has yet to have its existence be confirmed.
374 1980 Norton Twin 200 (lost footage of CART PPG IndyCar World Series race; 1980) 2 July 2022 It has been seven years since I wrote about and published Worms Battle Rally on the old Lost Media Wikia, my first lost media article! Quite fitting then that this race took place in July, with Johnny Rutherford edging out Bobby Unser to win.
375 1980 Tony Bettenhausen 200 (lost footage of CART PPG IndyCar World Series race; 1980) 2 July 2022 Johnny Rutherford claims victory in a race featuring heavy crashes from Mike Mosley and long-term leader Al Unser. The NBC coverage was cited as an example as to why motor racing was less popular compared to other sports back then.
376 1980 Primera Copa Mexico 150 (lost footage of CART PPG IndyCar World Series race; 1980) 2 July 2022 Now this is interesting, as while the first CART-sanctioned race in Mexico received no television coverage in America, it did get broadcast on Mexican television. Perhaps a lesser-known IndyCar broadcast holy grail? Anyhow, Rick Mears fended off teammate Bobby Unser to win.
377 1980 Miller High Life 150 (partially found footage of CART PPG IndyCar World Series race; 1980) 2 July 2022 A race perhaps most famous for Johnny Rutherford's terrifying crash! He was fortunate though, especially when considering the extensive damage to his helmet! Elsewhere, Tom Sneva controlled proceedings to claim victory.
378 1981 Kraco Car Stereo 150 (lost CART PPG IndyCar World Series race; 1981) 2 July 2022 Johnny Rutherford with another commanding win here, with seemingly only Bobby Unser capable of challenging him somewhat.
379 1916-1922 Universal Film Trophy Races (lost footage of AAA races; 1916-1922) 3 July 2022 Collection of IndyCar races that were filmed by Universal Films and showcased across the United States. The 1916 race is known for two tragic accidents that overall claimed the lives of three drivers, two mechanics, and possibly up to two spectators.
380 1996 Las Vegas 500K (partially lost footage of IRL Season race; 1996) 3 July 2022 Richie Hearn picks up his sole IndyCar win, in a race that featured three serious accidents. ABC's broadcast is interesting... the East Coast version ends 68 laps before the finish due to time constraints. The West Coast version is complete, but sadly is not currently publicly available. Maybe that copy from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Racing Museum will surface one day.
381 Dan Wheldon (partially lost on-board footage of fatal IndyCar crash; 2011) 3 July 2022 A terrible accident. Apparently, some viewing IndyCar Mobile's livestream saw the horrific final on-board moments. This footage has since been withheld, with the exception of a few extra seconds shown in a Nerve Center episode.
382 Robert Kubica's 2010 Japanese Grand Prix Q3 lap (lost audio of Formula One qualifying lap; 2010) 4 July 2022 Considered one of the greatest laps in Formula One history. The on-board footage has been found, but the audio is messed up as it is overlapped by a compilation of three on-boards. There are other videos of Kubica at the circuit on YouTube, but they are not the lap in question.
383 England 1-0 Scotland (lost footage of Schools' International football match; 1952) 4 July 2022 This match may well be the first to be televised in Scotland, beating out the Arsenal-Hibernian game by a few weeks.
384 Donkey Does F1 (partially found photos of Shrek character inflatable at Formula One races; 2004) 5 July 2022 Gutted All Things Lost did his Shrek video before I made this one, as this was absolutely worthy of a mention! With all those dark articles I have written, writing something light-hearted like this is a breath of fresh air. Included some photos here, mainly of the drivers signing Donkey. There is also a image of Donkey with two Jordan mechanics floating around somewhere... it is a tad too risqué for inclusion on the Lost Media Wiki, ha ha.
385 1985-1986 WFA Cup (lost list of entries for football tournament; 1985) 6 July 2022 The opening match of the 2022 UEFA Women's Euros began not long after this article was written! Anyhow, that tournament made me interested in what missing women's football media there is, and unsurprisingly considering the FA's apathy, there is a lot. For instance, there is no known surviving entries list for this tournament, so we have no idea about how many teams competed, nor most of the First Round games. The Final was won by Norwich Ladies 4-3 against Doncaster Belles.
386 Real Madrid 3-0 Racing Santander (lost footage of La Liga football match; 1954) 9 July 2022 The first football match to be televised in Spain! Real Madrid were about to enter a golden age lasting primarily from 1955-1960, although some say it extended to 1966.
387 Atlético Madrid 1-1 Real Madrid (lost footage of El Derbi Madrileño La Liga football match; 1958) 9 July 2022 This was the first match to be televised live in Spain! Real Madrid held on to claim its sixth La Liga title. Nowadays, all La Liga matches are televised live.
388 Real Madrid 1-0 Barcelona (partially found footage of El Clásico La Liga football match; 1959) 9 July 2022 Finally, the first televised El Clásico, as well as the first football match broadcast in the Catalan region! Barcelona lost the fight, but ultimately won the war, earning its first La Liga title in seven years.
389 1971 WFA Cup Final (partially found footage of football match; 1971) 11 July 2022 Having recently obtained a copy of A History of the Women's FA Cup Final, it is only appropriate to resume documenting the lost WFA Cup media. This was the first WFA Cup Final, won by a dominant Southampton side that would go on to be finalists in every WFA Cup season in the 1970s! Really cool stuff here, and although not televised, a few cameras were present at the ground. Based on the book's mention of "surviving footage", it is likely most of the footage captured is missing, sadly.
390 1976 WFA Cup Final (partially found footage of football match; 1976) 14 July 2022 The first WFA Cup Final to be televised, with 20 minutes on BBC One's Cup Final Grandstand. Also kickstarted the Southampton-QPR trilogy, the latter winning its fifth crown here! Seems the uncut footage is pretty much gone sadly, based on A History of the Women's FA Cup Final's note of only finding "surviving footage" despite its extensive research.
391 1977 WFA Cup Final (lost footage of football match; 1977) 14 July 2022 The second in the Southampton-QPR trilogy, and this time, the latter wins thanks to a great strike from Carrie Staley and some nice goalkeeping from Pat Napier. Speaking of Staley, she received a rather infamous request from a newspaper photographer, which would not be acceptable in today's society.
392 1978 WFA Cup Final (lost footage of football match; 1978) 14 July 2022 The trilogy concludes with Southampton destroying QPR! It is unclear whether the BBC televised any portion of the match, but Southern Television most likely did.
393 1979 WFA Cup Final (lost footage of football match; 1979) 15 July 2022 Southampton wins once more, but I must say it feels surreal to be talking about Lowestoft on here! Some footage was shown on Multi-Coloured Swap Shop, which is a problem sadly as that show suffered badly from BBC's wiping practices.
394 EastEnders (lost broadcast tapes of BBC soap opera; 1986; 1989) 15 July 2022 For casual EastEnders fans, this may be quite the surprise. While all episodes exist in some form, 97 and 497's master tapes no longer exist in BBC's archives! That said, a master copy of 497 is rumoured to be stored at the British Film Institute, though obtaining it is easier said than done.
395 Arsenal 1-1 Sheffield United (lost radio commentary of football match; 1927) 16 July 2022 Ever heard of the phrase "Back to square one"? It is believed it originated from this football match, the first to receive radio commentary. A square system was used to note where the ball was, and cancelled plays usually resulted in action going "back to square one"!
396 IROC I (partially found footage of stock car races; 1973-1974) 16 July 2022 Might work on the missing IROC broadcasts eventually. But for now, thought I would detail the first IROC season, which was won by Mark Donohue in rather dominating fashion. Races 2 and 3 have been uploaded to YouTube courtesy of SMIFF TV. Whether 1 and 4 will resurface remains to be seen.
397 Not Only... But Also (partially found BBC sketch comedy show; 1965-1966; 1970) 17 July 2022 If you think the BBC's wiping of early Doctor Who episodes was bad, you will be frustrated with the backstory surrounding Not Only... But Also's lost episodes. Indeed, the show could have remained intact had the BBC accepted Peter Cook's offer. I have no idea why they refused said offer, other than red tape I suppose!
398 Brendan Behan's 1956 Panorama interview (lost interview footage of Irish playwright; 1956) 17 July 2022 Oh, this was a jolly fantastic one to write about! Ever wanted to learn about the first known instance of a certain expletive being uttered on British television? Well, here you go!
399 The Chase (partially found unaired Fox pilots for rejected American version of British game show; 2012) 18 July 2022 The Chase is on! Or, it would have been were it not for a Fox higher-up reshuffle. Based on the available introduction for Mark Labbett's pilot, I honestly wouldn't have enjoyed this dramatised spin-off.
400 1948 Summer Olympics (partially found television coverage of London Games; 1948) 19 July 2022 And there we have it folks: 400 articles! I did consider writing another Worms article, but I felt it wouldn't be interesting enough unlike the other Worms articles. Thus, I decided to go and write about perhaps one of BBC's greatest accomplishments. First Summer Olympics that the BBC televised, with a few other milestones, including regarding football, being made.
401 Robot Wars: Series 8 (partially found Science Channel reruns of robot combat game show; 2018) 25 July 2022 The road to 500 begins, starting with a strange "Americanised" version of Series 8 of Robot Wars. Not sure why it was necessary to replace Jonathan Pearce's commentary, and it seems a lot agree with me. Overall, an unsuccessful US debut, with only the first episode being fully found.
402 1950 FA Cup Final (partially found footage of football match; 1950) 28 July 2022 After discovering that almost all televised matches featuring commentary from Jimmy Jewell are sadly gone forever, I can now document the 1950 FA Cup Final. Arsenal won its third Cup, defeating Liverpool via two goals from Reg Lewis.
403 1951 FA Cup Final (partially found footage of football match; 1951) 29 July 2022 Newcastle United's Jackie Milburn secures his side's fourth FA Cup! This will probably be the latest FA Cup Final I will do, as the 1953 edition onwards are all available, while 1952's coverage never happened as the BBC were banned from televising it for some reason by the FA Council.
404 1973 WFA Cup Final (lost footage of football match; 1973) 29 July 2022 Southampton claims its third consecutive WFA Cup by beating Scottish side Westthorn United 2-0. Thanks to correspondence with A History of the Women's FA Cup Final author Chris Slegg, more information surrounding WFA Cup Final broadcasts has been found. Footage of this Final was recorded, but it is unknown if it was televised.
405 1974 WFA Cup Final (lost footage of football match; 1974) 29 July 2022 Fodens pulls off one of the biggest WFA Cup Final upsets by handing Southampton its first ever loss! Footage certainly exists, with one Fodens player owning a copy of it. Whether it will publicly resurface remains unclear.
406 1982 WFA Cup Final (lost footage of football match; 1982) 30 July 2022 Truly, the greatest sporting day in the history of the most easterly town in Britain! Very proud of the Lowestoft team indeed. Some brief highlights apparently were on World of Sport, but they alongside the full tape haven't resurfaced.
407 Railroad Tycoon (lost builds of cancelled Super Nintendo and Sega Mega Drive ports of PC business simulation game; 1993) 30 July 2022 I remember the blues music on Railroad Tycoon II, it is what made it so memorable in my opinion. Anyhow, both SNES and Mega Drive ports were in development between 1992-93, although neither were released. Unclear if a Genesis port was being developed, but I would imagine it was.
408 Manchester United Championship Soccer (lost build of Sega Mega Drive port of football game; 1995) 1 August 2022 Posted this just a day after attending the game where football FINALLY CAME HOME!! Very proud of the England Lionesses, so glad I got to be at Wembley for quite possibly a once in a lifetime moment. Anyhow, more football lost media, with amazingly a cancelled Mega Drive port of a football game! Very odd, considering football games were highly popular on the Mega Drive, not to mention the name Manchester United should sell units alone.
409 Coronation Street "Episode 1202" (lost episode of ITV soap opera; 1972) 3 August 2022 Surprised there were no articles on lost Coronation Street media until now. This is the only standard episode to be missing, possibly being destroyed or ending up too badly damaged to survive.
410 Pardon the Expression (lost pilots of Coronation Street sitcom spin-off; 1965) 3 August 2022 Speaking of Coronation Street, there were two pilots of the sitcom spin-off Pardon the Expression, starring Arthur Lowe as Leonard Swindley. Not much is known, although a script entitled "The Presentation" may well have been used for one of the two pilots.
411 Neil Shanahan (lost footage of fatal British Formula Ford Zetec Championship crash; 1999) 4 August 2022 Horrible accident that claimed the life of a driver tipped to be the next Eddie Irvine.
412 Elmer Trett (lost footage of fatal Top Fuel Motorcycle drag racing crash; 1996) 4 August 2022 Terrible accident that claimed the life of one of the biggest names in motorcycle drag racing history.
413 Roy Weaver III (lost footage of fatal IPOWER Dash Series accident; 2004) 5 August 2022 This time, a horrible collision at speed that took the life of a veteran track marshal.
414 María De Villota (lost footage of fatal Formula One crash; 2012) 6 August 2022 Horrible accident that not only ended De Villota's racing career, but would also claim her life a year afterwards due to the neurological damage she suffered. I and others consider this therefore to be a fatal accident. Audio from it is publicly available, but footage is likely to remain with HSE.
415 1985 Atlanta ARCA 500K (found footage of ARCA Permatex SuperCar Series race; 1985) 6 August 2022 Davey Allison claims victory late-on, in a race infamous for Stuart Lyndon's fatal accident. While the race was not televised, a tape was known to exist. It was eventually recovered in July 2020.
416 1953 Italian Grand Prix (partially found footage of Formula One World Championship race; 1953) 7 August 2022 Yep, we are going for it! The Formula One project truly starts here, and what a beginning it is indeed! A classic race between Fangio, Ascari, Farina, and Marimón, with Fangio winning after a kerfuffle on the last corner of the last lap! The final F1 race to be held under Formula 2 regulations, Ferrari stated this was going to be their last official race! An issue of La Stampa claims the race received some live television coverage.
417 1954 British Grand Prix (partially found footage of Formula One World Championship race; 1954) 7 August 2022 José Froilán González dominated this race to claim his second and last Formula One victory. Thanks to BBC Genome, documenting BBC broadcasts of F1 races is going to be relatively easy.
418 1954 Italian Grand Prix (partially found footage of Formula One World Championship race; 1954) 7 August 2022 Juan Manuel Fangio wins in a fortunate affair, as it seemed both Maserati's Stirling Moss and one-off Ferrari driver Alberto Ascari were more likely to win! Also, the streamliner Mercedes-Benz W196 looks absolutely magnificent.
419 1955 Monaco Grand Prix (partially found footage of Formula One World Championship race; 1955) 10 August 2022 After writing two Indianapolis 500 races, time to document another part of the Triple Crown of Motorsport! Maurice Trintignant claims an unlikely win for Ferrari, especially when considering the performances of Mercedes and Lancia's Alberto Ascari. This was also Ascari's final race, which ended with a splash... quite a lot of footage is available, but the all-important TMC coverage is not.
420 1955 Dutch Grand Prix (partially found footage of Formula One World Championship race; 1955) 10 August 2022 Juan Manuel Fangio and Stirling Moss made it an easy 1-2 for Mercedes-Benz, meaning that Mercedes dominance in Formula One is not a recent concept. From a television standpoint, it was apparently the first to receive full live coverage.
421 1955 Italian Grand Prix (partially found footage of Formula One World Championship race; 1955) 11 August 2022 This race marked the end of Mercedes' original run in Formula One. It would not make a return until it supplied engines to Sauber in 1994, and finally returned as a constructor in 2010. Juan Manuel Fangio and Piero Taruffi made sure Mercedes ended its last race in style.
422 1956 Monaco Grand Prix (partially found footage of Formula One World Championship race; 1956) 13 August 2022 Stirling Moss claims his first continental victory, after holding out a fast-closing Juan Manuel Fangio in a Lancia-Ferrari... Fangio driving for Ferrari still doesn't sound right to me after all these years!
423 1956 Belgian Grand Prix (partially found footage of Formula One World Championship race; 1956) 13 August 2022 Peter Collins claims his first Formula One victory, winning in dominating fashion after Juan Manuel Fangio and Stirling Moss both encountered trouble.
424 1956 French Grand Prix (partially found footage of Formula One World Championship race; 1956) 13 August 2022 Peter Collins takes his second consecutive win, edging out teammate Eugenio Castellotti in the process. Interestingly, Team Lotus founder Colin Chapman drove a Vanwall for the event!
425 1956 British Grand Prix (partially found footage of Formula One World Championship race; 1956) 14 August 2022 Juan Manuel Fangio takes victory despite suffering ill health throughout! For a while, it look liked the British were about to start their period of dominance... that will have to wait a little while, however. Also, the second race of one Jack Brabham.
426 1956 Italian Grand Prix (partially found footage of Formula One World Championship race; 1956) 15 August 2022 Stirling Moss manages fuel and tyre issues to claim victory in a race famous for something one will probably never see in Formula One again. Peter Collins is, arguably, the most sporting driver in Formula One history.
427 1957 Monaco Grand Prix (partially found footage of Formula One World Championship race; 1957) 16 August 2022 Juan Manuel Fangio completely dominated this one. Overall, it wasn't a good race for the top British drivers of the era...
428 1957 British Grand Prix (partially found footage of Formula One World Championship race; 1957) 16 August 2022 Formula One history was made here, as Stirling Moss took the first World Championship win achieved with a British car! Decades later, McLaren and Williams would dominate much of the 1980s and 1990s.
429 F1 2000 (lost pre-release builds of Formula One game; 2000) 16 August 2022 Seems F1 2010 wasn't the only Formula One game to have a pre-release version containing the previous season's cars! Closest one can get to playing this version with the 1999 cars is to gain a copy of F1 Challenge '99-'02.
430 1958 Monaco Grand Prix (partially found footage of Formula One World Championship race; 1958) 17 August 2022 Maurice Trintignant claims another unlikely win, this time for Cooper-Climax! The rear engine revolution is starting. Also, quite a lot of notable debuts, including Graham Hill, Maria Teresa de Filippis, and a certain individual called Bernie Ecclestone...
431 1958 French Grand Prix (partially found footage of Formula One World Championship race; 1958) 17 August 2022 Mike Hawthorn achieves what was ultimately his final Formula One victory. The race marked Juan Manuel Fangio's final start too, as well as Phil Hill's first. Sadly, the event is also known for Luigi Musso's fatal accident.
432 1958 British Grand Prix (partially found footage of Formula One World Championship race; 1958) 18 August 2022 Peter Collins claims his third and final Formula One victory in dominant fashion. Sadly, he would suffer a fatal accident a race later at the German Grand Prix. From a television standpoint, we actually have some BBC footage! Re-broadcast in 1987, it raises speculation that the BBC might hold its full coverage of the race still.
433 1958 Italian Grand Prix (partially found footage of Formula One World Championship race; 1958) 18 August 2022 Tony Brooks makes a comeback to take victory from Mike Hawthorn! Hawthorn nevertheless requires just a point from the next race to secure the title!
434 Comedy Premiere (lost ATV comedy series; 1975) 22 August 2022 Collection of comedy pilots (and a one-off episode of The Kids from 47A) that were never followed up by full series. Among those include perhaps the last acting role on television for Bob Grant, most known for On the Buses.
435 Down the 'Gate (partially found ITV comedy series; 1975-1976) 22 August 2022 Thought I would check if any of the other On the Buses stars were involved in other projects with lost media. And here we are! It was thanks to Reg Varney himself that we actually have any surviving episodes of the show at all.
436 Advanced Driving with Graham Hill (lost ITV motoring series; 1974) 22 August 2022 Graham Hill I feel is underrated sometimes, especially when considering he is currently the only person to achieve the Triple Crown of Motorsport. Whereas his book of the same name is available, his TV show is not only missing, but is hardly mentioned at all nowadays. Quite obscure indeed.
437 Carlisle United 2-1 Plymouth Argyle (partially found footage of Football League Third Division match; 1999) 23 August 2022 One of the most famous matches ever. To those who may not be football fans, or otherwise do not understand why this match is so remarkable, I give you two words... Jimmy Glass.
438 1956 Southern Junior Floodlight Cup Final (lost footage of football match; 1956) 23 August 2022 The first football match to be televised live by ITV! Very difficult to find any information on the match itself, however.
439 Chelsea 2-0 Sparta Prague (lost footage of international football match; 1957) 23 August 2022 An early match televised by ITV, as well as Chelsea's first public game to occur under Stamford Bridge's floodlights!
440 Bedford Town 1-2 Arsenal (partially found footage of FA Cup match; 1956) 23 August 2022 Interesting that Bedford Town has now been featured in three Lost Media Wiki articles, first in discussing the times it hosted WFA Cup Finals, and now an FA Cup replay where it came damn close to pulling off a major upset! ITV provided live coverage, but it didn't go very well...
441 Chelsea 1-1 Burnley (partially found footage of FA Cup match; 1956) 27 August 2022 Prior to 1991, FA Cup matches could be replayed multiple times... perhaps this explains why introducing penalty shootouts was a good idea!
442 West Ham United 1-2 Tottenham Hotspur (partially found footage of FA Cup match; 1956) 27 August 2022 Another early FA Cup game to be televised by ITV, with Tottenham coming out on top in a competitive game. A highlights package was made publicly available, though Spurs' first goal is absent for unknown reasons.
443 1980 WFA Cup Final (lost footage of football match; 1980) 27 August 2022 St Helens are more synonymous with rugby than any other sport. However, it does have one football triumph to boast about!
444 1981 WFA Cup Final (lost footage of football match; 1981) 28 August 2022 Southampton claims its eighth and final WFA Cup in its original form. An end of an era indeed.
445 Blue Peter (partially found segments of Robot Wars teams on children's television series; 1998) 28 August 2022 Some more Robot Wars lost media, this time featuring Dartford Girls Grammar and Bodmin Community College on Blue Peter. The only footage currently available was actually recovered from a previous piece of lost media, Episode 1 of Robot Wars Revealed.
446 See Hear (lost appearance of Robot Wars team on BBC magazine show; 1999) 28 August 2022 See Hear seems fantastic for what it provides. One episode featured Team Berserk, who introduced Berserk 2 for the first time. Berserk 2 notably gave Hypno-Disc its first real challenge!
447 Savile's Travels (partially found Jimmy Savile radio show; 1968-1973) 28 August 2022 Back to documenting the most evil man in the history of British television... and radio too, sadly. By far the most disturbing yet, with 45 recordings of Savile allegedly behaving inappropriately on the show and during off-air moments. Three others were uploaded to YouTube in October-November 2012, one by Channel 4 News. Needless to say, listener discretion is strongly advised.
448 San Lorenzo de Almagro 1-1 River Plate (lost footage of Argentine Primera División football match; 1951) 29 August 2022 The first football match to be televised in Argentina! José Maravilla made history by scoring the first goal shown on Argentine television, but had no idea until many years later.
449 Lowestoft Town 3-0 AFC Hornchurch (partially found footage of Isthmian League Premier Division play-off final; 2014) 29 August 2022 I suppose this must be the second greatest day in Lowestoft football history, after the 1982 WFA Cup Final!
450 Captain Midnight broadcast signal intrusions (partially lost real-time footage of television hijacks; 1986) 1 September 2022 For my 450th article, I thought documenting one of the most famous television hijacks would be appropriate. This intrusion would remain missing until 2013! But why is this "partially lost", you may ask? A week earlier, John R. MacDougall hijacked HBO's signal for a test run... which occurred well past midnight, with very few viewers witnessing it! Yeah, might be a difficult one to find, ha.
451 Colin Scott (lost death footage at Yellowstone National Park hot spring; 2016) 2 September 2022 Terrible accident that claimed the life of a Psychology graduate. It emphasises the importance of following Yellowstone regulations and keeping to the beaten track, as sadly over 20 people have died from hot springs at the park since 1890.
452 Atomic Sunrise Festival (partially found footage and soundtrack of British music festival; 1970) 2 September 2022 Watch this space the long-awaited film by Adrian Everett will finally be publicly released via a stream next year! An important event for glam, prog, and heavy rock, particularly if one is a fan of Genesis, Hawkwind, and a former acoustic guitarist called David Bowie.
453 PSV Eindhoven 2-1 E.V.V. Eindhoven (lost footage of Netherlands Football League Championship match; 1950) 2 September 2022 I thought the first live televised football match in the Netherlands was a game featuring the national side against Sweden. Ultimately, it turns out the Lichtstad Derby beat it to the punch by about two years!
454 Netherlands 0-0 Sweden (lost footage of international football match; 1952) 2 September 2022 The first live televised international football match in the Netherlands, as well as the first in general to be televised across the country! A shame that it was seemingly a boring game, though.
455 The Big Breakfast (lost appearance of Robot Wars team on Channel 4 breakfast show; 1998) 2 September 2022 Another obscure appearance that probably helped promote Robot Wars before its first series. Does make me wonder just how many Robot Wars teams made appearances on other shows that we currently don't know about. All of them are highly valued by the Robot Wars Wiki, it must be said!
456 Bullseye (partially found John Cooper episode of British game show; 1989) 3 September 2022 A seemingly innocent episode of a British game show holding a dark secret that would go unnoticed for decades. It is amazing just how well the sketch resembles John Cooper.
457 National Professional Soccer League (partially found footage of soccer matches; 1967) 4 September 2022 The birth of modern professional football in the United States- Wait, soccer, that's the one! It didn't go particularly well though, considering it was the outlaw league facing the FIFA-backed but still struggling United Soccer Association! What a mess, I must say, and CBS' coverage didn't really improve things much.
458 Stade de Reims 2-1 FC Metz (partially found footage of French Division 1 football match; 1956) 7 September 2022 This encounter was the first league match to be televised live in a France, during a period where Stade de Reims was a European powerhouse!
459 1952 Coupe de France Final (partially found footage of football match; 1952) 8 September 2022 The first football match to be televised live in France, and what a match! Nice and Bordeaux put on an eight-goal thriller, which certainly convinced many of the nay-sayers about airing football!
460 France 3-1 West Germany (partially found footage of international football match; 1952) 8 September 2022 The first international football match to be televised live in France, with Les Bleus overcoming one of its big rivals.
461 France 6-3 Belgium (partially found footage of FIFA World Cup qualifying match; 1956) 9 September 2022 Think this shall mark the end of lost French football broadcasts for now, France defeating Belgium on-route towards qualifying for the 1958 FIFA World Cup. A taped 45-minute broadcast was crucial for that RTF being allowed to provide live coverage of the Stade de Reims-FC Metz match.
462 1958 Moroccan Grand Prix (partially found footage of Formula One World Championship race; 1958) 10 September 2022 Stirling Moss won the battle, but Mike Hawthorn won the war, becoming Britain's first World Champion over Moss by one point. This marked Hawthorn's final race too. Sadly, the race is also known for Stuart Lewis-Evans' fatal accident, which contributed to Vanwall leaving the sport.
463 1959 Monaco Grand Prix (partially found footage of Formula One World Championship race; 1959) 10 September 2022 The beginning of the Jack Brabham/Cooper-Climax era, although it seemed the race was easily heading Stirling Moss' way. Additionally, a proportion of a live Dutch broadcast was subject to a telerecording! The oldest known available remnants of a live Formula One broadcast I believe.
464 1959 British Grand Prix (partially found footage of Formula One World Championship race; 1959) 11 September 2022 Jack Brabham dominated this one, leading every lap without any real competition. Also, one of the few Formula One races not to feature Ferrari!
465 1959 Portuguese Grand Prix (partially found footage of Formula One World Championship race; 1959) 11 September 2022 Stirling Moss strikes back with a masterclass of a performance. Jack Brabham suffered a scary accident at this race, he was lucky to escape unhurt!
466 1959 Italian Grand Prix (partially found footage of Formula One World Championship race; 1959) 12 September 2022 Ferrari's modern race strategies have come under fire recently. But back in the 1950s... they were honestly not much better! Stirling Moss wins after out-smarting the Ferraris in terms of tyre conservation, with Cooper also securing the Constructors' Championship. Also, unless I am very much mistaken, this will be the last article surrounding a 1950s Formula One television broadcast! Onwards now to the 1960s, which will probably make the bulk of the F1 articles on this Wiki.
467 1955 24 Hours of Le Mans (partially found footage of World Sports Car Championship race; 1955) 15 September 2022 I suspect even non-racing fans may have heard of this one... still, aside from documenting that moment, it is also important to detail the race itself, with Jaguar winning out against Ferrari and Mercedes in the end. The event received a ton of coverage from the Eurovision Network, five hours of which were televised live. A huge achievement for the time period.
468 1960 Monaco Grand Prix (partially found footage of Formula One World Championship race; 1960) 16 September 2022 Stirling Moss claims the first ever World Championship win for Lotus! In a race also marking the debut of John Surtees, a few partially live broadcasts occurred. This included the BBC, but no more Radio Times issues scans I'm afraid, as no scans from the 1960s onwards are on BBC Genome.
469 1960 Dutch Grand Prix (partially found footage of Formula One World Championship race; 1960) 16 September 2022 A granite square decided that Jack Brabham should be the victor in a duel involving Stirling Moss. The race also marked the debut of two-time champion Jim Clark, was fully televised live by Belgian channel BRT. Sadly, the race featured an accident triggered by a brakes failure from Dan Gurney's BRM, which would hit and kill fan Piet Aalder.
470 1960 French Grand Prix (partially found footage of Formula One World Championship race; 1960) 17 September 2022 Jack Brabham takes his third consecutive World Championship victory, after beating out the Ferraris deemed the favourites due to their higher top speeds. Brabham considered it his "most satisfying" race, primarily because of his duel with Phil Hill!
471 1960 British Grand Prix (partially found footage of Formula One World Championship race; 1960) 18 September 2022 Heading up to Silverstone soon for some British Touring Car Championship action! Anyhow, Jack Brabham claims his fourth consecutive World Championship victory, but my word was Graham Hill unlucky, having achieved a major comeback from last to first only for brake issues to rob him in the end. This I believe is the first race to be televised by ITV, but the ITV Sport Archive indicates the broadcast hasn't survived.
472 1960 Portuguese Grand Prix (partially found footage of Formula One World Championship race; 1960) 18 September 2022 Jack Brabham makes it five-in-a-row, with this win also securing his second consecutive Drivers' Championship! That's it for the 1960 Formula One Season.
473 1961 Monaco Grand Prix (partially found footage of Formula One World Championship race; 1961) 21 September 2022 Stirling Moss with a masterclass of a performance, holding off three Ferraris to claim his third Monaco Grand Prix victory! The race was also the first to be televised by CBS, with its taped coverage being available on YouTube! That said, there's more to be found, particularly the full live coverage from RAI and ORTF.
474 1961 Dutch Grand Prix (partially found footage of Formula One World Championship race; 1961) 22 September 2022 Wolfgang von Trips takes his first World Championship victory! This race is perhaps best-known for its statistics: it was the first World Championship event to feature no retirements, and the only full-length race to have no pitstops! Only one other race can claim to have no pitstops, which is the 2021 Belgian Grand Prix... which yeah, shouldn't really count in the grand scheme of things.
475 1961 Belgian Grand Prix (partially found footage of Formula One World Championship race; 1961) 23 September 2022 A highly successful outing for Ferrari, with Phil Hill leading an amazing 1-4 finish!
476 1961 French Grand Prix (partially found footage of Formula One World Championship race; 1961) 26 September 2022 Back from a brilliant Silverstone weekend. Anyhow, Giancarlo Baghetti makes his World Championship debut, and wins after edging out Dan Gurney! Based on the race reports, this event is certainly one to remember for all the right reasons!
477 1961 Italian Grand Prix (partially found footage of Formula One World Championship race; 1961) 28 September 2022 Phil Hill claims victory, also becoming the first American to win the World Championship. Sadly, this race is the darkest day in Formula One history, because of a crash that claimed the lives of Wolfgang von Trips and 15 spectators.
478 1961 United States Grand Prix (lost footage of Formula One World Championship race; 1961) 1 October 2022 Final race of the 1961 Season ends with Innes Ireland claiming his sole World Championship victory, and Team Lotus' first. Also marked the final World Championship start for Stirling Moss, and interestingly enough, business tycoon Howard Hughes' final public appearance.
479 1967 FA Cup Final (partially found footage of football match; 1967) 1 October 2022 Now this one may come as a surprise for some football fans. Indeed, one would think the full match coverage, featuring Tottenham Hotspur defeating Chelsea 2-1 to claim its fifth Cup, would be preserved seeing as telerecordings were more common by this point. Alas, an apathetic BBC and ITV's poor archiving has led to a large portion of the match, especially from the second-half, being lost to time!
480 1968 Football League Cup Final (partially found footage of football match; 1968) 2 October 2022 Leeds United claims its first ever major trophy after beating Arsenal 1-0. This was also the first League Cup Final to be televised by ITV, although it seems to have suffered the same fate as its 1967 FA Cup Final coverage.
481 Michele Alboreto's 1991 testing accident (found footage of Formula One test session crash; 1991) 5 October 2022 Rather chilling crash in hindsight, as while Michelle Alboreto would escape with only needing fifteen stitches to his leg, it looked incredibly similar to Ayrton Senna's crash three years later. Goes to show that the latter's crash could have been avoided if the warning signs over Tamburello's safety were detected. Footage was missing for many years until it was unearthed last year from a 1994 Italia 1 broadcast.
482 1970 FA Cup Final Replay (partially found original ITV coverage of football match; 1970) 5 October 2022 Who said Chelsea didn't have history until recently? The blues gained their first FA Cup here against Leeds United, in one of the most brutal affairs in football history! It is the third most-watched match in British history, behind only the 1966 FIFA World Cup and UEFA EURO 2020 Finals. But whereas the BBC coverage is widely available, most of the original ITV airing is lost. ITV has lost much of its early football coverage. When the BBC is better at preserving something, there's a problem...
483 Catchphrase (lost pilot of revived ITV game show; 2012) 6 October 2022 Loved Catchphrase back in the day, where all one had to do was "say what you see" as Roy Walker put it! Snake Charmer... anyhow, this pilot led to a revival hosted by Stephen Mulhern. Based on the few episodes I have seen of it, it is alright.
484 Catchphrase (partially found pilots of ITV game show; 1985) 7 October 2022 Prior to its debut in 1986, Catchphrase had six different pilots featuring host candidates like Bob Monkhouse, Nick Owen, and of course, Roy Walker! I though this would be a quick article to write... turns out it led me down a rabbit hole where unfortunately the master tapes for the pilots and most of the first ten series are deemed wiped. The culprit for the wiping? Disney, who acquired production company TVS' archive sometime in 2001.
485 University Challenge (partially lost episodes of British quiz show; 1962-1987) 8 October 2022 Routinely watched this show since the late-2000s, and I still celebrate if I get a single question correct ha ha. Most of the episodes from 1962 to around 1971 are missing.
486 Wow! signal (lost audio of interstellar radio signal; 1977) 9 October 2022 Yep, despite some claiming otherwise with forgeries, sadly the Wow! signal audio is lost. Chance of recovery is about the same as those old BBC television programs from the 1930s. Hence, we will probably never know for sure if any intriguing information was contained within the signal. Still a wicked story regardless!
487 Blackpool 0-1 Bolton Wanderers (lost footage of Football League First Division match; 1960) 11 October 2022 This made history for being the first televised English Football League match... ITV probably wished it wasn't! ITV had planned to air 26 matches live throughout the season, but a greedy Football League refusing to share the wealth with its clubs, combined with a mediocre match, ended the project after just one game. One would have to wait until 1983 for the next live televised League encounter, with Sky Sports providing regular live coverage from 1992 onwards.
488 Catchphrase (partially lost TVS episodes of British game show; 1986-1994) 11 October 2022 Completing the Catchphrase trilogy with the missing TVS episodes. Thanks to ADC Television Collection, the majority have been recovered.
489 England 11-9 Wales (lost radio coverage of Five Nations Championship game; 1927) 11 October 2022 Not only the first rugby radio broadcast in the United Kingdom, but also Britain's first live radio broadcast of a sporting event! Paved the way for several other radio sports broadcast firsts later that same year. Interestingly enough though, this was not the first time a rugby game received live radio coverage...
490 Christchurch vs High School Old Boys (lost radio coverage of charity rugby game; 1926) 12 October 2022 The first rugby match to receive live radio coverage! Not much is known about the game itself, though New Zealand paved the way for future rugby coverage.
491 1963 Monaco Grand Prix (partially found footage of Formula One World Championship race; 1963) 14 October 2022 "Mr. Monaco" Graham Hill wins his first of five Monaco Grand Prix! The race is also historic outside of Formula One, as Hill achieved a third of the Triple Crown of Motorsport, later winning the 1966 Indianapolis 500 and the 1972 24 Hours of Le Mans to become to date the only driver to win all three races. While the BBC and ABC provided partial live coverage and highlights respectively, the crown jewel here is ORTF's full live broadcast.
492 Hero to Zero (partially found BBC One children's football drama show; 2000) 14 October 2022 Rather obscure football drama that seldom was repeated after initially airing in early-2000. The fact Michael Owen starred in this is quite funny, considering how some like fellow footballer Joe Allon would describe him as having "the personality of a flip-flop". Fantastic England striker, though!
493 Tombstone Thunderbird Photograph (lost photo of cryptid; existence unconfirmed; 1890) 19 October 2022 This one was recommended to me by a Redditor and prominent lost media/Tombstone Thunderbird photo researcher. A left field article for me, but one that I am very glad I wrote in the end, as the mystery is filled with extremely interesting insights and other media that is also considered lost! But regardless of whether one believes the photo does exist or not, there is one thing we can all agree on... poor bird.
494 Samoa Joe vs Tyson Kidd (partially found footage of professional wrestling dark match; 2015) 20 October 2022 The match that sadly ended Tyson Kidd's career. Nevertheless, he was extremely fortune to escape a worse fate, and while unable to wrestle, is achieving success as a backstage producer. A cameraman can be seen capturing action, though I doubt his and any other footage WWE captured will ever be released, and for good reason.
495 "Absolutely Disgusting" (lost UPN 9 News broadcast; 2005) 21 October 2022 This one is a classic, and honestly should be strongly considered for the next "On the Hunt" search. Credit to SewerReviewer for their video on the subject, and for creating a useful search flyer for the missing broadcast in question.
496 Jennings at School (partially found BBC Radio 4 adaptation of children's book series; 1972-1974) 21 October 2022 Credit to YouTuber Gearknob for this one, which he briefly detailed in his Top Gear Iceberg video. This series, based on the Jennings children's book series, featured the voice of a 12-year-old Jeremy Clarkson! I am delighted to say, you can hear the voice of young Clarkson in his This Is Your Life episode!
497 The Weakest Link (partially found pilot episode of British game show; 2000) 21 October 2022 The quintessential 2000s British game show infamous for its ruthlessness, especially from the Queen of Mean herself Anne Robinson. The pilot is where she developed her mean persona that ran throughout every episode of the original show.
498 Premier League All Stars (partially found Sky One charity football tournament; 2007) 22 October 2022 A football tournament featuring the 2007/08 Premier League clubs represented by former players, celebrities, and fans. I do remember seeing highlights of this back in the day, it was alright I suppose and it was all in the name of charity, so it had noble goals too. Also summarised Premier League All Stars: Extra Time with all its drunken banter!
499 Countdown (partially lost episodes of British game show; 1982-1983) 23 October 2022 Amazingly enough, some early episodes of the long-running British game show are missing, confirmed as such thanks to The Kenneth Williams Companion book. I suspect others may be missing, as not even the Countdown Wiki knows the final scores for certain Series 1 and 2 episodes.
500 Coronation of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth (partially found television coverage of royal coronation; 1937) 25 October 2022 And there we have it folks: 500 articles! The first royal coronation to be televised, with some footage surviving thanks to an indirect recording! The coronation of King Charles III next year will be only the third televised British coronation in history...
501 IROC II (partially found footage of stock car races; 1974-1975) 27 October 2022 Time to cover the remaining ten missing IROC broadcasts. Here, Bobby Unser claimed the title after winning two of the four races. In race 2, he and Bobby Allison suffered a nasty crash, injuring the latter's back. Drivers back then were tough as nails, as Allison competed a day later in race 3... and won!
502 IROC III (lost footage of stock car races; 1975-1976) 27 October 2022 A.J. Foyt claims the championship, despite not winning any of the four races! Two seconds and two thirds were enough to claim the title, this consistently really paying off in the points standings department!
503 IROC IV (partially found footage of stock car races; 1976-1977) 27 October 2022 Déjà vu? A.J. Foyt claims his second consecutive title, despite again failing to win a single race! Clearly, Foyt's success demonstrates that consistency is the key.
504 IROC VI (lost footage of stock car races; 1978-1979) 28 October 2022 Skipping to VI now, and the format has changed with three qualifying races determining the elite 12. Mario Andretti, who won the 1978 Formula One World Championship, claimed the title in the end.
505 IROC VII (partially found footage of stock car races; 1979-1980) 28 October 2022 Bobby Allison claims the title, in an Oval Final featuring one of the biggest crashes in IROC history!
506 IROC IX (partially lost footage of stock car races; 1985) 30 October 2022 IROC returned a season prior, reverting to its traditional format. It took a tiebreaker to decide whether Harry Gant or Darrell Waltrip would become champion, Gant doing so by virtue of winning the final race! Two of the three CBS broadcasts are available, but the Daytona one has since been taken down. It is likely to return one day, though.
507 Swim with Rolf (lost BBC One Rolf Harris educational show; 1971) 31 October 2022 Rolf Harris was an integral part of the "Teach them to swim" campaign in the UK during the 1970s, starring in that rather notorious 1970s swimming public information film, and in this obscure four-part swimming education show. I suspect both are connected, hence why I wrote this. Alas, while Jimmy Savile had gone somewhat into obscurity by the 2000s, and Gary Glitter was already exposed, it was extremely upsetting to learn Harris was just as terrible... Few wanted to believe he was evil...
508 IROC XII (partially lost footage of stock car races; 1988) 2 November 2022 Al Unser Jr. claims his second IROC title, and a bucket load of cash in the process! It also marked the final IROC race to be held at Riverside, as the track was demolished a year later. The Riverside race is the only one currently missing, though expect it to return eventually, considering it was on YouTube previously before being taken down.
509 IROC XVII (partially lost footage of stock car races; 1993) 2 November 2022 This was a tragic season, not because of any fatal accidents during the races, but because Alan Kulwicki and Davey Allison would both pass away from aviation-related disasters during the season. Allison would become a posthumous champion, in part thanks to Terry Labonte. All broadcasts bar the final race at Michigan International Speedway are publicly available.
510 IROC XXV (partially lost footage of stock car races; 2001) 3 November 2022 Heading into the final few IROC articles now. Bobby Labonte claimed the title, joining his brother Terry as an IROC champion and becoming the second set of brothers after Al and Bobby Unser to achieve the accolade. The opening Daytona race also marked one of Dale Earnhardt's last ever starts before his death two days later.
511 IROC XXVI (partially lost footage of stock car races; 2002) 4 November 2022 And that's it folks, the IROC project is complete! Kevin Harvick became the sixth IROC rookie to claim the title. Overall, IROC was a very interesting concept, though I must admit that it was more than a little biased in favour of the NASCAR drivers. After 2006, IROC faced financial issues, could not hold any more seasons, and was dissolved in 2008.
512 1962 Dutch Grand Prix (partially found footage of Formula One World Championship race; 1962) 5 November 2022 Graham Hill takes his first World Championship victory, and BRM's first since 1959! It appears the BBC coverage survives, though only a fragment is currently publicly available.
513 1962 Monaco Grand Prix (partially found footage of Formula One World Championship race; 1962) 6 November 2022 Bruce McLaren claims victory after Graham Hill broke down with laps remaining, and surviving a late charge from Phil Hill. Some television fragments from the BBC and ORTF survive, as well as very high quality film footage from the Mediterranean Holiday documentary. Sadly, the race is also known for a first-lap accident that claimed the life of marshal Ange Baldoni.
514 New England Patriots Spygate scandal (partially found tapes and documents of football coaching signals; 2000-2007) 8 November 2022 After seeing a post on r/lostmedia regarding this, I couldn't pass the opportunity to document this! Love a good sporting controversy, and you know, we could do with some more articles on American sports media. I encourage football, baseball, basketball fans etc on this Wiki to come and contribute, because there really aren't a lot of American sports articles on the Wiki... and that needs to change because there are likely tons of great missing media like this to document and potentially find!
515 1962 French Grand Prix (partially found footage of Formula One World Championship race; 1962) 8 November 2022 Following mechanical failures for Graham Hill and Jim Clark, Dan Gurney takes his first World Championship win, and Porsche's only victory as a constructor! Porsche would later achieve great success with McLaren during the mid-1980s.
516 1962 British Grand Prix (partially found footage of Formula One World Championship race; 1962) 9 November 2022 Jim Clark dominated this race, achieving a Grand Chelem. Hence, he qualified in pole position, led every lap, and achieved the fastest lap in the race! Clark holds the record number of Grand Chelems at eight. To put that in comparison, some all-time greats, like Alain Prost and Kimi Raikkonen, have zero.
517 Who Shot Mr. Burns? (partially found 1-800 COLLECT The Simpsons Mystery Sweepstakes commercials; 1995) 10 November 2022 Who Shot Mr. Burns? Part One is one of my all-time favourite Simpsons episodes. When I first watched this as a child back in 2004, I was hyped up for when the second episode eventually re-aired! It was the peak of my love of The Simpsons. Not a fan of the ending of Part Two to be honest, but had I been around when this contest aired, I would have been glued to my set, ha.
518 A Football Match at Newcastle-on-Tyne (lost footage of football match; 1896) 14 November 2022 A rather special one here, as this was the first known recording of a football match, courtesy of Robert W. Paul! Very little is known about the game itself, but it paved the way for future football films, such as Paul's film of the 1901 FA Cup Final.
519 1899 FA Cup Final (lost footage of football match; 1899) 15 November 2022 The first FA Cup Final to be filmed, featuring Sheffield United defeating Derby County 4-1 to claim its first FA Cup! The Rams meanwhile would blame some sort of curse for not winning here. Interestingly, there appears to have been two films of the Final, one from Henry Jasper Redfern, the other from the Warwick Trading Company. Both are now deemed lost.
520 Liverpool vs Sheffield United (lost footage of FA Cup Semi-Final matches; 1899) 15 November 2022 It took four matches to decide who would face Derby County in the 1899 FA Cup Final. All of them were filmed by Henry Jasper Redfern as part of Football Events, making them some of the earliest recordings of FA Cup games I believe. The third match is infamous for a crush at the Fallowfield Stadium, though it appears there were no fatalities nor serious injuries. Still, the warning signs were there, even back in 1899.
521 England 1-2 Scotland (lost footage of international football match; 1903) 16 November 2022 The first international football match to be filmed! Scotland win again, oh God...
522 Suncoast Digest (partially found Christine Chubbuck episodes of WXLT talk show; 1973-1974) 17 November 2022 The Christine Chubbuck tape has been over-documented by this point, it is a shame that Chubbuck is known only for that rather than for her reporting career. Therefore, it's time that we document the talk show she hosted, and hopefully a more positive side of her. Based on accounts from her colleagues and family, Chubbuck was intelligent, boasted a strong work ethic, and benefitted her community. Credit to Lost Media Wiki Forum user tapesignal for that lovely colourised photo of Chubbuck!
523 Arsenal 3-2 Everton (partially found footage of Football League First Division match; 1936) 18 November 2022 This was actually the first match to be broadcast on BBC television, although it was recorded and later shown as highlights. Only footage that appears to have resurfaced is from a newsreel, although oddly it claims that the match ended 5-1 in Arsenal's favour. All other sources claim it was 3-2.
524 Brazil 2-0 Italy (lost footage of international football match; 1956) 18 November 2022 Brazil defeats Italy to claim their first ever victory over Gli Azzurri! Also marked Brazil's first interstate television transmission, with TV Tupi achieving a broadcast across Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.
525 Quiz Ball (partially found BBC One football-based quiz show; 1966-1972) 20 November 2022 As England's 1966 glory generated a massive surge of popularity surrounding football in Britain, it is no surprise the BBC capitalised with a football-based quiz show. A few episodes have survived; the thing that is especially humorous to me with this show is the extent of smoking in the studio!
526 Turkey 1-2 Soviet Union (lost footage of 1962 FIFA World Cup qualifying match; 1961) 20 November 2022 The Soviet Union qualified for the 1962 FIFA World Cup following this match, achieving a 100% record in the qualifying stages. This was notably the first match to be televised live in Turkey, with the country only conducting television experiments from the late-1950s.
527 Miracle of the Magyars (lost Dermot Morgan screenplay of unmade football drama film; 1990s) 21 November 2022 If Dermot Morgan's completed works, including obviously Father Ted, were generally great, I can only imagine how intriguing this one would have been. The story that inspired the unmade film is quite the rabbit hole, especially for those interested in Irish/Yugoslav history.
528 Re-united (lost Dermot Morgan script of unmade football sitcom; 1990s) 23 November 2022 Part 2 of Dermot Morgan's unreleased football media. Would have been Morgan's next big project after Father Ted, with him potentially working alongside comedian Mel Smith.
529 The Kaiser Conspiracy (lost unfinished Dermot Morgan novel; 1990s) 23 November 2022 Final article regarding Dermot Morgan's unfinished football-related works, a thriller novel centring around the kidnapping of German footballer Franz Beckenbauer. All of these projects sound compelling, which makes it all the more sadder Morgan's life was cut so abruptly.
530 1903 FA Cup Final (lost footage of football match; 1903) 24 November 2022 Interesting that Bury won not one, but two FA Cups, crushing Derby County 6-0 to win its second. Unfortunately, the club has hit bad times in recent history, though a merger may see it return one day. Another film from the Warwick Trading Company, a 300-feet recording from H.M. Lomas.
531 Hamburger SV 4-3 Altona 93 (lost footage of Oberliga Nord football match; 1952) 28 November 2022 The first match to have certainly been televised live in Germany! Some controversy over this though, as there are rumours some 1936 Summer Olympics football matches were broadcast. Hamburger SV would finish top of Oberliga Nord that season, but missed out on claiming the German Championship.
532 FC St. Pauli 3-4 Hamborn 07 (lost footage of DFB-Pokal football match; 1952) 29 November 2022 Firstly, happy 10th anniversary to the Lost Media Wiki. Anyhow, this was the first football match publicly televised in Germany following the Second World War. Another 4-3 encounter! That said, I came across a source just now that claimed an international match may have been televised in Germany back in November 1936... really confusing stuff, since no sources are consistent in defining the "true" first broadcast.
533 England 2-1 Argentina (partially found footage of international football match; 1951) 30 November 2022 This one may ruffle some feathers! For those who are non-football fans, England-Argentina matches are quite notorious. While there was bad blood in 1966, the feud really intensified from the 1980s onwards. Why? Two reasons: Falklands War, and Diego Maradona. Will the two nations clash again in Qatar? We shall see.
534 England 2-2 Yugoslavia (partially found footage of international football match; 1950) 2 December 2022 Post-1950 FIFA World Cup, England's reputation of being one of the best teams in the world was starting to crumble. Yugoslavia became the first continental team to remain unbeaten against England on English soil during a full international.
535 Al Raed 3-0 Hajer (partially found footage of Saudi League Division 1 football match; 2005) 3 December 2022 This match featured the incident involving a player allegedly killed by the "Angel of Death". This was summarised in Nick Crowley's recent YouTube Iceberg video. Despite the the video's nature, Abdul Rahman Al-Shuaibi recovered from a seizure and was playing until at least 2011. Oddly, some misspell his name as "Al-Shoaibi", with Crowley and others attributing a different player's photo to him. Clearly, a cameraman was recording the match prior to the incident, but said footage is now lost.
536 Corinthians 1-3 Newcastle United (lost radio coverage of FA Cup match; 1927) 4 December 2022 The first FA Cup match to receive live radio coverage, courtesy of future Arsenal manager George Allison! Corinthians would later merge with a team with Casuals to form Corinthian-Casuals, which currently plays in the Isthmian League Premier Division.
537 Scotland 1-2 England (lost radio coverage of international football match; 1927) 4 December 2022 This I believe is the first international football match to receive live radio coverage, albeit exclusively in Glasgow. For once, England defeats Scotland, yay! It came after an extremely strong period for Scotland, who were unbeaten since 1924, with England failing to beat them since 1920 (and on Scottish soil since 1904!
538 England 2-2 France (partially found footage of international football match; 1951) 5 December 2022 Rather topical, I must say! Back then, France were not really regarded as a top team, so this was a good result for Les Bleus. In fact, some felt France deserved the victory here. Over 70 years later, England may well be the underdogs, but I hope we win ha.
539 Wales 1-1 England (partially found footage of international football match; 1951) 6 December 2022 Not so topical, but a better result for Wales than in 2022! Indeed, not only was this the first time Wales avoided defeat against the Three Lions since prior to the Second World War, quite frankly, they deserved the win. Nevertheless, both teams shared the 1951/52 British Home Championship.
540 1952 FA Charity Shield (lost footage of football match; 1952) 6 December 2022 This appears to have been the first televised Charity Shield, now known as the Community Shield. Manchester United defeated Newcastle United 4-2 to claim one of its record 21 Shields.
541 Mexico 2-0 Italy (lost footage of international football match; 1970) 7 December 2022 Something I especially enjoy documenting on here is lost women's football media. There's something grand about learning the fight to get women's football accepted and popular among the mainstream, especially when organisations like the English FA and FIFA tried to bury this history (I wonder why?). So anyhow, Mexico hosted Italy for a re-match of the 1970 Women's World Cup, and succeeded in gaining vengeance! It helped Mexico's bid to host the 1971 Women's World Cup too...
542 Club América 0-4 Italy (lost footage of international football match; 1970) 7 December 2022 Italy completed their October 1970 tour of Mexico with a convincing win. Clearly, the altitude and temperature concerns prove unfounded, and Mexico would be promptly awarded hosting duties for the 1971 Women's World Cup... speaking of which!
543 Yarmouth Fishing Boats Leaving Harbour (partially found early British actuality films; 1896-1897) 8 December 2022 I could not resist the opportunity to detail a piece of lost East Anglian history! So, Yarmouth Fishing Boats Leaving Harbour is the first known recording in East Anglia, which was recovered in 1995, nearly 100 years after it was produced! However, there is also a more obscure 1897 Birt Acres film, featuring a pleasure boat at Great Yarmouth's beach. This one is lost, with only a listing at Norwich's Agricultural Hall confirming its existence.
544 1971 Women's World Cup (partially found footage of international football matches; 1971) 9 December 2022 This right here demonstrates why I love lost media so damn much. The 1971 Women's World Cup was MILES ahead of its time, with extensive media coverage and record-breaking attendances. The Final drew 110,000, a record for a women's sporting event! While the popularity didn't last in Mexico post-tournament, it must have been a surreal experience for the teams present there, especially considering most other countries barely recognised the sport. Hopefully, EURO 2022's legacy carries on long-term.
545 1907 Sheriff of London Charity Shield (lost footage of football match; 1907) 12 December 2022 The prequel to the FA Community Shield, Newcastle United defeated Corinthians in their only appearance in the annual match! A split later in 1907 between the FA and Amateur Football Association led to the Charity/Community Shield's creation. What a wicked Shield, I must say!
546 Leonard-Cushing Fight (partially found early boxing film; 1894) 12 December 2022 Let's take a gander at boxing now, and we shall start with a famous one. The Leonard-Cushing fight was the first commercially released sports film, featuring Mike Leonard achieving a KO on Jack Cushing. That said, professional wrestling was not the only sport accused of being rigged back then! Only 37 seconds survive, with the full recording having been split into six parts... a rather bad idea for film preservation.
547 Corbett and Courtney Before the Kinetograph (partially found early boxing film; 1894) 13 December 2022 Another famous boxing match, the second commercially released bout. As with the Leonard-Cushing fight, it was pretty much staged, with Corbett securing a sixth round KO on Courtney. Corbett would later gain roles in various films during the 1910s and 1920s.
548 Jack Dempsey vs Billy Miske (lost radio report of boxing match; 1920) 14 December 2022 Let's turn our attention to boxing's relationship with radio. While this bout didn't receive live ringside coverage, it was the first to receive radio updates, in the form of "fight returns". Jack Dempsey defended his World Heavyweight Championship by delivering the only ever KO on Billy Miske. Full credit to Miske though for putting up a fight, as he had been battling terminal Bright's disease since 1916.
549 Johnny Ray vs Johnny Dundee (lost radio coverage of boxing match; 1921) 15 December 2022 Battle of the Johnnies in what would properly become the first sporting event to receive live radio play-by-play coverage, courtesy of Florent Gibson. Some claim Ray won, but most state it was a no decision draw. Ray would however win a rematch on 21st May 1921.
550 Ed “Strangler” Lewis vs Stanislaus Zbyszko (lost radio coverage of professional wrestling match; 1922) 17 December 2022 To celebrate Article 550, I thought I would document some more professional wrestling history. The first ever match to receive live radio coverage, the Strangler defeated Zbyszko by two falls to one to claim the World Heavyweight Wrestling Championship! In fact, the match helped Lewis and manager Billy Sandow wrestle control of North East wrestling for about three years... until Zbyszko performed a famous double-cross!
551 Marion Perloff (lost footage of televised suicide of stenographer; 1938) 18 December 2022 Unfortunately, not all televised firsts are positive. Marion Perloff's suicide was the first to be captured by a television camera, although the incident occurred off-air for NBC as it was conducting tests. The engineers viewing a monitor did however see and hear the suicide and its aftermath... Also harnessed a few newspapers to document Perloff beyond just her suicide.
552 John William Warde (lost television coverage of suicide of bank clerk; 1938) 19 December 2022 Another harrowing one, focusing on NBC's television coverage of an infamous 1930s suicide.
553 Georges Carpentier vs Ted "Kid" Lewis (lost radio coverage of boxing match; 1922) 20 December 2022 Interestingly enough, it seems the England-Wales rugby match was not the first sporting event broadcast on British radio. Heck, not even this boxing match, featuring Carpentier defending his belts against the Kid, was the first! Still, this was the first British radio broadcast of a boxing match, with Carpentier winning in a rather controversial fashion.
554 1921 Epsom Derby (lost radio coverage of horse racing event; 1921) 21 December 2022 The first known sporting event to receive radio coverage in the United Kingdom! Humorist won by a neck, which was more remarkable when considering he sadly died fewer than three weeks later. How he managed to win this with two virtually destroyed lungs is beyond me.
555 Exhibition Boxing Bouts (lost early television coverage of boxing matches; 1931-1932) 21 December 2022 Let's focus on boxing and television for a bit, and its clear this sport was probably the first ripe for television... especially compared to others sports like football! Despite some quality issues, it was seemingly grand for its time, being kickstarted with prominent lightweight boxer Benny Leonard versus Jimmy Martin.
556 BattleBots (partially found footage of robot combat show dress rehearsal battles; 2015-2021) 23 December 2022 Similar to Robot Wars: Series 8's pilot, BattleBots needed to film some battles to test out the filming equipment. Some interesting battles here, with some only confirmed thanks to Pory Nog's great research into them and other BattleBots lost media.
557 Christmas Night (lost BBC television adaptation of A Christmas Carol; 1946) 24 December 2022 Later tonight, Ebenezer Scrooge is once again going to be visited by three ghosts who will transform his outlook for the better... or in the case of Ebenezer Blackadder, will transform him for the worse and cost him £50,000 and the title of Baron Blackadder!
558 Bill Lewis vs Freddie Baxter and Archie Sexton vs Laurie Raiteri (lost television coverage of boxing matches; 1933) 24 December 2022 Despite claims that the Archie Sexton-Laurie Raiteri match was the world's first televised boxing encounter, not only did the W2XAB beat the BBC to it, but the Lewis-Baxter fight actually aired first! Still, these are the first televised boxing matches in the United Kingdom, so that's something!
559 England vs Ireland (lost television coverage of boxing matches; 1937) 25 December 2022 The first boxing matches occurring following the BBC's opening of its high-definition Television Service, the BBC claims that it featured the first live television sports commentary... interesting.
560 Never Mind the Buzzcocks (lost pilot of revived music comedy panel game show; 2020) 25 December 2022 After a six-year hiatus, a pilot for Never Mind the Buzzcocks was made, its success prompting Sky to revive this BBC music comedy panel show. Apparently, it is not great. As for the pilot, it was never intended for transmission... worse still, serious legal trouble from pilot guest Dizzee Rascal further limits the chances of the pilot's public release.
561 Jo-Ann Hagen vs Barbara Buttrick (lost radio and television coverage of boxing match; 1954) 26 December 2022 Cannot have Boxing Day without an article on, well, boxing. Based on various sources gathered, this match was the first women's boxing event to receive nationwide radio coverage, in addition to a television broadcast! No surprises though, especially when considering just how far ahead of their time both boxers were. This was also Buttrick's only loss, boasting a dominant career and becoming the first women's world champion.
562 Jack Dempsey vs Georges Carpentier (lost radio coverage of boxing match; 1921) 27 December 2022 A famous one here, as this was the first world title boxing match to receive live radio coverage! Both the radio coverage and the bout itself are intriguing to me, with the coverage requiring several strings to be pulled, and how the Frenchman Carpentier was supported by the crowd as he, unlike Dempsey, fought in the First World War.
563 Georgie Small vs Lavern Roach (lost footage of boxing match; 1950) 30 December 2022 Unfortunately, this was the first time a televised boxing match ended in the death of a competitor, in this case Lavern Roach. Based on various accounts, the CBS broadcast was horrifying to watch considering the bloodletting, its impact lessened only by the fact it was televised in black and white.
564 Barbara Buttrick vs Gloria Adams (lost radio coverage of boxing match; 1959) 30 December 2022 Another match featuring The Mighty Atom of the Ring, in what was the first women's boxing bout in Florida! Also had radio coverage provided by WCKR Miami.
565 Richard Hammond's Rimac Concept One crash (lost onboard footage of hill climb accident; 2017) 31 December 2022 Terrifying crash that could have ended much worse. The fact Hammond escaped only with a knee fracture shows just how far car safety has gone.
566 England 2-2 Austria (partially found footage of international football match; 1951) 31 December 2022 An encounter described as "match of the century". I doubt it was ha ha, but certainly a grand match based on eyewitness accounts and newsreels!
567 A Happy New Year and Good Morning (lost 2LO and 2ZY coverage of New Year celebrations; 1922-1923) 31 December 2022 In fewer than three hours, 2022 will soon become 2023 in the United Kingdom. So to celebrate, why not finish off 2022 with perhaps the first ever dedicated New Year coverage in the United Kingdom? A century since 2ZY, and to a lesser extent 2LO, celebrated 1922 becoming 1923, with many eager to see how just far radio would go!
568 Gene Tunney vs Jack Dempsey (partially lost radio coverage of "The Long Count Fight"; 1927) 1 January 2023 Let's start off 2023 with a big one... the controversial Long Count Fight between Tunney and Dempsey! In an incident still debated to this day, Dempsey delayed the start of the referee's count by not immediately retreating to a neutral corner! Tunney recovered and ultimately won the match by decision, but should Dempsey have won the fight by KO? Some reckon so! Also notable for the surviving radio coverage, courtesy of Paramount (no, not that Paramount). Some coverage is however missing.
569 The Fighting Marine (lost Gene Tunney drama film serial; 1926) 1 January 2023 While researching The Long Count Fight, I stumbled across information surrounding a lost film Gene Tunney starred in. Used to help boost his mainstream appeal, as well as to further stir interest in the first Dempsey-Tunney clash. It paid off in the end, mainly because Tunney won the bout.
570 Gene Tunney vs Jack Dempsey (lost radio coverage of boxing match; 1926) 2 January 2023 Thought I might as well document the first Tunney-Dempsey fight, where Tunney's dominant victory was considered a major upset. One of NBC's first major broadcasts, reaching around 39 million listeners.
571 Pan Am Flight 708 (lost flight recorders of fatal cargo aircraft crash; 1966) 5 January 2023 One within the conspiracy scope here. Three crew members tragically lost their lives when their plane crashed in East Germany. But the NTSB were unable to properly investigate it, as the Soviet Union denied access to the accident site and handed over less than half the components. The flight recorders, and key non-media components are missing, leading to speculation the plane may have been shot down. Certainly, several Pan Am employees living in Berlin believe this to be the case.
572 Len Harvey vs Jock McAvoy (partially found footage of boxing match; 1938) 5 January 2023 From what I gather, this was the first televised nonexhibition professional bout. Harvey won this one by points, and would do so again in their far more famous 1939 encounter, which drew at least 90,000, a British record attendance.
573 Marcel Cerdan vs Lavern Roach (lost footage of boxing match; 1948) 6 January 2023 While researching the Georgie Small-Lavern Roach match, I did stumble across a Billboard magazine listing television coverage of this one. An extremely brutal bout with Cerdan knocking down Roach numerous times. Some say this contributed towards Roach's death in the Small bout. I am inclined to agree.
574 Varig Flight 967 (lost flight recorders and Manabu Mabe paintings of disappeared cargo aircraft; 1979) 8 January 2023 No traces from this flight have ever been uncovered, leading to various theories surrounding its fate. Among those include Soviet Union interference, to a possible hijacking from individuals seeking the 153 paintings from artist Manabu Mabe. The missing flight recorders would presumably help to solve the mystery, though chances of recovering them remain intensely slim.
575 Title Defense (lost build of cancelled boxing simulation game; 2000-2001) 10 January 2023 Cancelled boxing game intended to fill the absence of any realistic boxing simulation during that time period. It looks very impressive for its time, with online functionality and a manager mode also considered.
576 WCW/nWo Whiplash (lost build of cancelled professional wrestling game; 1999) 10 January 2023 WCW really knew where the money was, ha ha. Quite possibly the most obscure wrestling WCW game yet, with a release planned for December 1999 before the's commercial failure became too much in the end.
577 Evander Holyfield Championship Boxing (lost build of cancelled boxing game; 1999) 10 January 2023 Doesn't seem to be connected with Evander Holyfield's Real Deal Boxing, based on the one screenshot I found. Sources have not achieved consensus on the game's title, so I have gone with GamePro's full title of "Evander Holyfield Championship Boxing".
578 Rendition: Guantanamo (lost build of cancelled PC and Xbox 360 action game; 2009) 11 January 2023 So this one surprisingly goes under the radar when it comes to allegedly disturbing games. Controversial throughout its development, it received mainstream backlash after hiring a former prisoner of Guantanamo Bay as a consultant. The backlash became too much for its developers, forcing its cancellation after being 25% complete. For those aiming to become the next Blameitonjorge, Nexpo, Nick Crowley etc, take a look at this one, there's a lot more about this game than meets the eye.
579 Metal Gear Solid (lost build of cancelled port of PlayStation action-stealth game; 1999) 11 January 2023 A commercially successful and critically acclaimed game ported onto a commercially unsuccessful and critically panned handheld console. It does look interesting based on the screenshots available, but somehow I doubt it would have made for a grand port. A gameplay video allegedly did exist, but is also now lost media.
580 Malév Flight 240 (lost flight recorders and crash investigation reports of fatal passenger aircraft crash; 1975) 16 January 2023 One of the most mysterious and controversial crashes that deserves more recognition and scrutiny. Primarily, why is the Hungarian government so secretive about the case, even classifying its crash reports as "Top Secret"? Who allegedly shot the plane down, and why was it carrying "sugar cube" cargo? Why was the plane delayed for numerous hours, and was it true high-ranking PLO members almost boarded the flight? Finally, where are the bodies allegedly recovered and buried in an unmarked grave?
581 Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 (partially found contents of missing flight recorders from disappeared passenger aircraft; 2014) 17 January 2023 I suspect most will know about this one. Considering the in-depth reports on the flight over the years, I have concentrated the article on the failed efforts to rescue the recorders, and the recommendations made to enhance recorder recovery and effectiveness. Still stunned that the cockpit voice recorder could only hold two hours worth of data.
582 Timothy Piazza (lost footage of Pennsylvania State University student during fatal fraternity hazing ritual; 2017) 18 January 2023 As someone from England, fraternities and sororities don't really exist over here. That's a good thing, as a lot of US hazing ritual stories are just absolutely vile and makes me wonder why anyone would want to join them. The fact only a few involved in this case received jail time despite contributing towards and allowing the death of this engineering student, as well as some helping to clear evidence by trying to erase footage, makes this a highly disturbing and depressing case.
583 Joanna Dennehy's escape plot (lost diary of British serial killer; 2013) 21 January 2023 Truly one of the most depraved and dangerous female British killers, Joanna Dennehy alongside two other HMP Bronzefield inmates made a disturbing escape plot further illustrating this spree (not serial) killer's twisted nature. Somehow, I suspect this media will probably be under close wraps, if it hasn't been destroyed already.
584 Cassius Clay vs Tunney Hunsaker (partially found footage of boxing match; 1960) 24 January 2023 One of boxing greats made his professional debut, outclassing someone more well-regarded as a police chief. Credit to Hunsaker though, he did survive all six rounds, something many boxers who faced Ali simply could not.
585 Super Punch-Out!! (lost beta builds of Super Nintendo boxing puzzle game; 1994) 24 January 2023 Punch-Out!! is easily my favourite Nintendo series, I still play Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! from time to time. Favourite boxers from the series are Bear Hugger, Don Flamenco, and Super Macho Man. That said, it is strange last-minute changes such as replacing the character model were made for Super Punch-Out!! Final character model was fine, though someone should tell him to get a better hairstyle!
586 Burnout Freestyle (lost build of cancelled Nintendo Wii/DS racing game; 2010) 25 January 2023 Burnout is also among my favourite game series, with Burnout Revenge being the one I enjoyed most. Freestyle would have been the first Nintendo-exclusive Burnout interestingly enough. Not sure it would have been an amazing spin-off, though.
587 Emmerdale Farm (lost episodes of ITV soap opera; existence unconfirmed; 1981) 25 January 2023 All supposedly affected by a lesser-known ITV strike in 1981, An odd one, because a storyliner for the show claims the episodes were made but left unbroadcast, but ITV Archive insists the episodes were never made. But if they were never made, why were episode numbers 697 to 702 skipped over? Intriguing.
588 1927 FA Cup Final (lost radio coverage of football match; 1927) 4 February 2023 The first ever FA Cup Final to receive live radio coverage, and to date the only FA Cup that was won by a non-English side, Cardiff City defeating Arsenal 1-0 in the end! Even if you are not a football fan, have a listen to that Columbia record of "Abide With Me" being sung at Wembley Stadium, it is impactful every time I listen to it!
589 1927 Grand National (lost radio coverage of horse racing event; 1927) 5 February 2023 The first Grand National and horse racing event to be broadcast by the BBC on radio, Sprig took an emotional victory at his third attempt, with only seven out of 37 competitors finishing the whole course.
590 Charles Bannerman testimonial cricket match (lost radio coverage of charity cricket match; 1922) 5 February 2023 Haven't done a cricket article for a while. The first cricket match known to have received live radio coverage, it was to raise money for Charles Bannerman, who scored the first run in Test match history. Additionally, he scored 67.35% of the runs during Australia's first Test match, setting an unbroken record for the highest scoring proportion of a completed Test innings.
591 The Hanging of William Carr (lost execution footage of American child murderer; 1897) 15 February 2023 Morbid history, as this was the first filmed legitimate execution. William Carr was hung for murdering his three-year-old daughter Belle, so no sympathy to him whatsoever. What's worse to me is that Carr's second wife Susan got away scot-free, despite revelations that she hated Belle and demanded William give her away via any means.
592 Rat Killing (lost early blood sport films; 1894) 17 February 2023 So yes, this was unfortunately a trend back in the early days of filmmaking. Some of the earliest films depicting actual death, Thomas Edison had this morbid belief that blood sports and other animal exploitation works would draw big viewing figures. And he was right, remember that 1890s America was a lot different compared to modern American culture, especially concerning animal treatment. Another reason why many despise Edison, I suppose.
593 1954 FIFA World Cup (partially found footage of international football matches; 1954) 21 February 2023 The first televised World Cup, courtesy of the launch of the Eurovision Network. Some matches were televised, including the Final where West Germany against the odds defeated the Hungary's Golden Squad 3-2. Were the Golden Squad the best team never to lift the prestigious trophy? Quite possibly. Most match footage is lost, but thanks to dudd1982, all the surviving footage plus photos have been combined to create the best possible experience.
594 1991 FIFA Women's World Cup (partially found footage of international football matches; 1991) 22 February 2023 As I mentioned before, women's football is a fascinating topic to me, especially within the world of lost media. Having been in-person at Wembley to see England win Euro 2022, I have strong hopes my country can achieve the double later this year. Anyhow, FIFA finally decided that a Women's World Cup was viable. The United States claimed its first of to date four titles here, beating Norway 2-1. The US' full run is publicly available, but other match footage is hard to come by.
595 1988 FIFA Women's Invitation Tournament (partially found footage of international football matches; 1988) 24 February 2023 This tournament's success finally convinced FIFA that, you know, a Women's World Cup would actually be a good thing. Only one uncut Guangdong Television match broadcast, Australia vs Brazil, is available, but do check out the highlights. Especially the Final, wow was it amazing for its time! Feel gutted for Anneli Gustafsson after that.
596 1995 FIFA Women's World Cup (partially found footage of international football matches; 1995) 25 February 2023 Quite possibly the most coveted of the FIFA Women's World Cups, as media coverage was considerably reduced when compared to 1991 and future World Cups. Not even all of the United States' games have been found in-full. Norway claimed the title in deserving fashion, overcoming Germany 2-0 in the Final.
597 Banned Film Festival (partially found film festival movies; date unknown) 26 February 2023 Credit to fellow Lost Media Wiki user forlornjackalope for this one. A rather mysterious film festival that deserves more investigation. Only one featured film surfaced, Chopper Down: Helicopter Deaths in the Movies, which was banned in 1989 by HBO and resurfaced on YouTube in 2007. As the documentary title implies, it discusses various fatal helicopter accidents during filmmaking, including the Twilight Zone: The Movie one. Not much other information has been unearthed about the festival.
598 1999 FIFA Women's World Cup (partially found footage of international football matches; 1999) 3 March 2023 The famous one here, featuring Brandi Chastain's iconic celebration during the US' penalties victory over China. Get this: All 32 games were televised by ABC and ESPN! Eurosport also televised most games. However, most matches have since been rather difficult to recover. Heck, even the US' match with North Korea was missing for a while.
599 Spitting Image (lost pilots of British satirical puppet television show; 1983) 5 March 2023 Felicitous Maximus! I don't think I have covered lost puppetry media before, so might as well right that wrong with one of Britain's funniest (and most grotesque!) shows out there. Both the pre-pilot and main pilot certainly reflect that, but only a few photos from the latter are known to have survived.
600 Relation aller Fürnemmen und gedenckwürdigen Historien (partially found editions of German newspaper; 1605-1667) 7 March 2023 Lost newspapers rarely get documented on this Wiki, so time to rectify this. Rather special one here, as Relation is considered by most sources as the first ever newspaper! Understandably, many issues have since become lost, but a book of issues from 1609 has survived the test of time...
601 Belfast News Letter (partially lost editions of Northern Irish newspaper; 1737-present) 8 March 2023 This publication is the oldest surviving English language daily newspaper, living on and thriving despite the World Wars, the Partition of Ireland, and the Troubles. Alas, a lot of its earlier editions, and many in the 1800s, have been lost to time.
602 1988 NatWest Trophy (partially found footage of one-day county cricket tournament matches; 1988) 11 March 2023 Found someone on the Lost Media Forums discussing about these missing county cricket tournaments broadcast by the BBC, so thought I might as well document them. Middlesex claimed its fourth title, beating Worcestershire by three wickets in the Final.
603 1988 Refuge Assurance Cup (lost footage of one-day county cricket tournament matches; 1988) 12 March 2023 This short-lived knockout tournament featured the top four ranking Sunday League county teams in action. Lancashire defeated Sunday League champions Worcestershire by 52 runs to claim the title. Oddly, during my research on BBC Genome, it appears only the Semi-Finals were televised. It might be because the 1988 Summer Olympics was naturally prioritised. No footage from any games has resurfaced.
604 World Football League (partially found radio and television coverage of football games; 1974-1975) 15 March 2023 Ambitious but rubbish is what one could easily describe the World Football League as. Lots of ownership issues, the Papergate scandal, and even IRS involvement caused the league to lose around $20 million in its first season, and aborting its second mid-season. Most TVS and HBO coverage has been lost, but a few tapes exist here and there. A few radio broadcasts are also fully available.
605 Pan Am Flight 816 (lost flight recorders of fatal passenger aircraft crash; 1973) 17 March 2023 The worst air crash to have occurred within the French Polynesia, conflicting accounts over whether a damaged windshield caused the accident have emerged. Others have theorised that an instruments failure or visual disorientation contributed towards pilot error. Unfortunately, the flight recorders were not recovered from the sea, meaning the accident remains unsolved.
606 Birth Control (lost banned family planning documentary film; 1917) 19 March 2023 A film intended to further Margaret Sanger's campaign for legal dissemination of contraceptive information (seriously, providing information on contraception in the US back then was considered "obscene"), and promote family planning, the work was banned before it could be publicly showcased. Based on what reviews from The Moving Picture World and Variety say, the film could well have swayed a lot of American's views on birth control, so an interesting one to say the least.
607 An Execution by Hanging (lost execution footage of Edward Heinson; 1898) 21 March 2023 Featured the real hanging of Edward Heinson, who was convicted of criminal assault on a teenage girl. Not only is the film naturally disturbing, it unfortunately does provide a glimpse into racial tensions in 1890s America as some sources have assessed. Hence, please be aware that the AMB Picture Catalogue 1902 listing of the film is a product of its time. The only known complete Mutoscope Reel of it sold for $3,600 at auction.
608 Pawn Stars (partially found sizzle reel of History reality television show; 2009) 21 March 2023 Very intriguing to learn just how hard Rick pushed for a television show based around his pawn shop. Following a failed HBO bid, a collaboration with Leftfield Pictures paid dividends, producing a seven-minute sizzle reel which impressed History executives. Strangely, Leftfield opted to only upload three minutes of it to YouTube.
609 Pawn Stars (lost PBS documentary featuring World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop; existence unconfirmed; 2001) 22 March 2023 May need to call in an expert to help authenticate it and determine its value ha ha. But it is an interesting one, the earliest known television appearance of Rick and the pawn shop if this is true. That said, not a lot of evidence supports The Huffington Post's claim. Rick also claimed in his book that a Los Angeles television show listing the top ten shops in Las Vegas prompted calls from producers. This influential airing is also lost as far as my knowledge goes.
610 The Oxford and Cambridge University Boat Race (lost footage of rowing race; 1895) 22 March 2023 Historic for being the first ever British sports film, Oxford defeating Cambridge by 2 and a quarter lengths. Also one of only thirteen films Birt Acres and Robert W. Paul made together before they became bitter rivals. Oddly, very few sources discussed whether the film was missing or not. Considering its survival status is "unknown" and plenty of other Acres and Paul films are publicly available, I think it's fair to say this one is missing.
611 Launch of HMS Albion (partially found footage of battleship launch and subsequent disaster; 1898) 24 March 2023 On what should have been a proud day for the British Empire, disaster struck when a wave from HMS Albion caused the collapse of a nearby overloaded gangway, killing over 30 people. One of the earliest disasters to be filmed, Robert W. Paul's in particular caused controversy for showing the aftermath. Birt Acres and Philipp Wolff's films are missing, with it very possible they may have captured the gangway's collapse.
612 PGA Tour Golf II (lost build of HeartBeat Catalyst version of Sega Genesis golf game; 1995) 25 March 2023 A very intriguing piece of lost media here. The HeartBeat Catalyst was a failed attempt to combine indoor exercise with gaming, essentially trying to be Wii Fit and failing miserably. A second PGA Tour Golf II for the Genesis was therefore developed, where the right level of exercising was crucial for delivering good shots. The only known copy obtained thus far is valued between $2,000-$4,000!
613 Royal Institution Christmas Lectures (lost television coverage of scientific presentations; 1936-1957) 25 March 2023 Established by Michael Faraday in 1825 to provide entertaining and educational scientific presentations for the next generation, its 1936 television broadcast may well be the first instance of a televised scientific program, at least in the UK. This article focuses on the ones that ultimately may never be recovered.
614 Royal Institution Christmas Lectures (partially lost television coverage of scientific presentations; 1966-1973) 27 March 2023 The missing Royal Institution Christmas Lectures "are to science what the missing Doctor Who episodes are to science fiction"... that's how influential they were and still are! Among the missing 31 episodes includes one hosted by none other than David Attenborough for his "The Language of Animals" Christmas Lectures. Whereas the others were wiped, the missing Attenborough episode was aired live and somehow was not recorded by the BBC!
615 R.U.R. (lost BBC television adaptations of science-fiction play; 1938; 1948) 29 March 2023 Interestingly enough, R.U.R. was actually the originator of the English word "robot". Perhaps somewhat forgotten in the mainstream media, R.U.R.'s story nevertheless remains worryingly relevant for today's society. Additionally, the 1938 television adaptation may well have been the first science-fiction program, at least in the UK, with the roboti looking like a mix between the Tin Man and the Cybermen! The 1948 edition also featured the future Second Doctor actor Patrick Troughton.
616 Captain Video and His Video Rangers (partially found early science-fiction television series; 1949-1955) 31 March 2023 Oddly, no article has been made on this one, until now. Captain Video was the first American science-fiction television series, frequently airing live episodes on the DuMont Television Network. A real gem, this show, along with almost all the DuMont television archive, was destroyed when a lawyer outrageously dumped the recordings into the Upper New York Bay. Just 24 of the estimated 1,537 episodes remain. Clearly, this lawyer was a villain of media preservation, ha ha.
617 The Secret Files Of Captain Video (lost science-fiction television spin-off series; 1953-1954) 1 April 2023 The lesser-known, prequel spin-off of Captain Video and His Video Rangers, this show aired 20 standalone episodes on Saturday mornings to really attract the children's market. None appear to have survived the relentless destruction of DuMont's television archive.
618 BattleBots Pro Championship (partially found footage of robot combat tournament; 2009) 4 April 2023 Time to focus on robot combat again, firstly by documenting the Pro Championship held in 2009 alongside two other tournaments. This tournament was ultimately won by Brutality, having achieved an unbeaten record. Proposed CBS and Fox deals fell through, but there is confirmation that the bouts were filmed.
619 BattleBots High School Championship (partially found footage of robot combat tournament; 2009) 5 April 2023 The last of the three 2009 BattleBots Championships, the High School edition saw The Blender beat Tin Shredder in the Final, achieving vengeance as it was actually beaten by the latter earlier in the tournament. There was no confirmation the competition would be televised unlike the others, but it was fully filmed...
620 The Thick of It (lost ABC pilot of BBC political comedy-drama series; 2007) 11 April 2023 There has been a massive irretrievable data loss... fortunately it probably wasn't that valuable, as it turns out! Even the show's creator, Armando Iannucci, has distanced himself from the pilot. Indeed, sadly the Malcolm Tucker in this pilot is nowhere close when compared to Peter Capaldi's brilliant portrayal of him. It did contribute towards Veep's creation, however.
621 1928 FA Cup Final (lost original radio coverage of football match; 1928) 12 April 2023 Got to attend the Finalissima (England won, yay!), and also had a trip to Manchester throughout the Easter break, including a tour to the National Football Museum. Interestingly enough, while the 1928 FA Cup Final's original radio commentary is lost, a partial re-enactment in 1932 does somewhat exist! Not quite the full ticket, but it is the oldest surviving BBC sports broadcast. Blackburn Rovers beat Huddersfield Town 3-1 here, in part thanks to a goal within the first minute.
622 Randy Savage vs The Undertaker (partially found footage of professional wrestling dark match; 1991) 12 April 2023 A slobberknocker of a matchup that somehow seldom occurred. Just three untelevised singles matches transpired between the Macho Man and the Deadman, between 30th July to 2nd August 1991. The 30th July edition was recorded, though despite available highlights showing the recording was of professional quality, it has somehow never been fully released. Not even as part of the 2018 Randy Savage Unreleased collection, or as part of WWE Network's "Hidden Gems". It is odd to say the least!
623 Mr. McMahon's kayfabe funeral (lost unaired segments of scrapped WWE storyline; 2007) 12 April 2023 In 2007, one of the more ambitious storylines in WWE history was to commence, featuring Mr. McMahon supposedly being killed off, the debut of Rod McMahon, and a major push for Mr. Kennedy. Sadly, the Chris Benoit double-murder suicide occurred, forcing the premature end of the storyline. According to at least one WWE creative team members, a few segments and eulogies were in the works before Benoit's death was announced.
624 Somebody Loves Santino (lost episodes of unaired sitcom featuring WWE wrestlers; 2010) 12 April 2023 Prior to the WWE Network, pitching non-wrestling shows to WWE was difficult. Santino Marella found out the hard way, with a pilot and three full episodes of this sitcom not even being uploaded to, let alone being broadcast on network television. Also starred Beth Phoenix and Vladimir Kozlov.
625 Lucifer Rising (partially found original versions of experimental short film; 1966-1967; 1973) 14 April 2023 To say this one was bewildering is an understatement. Apparently, the original 1966-1967 cut Kenneth Anger produced was stolen by none other than Bobby Beausoleil... at least according to Anger, as Beausoleil claims no such footage even existed. Beausoleil soon mixed with the Manson Family, later torturing and murdering Gary Hinman. A Jimmy Page version was also missing for decades before being unearthed in 2014. One thing's for sure: None of the New Age and occult stuff makes any sense to me.
626 Hell's Kitchen (partially found footage of unidentified contestants from Fox cooking show; 2007-2014) 15 April 2023 The more I dug through discussions on this mystery, the more intrigued I became. Some may have heard of J.R., a contestant quickly disqualified from Season 3 for spreading slanderous rumours. But what if I told you that there were unidentified contestants in Seasons 8 and 12 too? The plot very much thickens from there!
627 UCLA Bruins 69-71 Houston Cougars (partially lost footage of "Game of the Century" NCAA game; 1968) 18 April 2023 Perhaps the most important college basketball game of all-time, the Cougars upset the Bruins in front of a record crowd at the Astrodome. It was the first college basketball event to receive live primetime national television coverage, courtesy of the TVS Television Network, inspiring the bigger networks to take the sport more seriously. March Madness soon arrived. Alas, with TVS comes lost media, and it appears most of the first half and seemingly all of the half time show is missing.
628 Super Bowl V (partially lost NBC coverage of gridiron football game; 1971) 22 April 2023 Super Bowl II is not the only edition with missing television coverage, as Super Bowl V is missing most of its fourth quarter NBC footage. Only the audio track, a few NFL Films and some surviving coverage from Canadian stations remain. The Baltimore Colts managed to edge out the Dallas Cowboys late-on, in a game that is infamously known as the "Blunder Bowl".
629 Burnout Revenge (partially found prototype builds of racing game; 2005) 23 April 2023 Burnout Revenge is within my top five all-time favourite games, with Crash Mode being a particular delight for me. That said, available and missing prototype builds, including the one showcased at E3 2005, indicate substantial changes were made during development. Crash was especially affected, featuring more elements from Burnout 3: Takedown and up to 108 junctions! Damn, so much was gutted from the final release...
630 Pot Black (partially lost coverage of professional snooker tournaments; 1969-1979) 23 April 2023 Pot Black was pivotal for converting snooker from obscurity to a highly popular sport in the United Kingdom. Intended to showcase BBC 2's colour television broadcasts, it soon contributed towards the sport becoming a professional affair. Alas, it was not safe from the BBC's wiping practices.
631 Superfan: The Story of Vladimir (partially found unreleased WWE documentary; 2021) 25 April 2023 Since the trailer was released over two years ago, this is now worthy of an article. It is a strange one... After WWE celebrated Vladimir Abouzeide's long commitment to wrestling with a whole documentary on him, things suddenly went radio-silent in late-2021. Nobody, not even Abouzeide or PWInsider's Mike Johnson, knows why WWE withheld the film. Hopefully, the company changes it mind because Abouzeide is sadly battling Parkinson's disease and certainly deserves the public seeing the work.
632 Thailand 3-2 Indonesia (partially found footage of 1998 Tiger Cup Group A football match; 1998) 25 April 2023 With a final score like that, you would think this match was a highly competitive game. In actuality, it proved one of the most farcical encounters ever as both teams deliberately tried to lose to avoid playing the mighty Vietnam!
633 Wedding of Princess Maud and Prince Carl (partially found footage of royal wedding; 1896) 28 April 2023 Seeing as the Coronation is fast-approaching, I thought I might as well document some more media related to the British Royal Family. And well, this proved intriguing, as sources seem to indicate this royal wedding was the first wedding in general to be filmed. The Lumière recording has survived, though both films from former business partners-turned bitter rivals Birt Acres and Robert W. Paul appear lost to time.
634 Royal Visit of the Cardiff Industrial and Fine Art Exhibition (lost footage of British Royal Family members; 1896) 30 April 2023 Birt Acres' crown jewel (literally ha) for the first Royal Command Film Performance, featuring the Prince and Princess of Wales along with Princesses Maud and Victoria visiting the Cardiff Exhibition. This film, perhaps the first featuring British Royal Family members, was also among the earliest controversial works, because of a scene supposedly featuring the Prince of Wales (the future King Edward VII) scratching his head!
635 1898 Sheriff of London Charity Shield (lost footage of football match; 1898) 1 May 2023 While Birt Acres' 1898 exploits are mostly unknown, he did record some football matches, including the first Sheriff of London Charity Shield match pitting Corinthian against Sheffield United. What an absolutely grand shield, standing about six feet in height!
636 1898 FA Cup Final (lost footage of football match; 1898) 1 May 2023 Turns out Mr. Acres also recorded the 1898 FA Cup Final, the first Final to be filmed in fact! Not much is known about what he recorded though, and if it was actually clear enough to even see the clips considering how dark it was on the day. Nottingham Forest claimed their first FA Cup with a 3-1 win over Derby County. Yes, Derby County again. I do apologise for any Rams fans on here, I promise I have nothing against your club!
637 Leeds United's 1980-1986 matches (partially found Telvista coverage of Football League club; 1980-1986) 2 May 2023 Much of Leeds United's time in the 1980s is defined as the "Wilderness Years" as it represented a sharp decline in form for the club post-Don Revie. Despite this, the little-known cable television company Telvista Television filmed all its home games plus many other away fixtures! The master tapes were never wiped, though they were sold once the company entered receivership. Arguably the Holy Grail of Leeds United footage.
638 1984 European Competition for Women's Football Final (partially lost footage of international football matches; 1984) 5 May 2023 The first UEFA Women's European Championship, Sweden narrowly edged out England on, you guessed it, penalties. The first leg was fully broadcast live by Sweden's SVT and occurred at the glamorous Ullevi. The second leg was, umm, filmed by Telvista... and occurred on a horrendously muddy pitch at Kenilworth Road in Luton. The contrast in how Sweden and England treated women's football back then is astounding... Telvista coverage is extremely rare, making second leg footage highly coveted.
639 UEFA Women's Euro 2005 (partially found footage and radio coverage of international football matches; 2005) 7 May 2023 A highly influential tournament for European women's football and for England. While it may not have been a successful campaign for the hosts, it did inspire greater investment and popularity in the women's game, culminating with England winning Euro 2022. Meanwhile, Germany were the Queens of Europe from 1995 to 2013, nobody could stop them on the grand stage. Fully televised by Eurosport and partially by the BBC (with radio coverage too), very little from the tournament is publicly available.
640 1970 Women's World Cup Final (partially found footage of international football match; 1970) 10 May 2023 The first Women's World Cup, regardless of what FIFA says. Alas, very little footage is publicly available, with only a few short clips of the Final between Denmark and Italy emerging. Still a wicked success though, showcasing the potential of the women's game decades before it became mainstream.
641 Journal of the Whills (partially lost original outline for Star Wars; 1973) 16 May 2023 Honouring a request from YoshiKiller2S, this is where Star Wars truly began folks. A two page document summarising the adventures of Mace Windy, borrowing quite a bit from Edgar Rice Burroughs' A Fighting Man of Mars in the process! Naturally, the story for the first Star Wars film would be considerably altered from there. The late J.W. Rinzler can be credited for publicly releasing the first page, but the second remains mostly lost.
642 All Quiet on the Western Front (partially lost original version of anti-war film; 1930) 17 May 2023 Finished the book and... wow, what a moving experience, with one scene featuring a dying recruit and another about the Dead Man's Room especially sticking with me. Check out the book, and the 1930 film adaptation when you have the time. The film won two Academy Awards, including Best Picture, but suffered many indignities over the years due to bans, censorship and other cuts applied to the film. The Library of Congress mostly restored the film, but some footage still remains lost.
643 Dutch Robot Wars: Series 2 (partially lost footage of BNN robot combat game show; 2003) 18 May 2023 A series affected by world events, with PulverizeR claiming the second and last Dutch Robot Wars title before BNN opted to drop the show. There's actually some missing footage from Heat C, E, and the Grand Final, rendering the series partially lost. Mech+ gives hope that the full episodes will be uploaded soon.
644 Philadelphia Phillies 5-8 Pittsburgh Pirates (lost KDKA radio coverage of MLB game; 1921) 19 May 2023 In an encounter between the top and bottom teams of the National League, the Pittsburgh Pirates edged out underdogs the Philadelphia Phillies in the end. It was reportedly an exciting affair, crucial considering it was the first baseball game to receive live radio coverage!
645 Coventry City 2-2 Bristol City and Everton 2-0 Sunderland (partially found footage of Football League First Division matches; 1977) 20 May 2023 Infamous if one is a Sunderland fan here! Indeed, Coventry and Bristol, whose match was delayed for several minutes, learnt about the Sunderland result and realised a 2-2 draw was enough for both to survive. Thus... they stopped playing for the win! I will say though that I highly suspect Sunderland would have done the same thing if they were in Coventry or Bristol's position. And, you know... they could have prevented this by avoiding defeat to Everton.
646 BBC-3 (partially found BBC One satire show; 1965-1966) 21 May 2023 Ever since writing about Brendan Behan's infamous 1956 Panorama interview, I knew I had to cover this one day. And boy, was it worth it! The outrage over the single casual usage of a certain four-letter expletive by Kenneth Tynan is mind-boggling, especially since it aired on a late-night show! This incident is the show's most famous moment, as its satire format was becoming stale when compared to cutting-edge programming like Not Only... But Also.
647 2000 Albertson's 300 (partially found footage of NASCAR Busch Series race; 2000 26 May 2023 Credit to NBR for this one. The first race broadcast written post-racing article merge project, the 2000 Albertson's 300 was heavily delayed by rain, with CBS opting not to cover it once it restarted. Mark Martin eventually claimed victory, though whether any additional race footage exists remains unconfirmed.
648 2006 Ameriquest 300 (partially lost footage of NASCAR Busch Series race; 2006 26 May 2023 Again, credit to NBR for this one. Only copy of the race on YouTube is incomplete, though hopefully a full broadcast will resurface one day.
649 The Daleks "The Dead Planet" (partially found unaired original episode of Doctor Who serial; 1963) 28 May 2023 Saw this in article requests, knew I had to write about it! So, filming for Doctor Who's first few years was challenging, no such thing as regular editing back then! The original version of The Dead Planet was ruined when audio from the producer assistant's headphones infiltrated the recording. There was nothing that could be done, except re-film the entire episode. Only the famous cliffhanger actually made it to broadcast. Also, I cannot believe The Daleks serial was nearly wiped in 1978, what a fiasco that would have been!
650 1967 Monaco Grand Prix (partially found footage of Formula One World Championship race; 1967) 31 May 2023 Denny Hulme's first win is overshadowed by Lorenzo Bandini's terrible accident at the 1967 Monaco Grand Prix. Straw bales, a television helicopter going too close to the crash scene, and unprepared marshals contributed towards his needless suffering. Some ORTF live coverage is publicly available, as is an ABC colour highlights package... which contained close-up footage of the rescue which is way too graphic and disturbing to be linked to in this article. Horrendous stuff indeed.
651 1968 French Grand Prix (partially found footage of Formula One World Championship race; 1968) 2 June 2023 Jacky Ickx scored his first win at the 1968 French Grand Prix in dominant fashion. Sadly, the event is overshadowed by Jo Schlesser's fatal accident, where he stood no chance of escaping a burning magnesium vehicle. The strong warning posed by the 1955 24 Hours of Le Mans disaster was sadly ignored. The race did not enjoy much television coverage, but rumours persist of a French ORTF broadcast. A small highlights package by Austrian channel ORF has additionally resurfaced.
652 1966 Belgian Grand Prix (partially found footage of Formula One World Championship race; 1966) 4 June 2023 The 1966 Belgian Grand Prix was not thrilling, John Surtees dominating proceedings in the end. However, this is arguably the most important race in Formula One's history. Jackie Stewart suffered a horrendous accident, where only intervention from Graham Hill and Bob Bondurant prevented his death at the circuit. His ordeal led him to campaign for stricter safety standards. Without his influence, many more fatalities would have occurred throughout Formula One's history.
653 UEFA Women's Euro 2001 (partially found footage of international football matches; 2001) 7 June 2023 Germany, who has a reputation of dominating the European Championship, played on home soil in this tournament... enough said, ha ha. A few highlights packages have resurfaced, but little else.
654 UEFA Women's Euro 1997 (partially found footage of international football matches; 1997) 10 June 2023 In a tournament hosted by Sweden and Norway, a young German squad overcame initial struggles to eventually prevail against Italy. Some full match broadcasts were provided by SVT, but have sadly been taken down. Sports rights appear to be the main issue based on an enquiry to the company. Haven't found any evidence of previous Euros (outside of 1984) being filmed, so this will probably mark the end of this project, for now at least.
655 1987 NatWest Trophy (partially found footage of one-day county cricket tournament matches; 1987) 13 June 2023 Howzat?! More cricket, this time featuring Nottinghamshire edging out Northamptonshire by three wickets to claim the trophy. The team almost achieved the treble that year, with Richard Hadlee credited for the side's comeback. Northamptonshire's season was one of missed opportunities... with four consecutive chances to catch Hadlee being wasted!
656 1989 Refuge Assurance Cup (partially found footage of one-day county cricket tournament matches; 1989) 15 June 2023 Not quite for Nottinghamshire this time, as they crashed out to winners Essex in the Final, the latter achieving a result after so much frustration in 1989. All three matches were televised by BBC 2, but only the final overs of the Final have been made publicly available.
657 1924-1925 Ashes Series (lost radio coverage of Test cricket matches; 1924-1925) 20 June 2023 It's Ashes season, and I hope for my country's sake that we do better than nearly a century ago, where a 4-1 Australia victory was seen by some as a successful outing for England! But outside the field, the big successes came from the radio broadcasts provided by 2BL and 5CL, the first for Test cricket. 5CL's was especially incredible, as Bill Smallacombe single-handedly provided live ball-by-ball coverage throughout the entire week of the third Test! Absolutely crazy stuff.
658 Australian XI vs Rest of Australia (lost radio coverage of Test cricket match; 1925) 22 June 2023 A trial match that helped determine who would travel to represent Australia against England in the 1926 Ashes. The Rest certainly proved their worth in this single Test fixture! 2FC's ball-by-ball coverage may not have been the first of its kind, but it was certainly the first to air in Sydney.
659 Scotland 21-13 England (lost radio coverage of Five Nations Championship game; 1927) 22 June 2023 Somewhat special this one, as it was the BBC's first live outdoor sports commentary. Also, the first Calcutta Cup encounter to receive radio coverage. Why does Scotland have to win all the matches featuring pioneering moments in media history...
660 Mexia Supermarket (partially found footage of abandoned Texas grocery store; 1999) 23 June 2023 This Fort Worth grocery store unfortunately went bankrupt in July 1999. Typically, closing retailers clear out their stock by any means necessary. Mexia's owners decided... not to do that, and left everything inside, including unpackaged meat and fruit. What could possibly go wrong? Well, I think you can see where this is going, ha ha.
661 The Debbie King Show (lost episode of ITV Play phone-in quiz show; 2007) 27 June 2023 Normally wouldn't bother with premium-rate phone-in shows, as they are the bottom of the barrel when it comes to British television. However, The Debbie King Show is interesting, as its sole episode aired during the end of ITV Play, as ITV et al were investigated over the 2007 phone-in scandal. The 2000s was a mostly good time for Britain, but I am glad the phone-in craze died down prior to the 2010s.
662 Manchester City 3-0 Watford (partially found footage of Football League First Division match; 2001) 1 July 2023 Manchester City kickstarted their First Division campaign with a dominant 3-0 win over Watford. First Division nowadays refers to the Championship, and yes, it does feel surreal that Man City were once outside the Premier League (and were even stuck in League One/Division Two for a bit!!), considering their present success. This match is also historic for being the first aired on ITV Sport, an ITV Digital-exclusive channel... Now there's a whole story for you folks to enjoy!
663 Takeshi's Castle: Extra Edition (partially found TBS spin-off of Japanese game show; 1987-1988) 1 July 2023 A very obscure spin-off from one of my all-time favourite game shows. Writing this reminded me of someone who expressed interest in creating a Japanese Lost Media Wiki, think this individual was called Sakura Stardust or something similar if memory serves me right. I wonder how that project is going along?
664 BBC Two (partially lost idents of British television channel; 1991-2001) 2 July 2023 2nd July 2023 marks my 8th year writing lost media articles, which began with Worms Battle Rally! To celebrate the occasion, I decided to take a gander at BBC Two's 1991-2001 idents, which to me are the most iconic of any television channel. Aside from documenting the missing idents, I also explored the subject matter they represented, including Rembrandt, Edinburgh Festival Fringe, and the Shoemaker–Levy 9 comet. All fascinating stuff that made writing this an enjoyable experience!
665 BattleBots Long Beach 1999 (partially found footage of robot combat tournaments; 1999) 4 July 2023 The event that started BattleBots! Consisted of three main weight-specific tournaments, and three Robot Rumbles! Get this: ZDTV provided a live webcast of the event, which totalled 16 hours! Unfortunately, it has been lost to time. The BattleBots Beginning tape and uncut battles on YouTube is only a fraction of what was recorded for the event.
666 Robot Wars 1994 (partially found footage and results of robot combat tournaments; 1994) 6 July 2023 Perhaps the holy grail of all robot combat lost media? Quite possibly, as Robot Wars 1994 started the modern era of robot combat events! A few segments were aired on Discovery and MTV, but a proposed one-hour tape was never publicly released. Most tournament records have also been lost to time.
667 Takeshi's Castle (partially lost original TBS episodes of Japanese game show; 1986-1990) 6 July 2023 One of my favourite game shows, where oddly the international versions are more publicly available than the original! Indeed, one can easily find the Challenge and MXC versions, but the original TBS episodes only really stayed in Japan baring a few exceptions here and there. Most have since been recovered thankfully, but 14 are either fully missing or incomplete.
668 Doom (lost reference photographs for first-person shooter game cover art; 1993) 11 July 2023 Time for some lost Doom media, which I am surprised hasn't really been discussed much on the Wiki. In mid-1993, reference photographs were required for the game's iconic cover art. Alas, the male model hired couldn't really replicate what id Software wanted. Leave it to a topless John Romero to perform the role of Doomguy instead! On another note, some Doom users have successfully found the full cover art image, rather than just the cropped version...
669 Doom (partially found production materials of cancelled first-person shooter game film adaptations; 1994-1999) 13 July 2023 A decade before the unsuccessful adaptation starring The Rock, Doom was riding high and was seemingly destined for a film in the mid-to-late-1990s. Alas, a troubled production, caused by bad scripts, arguments between id Software and two production companies, and one infamous shooting in 1999, resulted in the film's cancellation. Some production materials have resurfaced, but little else.
670 Doom (lost FMV scenes and original work of 3DO port of first-person shooter game; 1994-1995) 14 July 2023 The fascinating story behind the comically cack 3DO port of Doom. To be fair, it's a miracle it even was completed in the first place! A few photos of the FMV scenes are available, but the footage is completely lost. The initial work from the original production company also has been lost to time.
671 Doom and Doom 2 (partially lost original sound files of first-person shooter series audio; 1993-1994) 15 July 2023 Most sounds for Doom and Doom 2 came from sound effects libraries like Sound Ideas. While most source audio files have been recovered, about 24 remained unaccounted for. This includes famous ones like the Arch-vile's "why?" death sound, and the Revenant's infamous sight scream!
672 Essex vs New Zealand (lost radio coverage of international cricket match; 1927) 16 July 2023 New Zealand were once not considered good enough for Test status. Its 1927 tour of England helped change that, as although it would be beaten by Essex, it won numerous matches against other First-Class counties. Also, the first cricket match to receive live radio coverage in the United Kingdom, courtesy of Reverend Frank Gillingham. Just make sure not to read out the advertising boards, OK?
673 Sheffield Wednesday vs Blackburn Rovers (partially found footage of Football League Cup matches; 2002) 27 July 2023 Back from a lovely holiday in Ramsgate, also got to explore Margate (awful), Canterbury (fantastic), and also see Spitting Image in London (grand time!). Anyhow, Blackburn Rovers proved too much for Sheffield Wednesday in both League Cup Semi-Final clashes, on-route to winning the Final. What makes this interesting from a television standpoint? Well, ITV Sport's first leg broadcast allegedly drew a zero audience rating according to BARB! Reality was a little different as it turns out...
674 San Marino 1-0 Liechtenstein (partially found footage of international football match; 2004) 27 July 2023 Do not adjust your screen!! San Marino really did win a match!! I know it sounds crazy, but it is very much true, with a stunning Roberto Selva free-kick separating the two sides in the end. Most footage of the match is sadly lost, as well as a few San Marino goals in general.
675 1977 South African Grand Prix (partially found footage of Formula One World Championship race; 1977) 29 July 2023 At the 1977 South African Grand Prix, Niki Lauda claimed his first victory following his near-fatal crash at the 1976 German Grand Prix. However, I suspect even non-F1 fans may have heard about the fatal accident in this race. If I mention it involved a fire extinguisher... yeah, I think you know which accident I am referring to. RIP Frederik Jansen van Vuuren and Tom Pryce.
676 1970 Dutch Grand Prix (partially found footage of Formula One World Championship race; 1970) 1 August 2023 The 1970 Dutch Grand Prix marked the famous Lotus 72's first World Championship victory, courtesy of eventual champion Jochen Rindt. Sadly, the race is most known for Piers Courage's horrendous accident on lap 23.
677 1974 United States Grand Prix (partially found footage of Formula One World Championship race; 1974) 2 August 2023 The 1974 United States Grand Prix culminated the title fight, with Emerson Fittipaldi prevailing. Carlos Reutemann took victory at the event, leading from start to finish. Sadly, the event is known for a horrible freak accident that claimed the life of Helmuth Koinigg. Since then, safety on Armco barriers and Formula One in general has improved, as Romain Grosjean's 2020 Bahrain Grand Prix crash proved.
678 1975 Spanish Grand Prix (partially found footage of Formula One World Championship race; 1975) 3 August 2023 An infamous one, the 1975 Spanish Grand Prix was nearly boycotted by the drivers after discovering lax safety measures at the Montjuïc circuit. Legal issues forced them to race, but an accident involving Hill-Ford's Rolf Stommelen caused the deaths of four spectators and severely injured the German. The race was abruptly ended, with McLaren-Ford's Jochen Mass claiming his only win, and March-Ford's Lella Lombardi becoming to date the only woman to score World Championship points.
679 1978 Italian Grand Prix (found footage of Formula One World Championship race; 1978) 5 August 2023 The 1978 Italian Grand Prix saw Niki Lauda claim victory after Mario Andretti was penalised for jumping the start. Andretti did, however, claim the World Championship, but under tragic circumstances as teammate Ronnie Peterson died a day after a horrific first lap accident. Unlike the other broadcasts, the raw feed was available for several years at least, but the ABC coverage had not been recovered until January 2023. This will be the last one I will cover for now.
680 ITV Sport (partially found coverage of English football matches; 2001-2002) 8 August 2023 Ah, ITV Digital... two words that strike bad memories for fans of many a Football League club. Indeed, ITV Digital's £315 million deal with the Football League was a complete disaster, costing it and the ITV Sport channel their existence, as well as nearly bankrupting numerous Football League clubs. As a result of low viewership for most matches, the majority of broadcasts are lost to the public. Haven't been able to find the full broadcast, but at least August-December 2001 is fully covered...
681 Jeffries-Sharkey Contest (partially found footage of boxing match; 1899) 10 August 2023 Certainly up there among my top ten favourite lost media write-ups. James J. Jeffries defeated Tom Sharkey in a brutal 25-round match made worse by the artificial light required for the American Mutoscope and Biograph Company's film. Titled Jeffries-Sharkey Contest, it was seven and two-thirds miles in length and was of astounding quality! But copyright wasn't really a thing in early motion picture history... Hence, even if you don't care about boxing, read up on the outrageous filming controversies!
682 Heath Slater vs Curt Hawkins (partially lost footage of professional wrestling pay-per-view match; 2017) 10 August 2023 Had a blast with this one, as stoppable force meets movable object. Apparently, the finish was the greatest in pro wrestling history! Gutted we never got to see it as WWE were more concerned with a perfectly fine Braun Strowman camping within a slightly scratched ambulance.
683 1979 APSPL World Series (partially lost ESPN coverage of slow-pitch softball games; 1979) 13 August 2023 The Milwaukee Schlitz-Kentucky Bourbons was apparently a huge rivalry when considering the short lifespan of the American Professional Slow-Pitch Softball League. The Schlitz defeated the Bourbons 5-3 for their first major championship. But what makes this especially interesting? Well, Game 1 was ESPN's first-ever live coverage of a sporting event! Amazingly, it lost the recordings for decades, as it oddly gave away its master tapes to Schlitz owner John Korinek, rather than make copies of them.
684 1983 WFA Cup Final (lost footage of football match; 1983) 19 August 2023 With the 2023 FIFA Women's World Cup Final set to commence tomorrow (come on England!), I thought I'd check out some more WFA Final broadcasts. The 1983 edition received some highlights by Calendar and Breakfast Time, which saw Doncaster Belles edging out St Helens 3-2. For those wondering, the Belles are iconic in women's football, for they dominated much of the 1980s heading into the 2000s. This match began their dominant era!
685 1985 Mundialito Final (lost footage of international football match; 1985) 19 August 2023 Getting ever closer to the 2023 Women's World Cup Final... nearly 40 years beforehand, the Lionesses had their day of days by outmatching Italy 3-2 to claim the 1985 Mundialito title, the closest means of earning a World Cup back then! The National Football Museum recently confirmed an Italian television channel aired the final 45 minutes live, but sadly no footage is currently available. The 1984 Final is, however, fully viewable on YouTube.
686 Fred and Rose West's sex tapes (partially found footage of pornographic videos produced by British serial killer couple; 1972-1994) 28 August 2023 I haven't previously looked deep into Fred and Rose West's crimes before... let me tell you, they make the actions of other serial killers look somehow tame by comparison. If Hell does exist, I presume Fred is at the bottom of it. During their time at 25 Cromwell Street, the pair produced countless sex tapes reflecting Rose's prostitution activities and their overall deviant sex lives. Viewer discretion is strongly advised here, as it gets into some highly disturbing backstory.
687 Watch With Monkey (lost unaired pilot of scrapped BBC family comedy show; 2003) 31 August 2023 TV Digital may have been a bust, but its advertising campaign struck gold when it featured a talking monkey puppet called... Monkey. Alongside Johnny Vegas, their ITV Digital (and later PG Tips) adverts proved hilarious. Interestingly, following ITV Digital's collapse, BBC and Comic Relief were looking to have Monkey star in a Saturday night show, with a pilot produced. It went unaired, however. That said, maybe it's for the best... over-exposing a mascot is never a good idea, see Crazy Frog!
688 1948 Challenge Cup Final (partially found footage of rugby league game; 1948) 6 September 2023 Been extremely busy lately! Anyhow, something for the rugby league fans, as the 1948 Challenge Cup Final was the first rugby league game to be televised. Interesting to learn about the troubled relationship between the BBC and the Rugby Football League. This match was won by Wigan, the most successful team in the cup's history.
689 Great Britain 20-19 New Zealand (partially found footage of international rugby league game; 1951) 7 September 2023 Well, the 1948 Challenge Cup Final was meant to be a one-off, but it turns out I've found a bit of a rabbit hole concerning rugby league broadcasts! Indeed, the second Lions-Kiwis match of 1951 was the first televised international encounter... but more importantly, it was also the first outside broadcast of a sporting event to be shown in the North of England! A wise move, considering the popularity of the sport up there.
690 1927 Challenge Cup Final (lost radio coverage of rugby league game; 1927) 9 September 2023 Whereas it took 12 years for rugby league to finally appear on British television, BBC sports radio was only a few months old by the time the 1927 Challenge Cup Final was covered. Oldham outmatched Swinton 26-7, primarily thanks to George Hesketh. Neither side has reached the Final since!
691 1954 Rugby League World Cup Final (partially found footage of international rugby league game; 1954) 15 September 2023 Blimey, this was a fascinating one to write about! Interesting to learn how the French Vichy desperately tried to rid France of rugby league, only for the country to host the inaugural World Cup thanks to the efforts of Paul Barrière! Great Britain won the Final in spite of fielding a supposedly second-tier side! The Final was covered on the BBC and RTF, courtesy of the Eurovision Network. Only newsreels seem to be publicly available, though.
692 1924 NSWRFL Premiership Final (lost radio coverage of rugby league game; 1924) 15 September 2023 The first definitive radio coverage of rugby league, with this Premiership Final notable for being the lowest-scoring in history! Indeed, Balmain edged out Sydney South 3-0 in an obviously tight contest decided by a single try!
693 North Sydney Bears 19-21 Balmain Tigers (lost footage of NSWRFL Premiership season game; 1961) 17 September 2023 Despite a head-start in the race to provide radio coverage of rugby league, Australia's first televised game would take decades to commence. Eventually, it was a game again featuring Balmain, who edged out North Sydney Bears in a game captured by two Channel Nine cameras.

Planned articles/other ideas

Number Title About
1 Robotic sport/combat Thinking of writing about more robot combat media, and not just about Robot Wars. Seems BattleBots has plenty of lost media, for instance. Currently working on a BattleBots article for unaired battles in general, as well as a FIRST Nickelodeon pilot.
2 Women's football Women's football is a gold mine for lost media enthusiasts. So much historical media has sadly been lost to time, including for World Cups and European Championships. Currently researching more Women's FA Cup Final broadcasts.
3 Boxing Somehow missed out on a few prominent old boxing films the first time around. Will be documenting The Corbett-Fitzsimmons Fight, Jeffries-Sharkey Contest (done) and The Burns-Johnson Fight when I get time.
4 1960 World Series (partially found NBC coverage of MLB series; 1960) I doubt I will be covering all the lost World Series broadcasts anytime soon. That said, 1960 is especially interesting considering the recovery of the seventh game broadcast in 2009.
5 The Boat Race 1927 and 1949 Both these Boat Races are historic, for being the first to receive live radio coverage and receiving the inaugural full television broadcast respectively. Even if one is not a fan of the Boat Race, they might be interested in the technical achievements made for said broadcasts.
6 NSFL October It's October and you know what that means. I've got at least four NSFL articles for Halloween month, currently in the research process for all of them.
7 The Goodies "Kitten Kong" Been wanting to cover this one for a while. The only episode of The Goodies no longer existing in any form, I am interested in what differences there are between the original and Montreux '72 Edition.